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When we have the guts to stand naked before the World as we truly are, when we peer into the souls of those around us and finally see in them the image of the Divine, when we plunge ourselves bravely and unconditionally into Love that has no bottom or boundary, then suddenly, magically, beautifully, we feel more alive.

Brendon Burchard


With the escalating earth changes and uncertain financial indicators being revealed daily, now more than ever we are ALL being called to step into our majesty. It is time for us to take the power back that we so naively gave away many millennia ago. The Universe and Sun are supporting this shift in perception by beaming record levels of energy, light, and high speed particles upon Mother Earth, and with this increased illumination comes an insatiable urging in our soul. We are being prompted to qualm the internal dissatisfaction within ourselves and step out into unknown territory we typically avoid. That is, we are being prepared and motivated to break the master-slave relationship we have had with authority, stand strong in what we want, and take accountability for who we are. This unknown terrain is challenging at best, and not for the weak at heart. But we are not weak, for each of us is a divine, individual Spark of God! We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. With that comes the ridiculousness of “thinking” with our minds instead of living through our hearts.

This tableau we call “The End of the Mayan Calendar” is waiting for our entrance center stage to seek a new life, and as Star Trek says “boldly go where no (hu)man has gone before”. Think about it! We are the ones making history here! Every single one of us who contracted to go through with this massive and unpredictable shift has the makings of a hero. You may be questioning the boldness of a word such as “hero,” but I assure you that our Galactic Brothers and Sisters see the makings of us this way. Hero is defined as a person of “distinguished courage or ability, admired for (his or her) brave deeds and noble qualities.” I ask you, have you not taken on a heroic deed by attending planet Earth at such a time as this? What are your noble characteristics? I will tell you one of them immediately. You are living on what many Galactic Travelers refer to as “the” prison planet, consisting of laggards, crazy criminals, rebels, and renegades who live within an electronic lock-down that has become virtually impossible to escape. It has been so densified here, that multiple “missions” have taken place to assist us with prior ascension processes and failed. This time we, The Light are victorious! We have made it folks, and the more we ruminate on this fact, digest it, feel it, think it, embrace it, and live it, the sooner we will become victorious in ALL aspects of our personal lives.

So the gate is wide open. Now we are being called to take the risk to expose who we really are and what we really want. In the past, we shied away from doing it through fear and intimidation, and look where that got us! Now, we are ripe for a new and incredible life ahead of us that we cannot even fathom. Imagine all the people living in peace. Imagine all the people accepting one another. Imagine all the people free from all limitations, unrestrained from creating hope, love, joy, and merriment!

Everyone one of us plays a significant role in this unfolding of Heaven on Earth, as the vibration we carry is our signature card in the world around us. Even those of you who do not think you do (think being the operative word here), just your intention to grow, your desire to learn, and your hunger to find the REAL YOU increases the light quotient on this planet. Isn’t that just so cool? How can we question the divinity of ourselves when each of us, no matter where we are in the evolutionary process, always contributes to the expansion of the whole? By you helping yourself, you help me, us, and them, you see. We cannot escape that we are all one.

So as each of us uncovers our true identity, we reveal hidden away dreams and passions we weren’t aware of. What better time to tweak and solidify these yearnings than right now! I have been called to create an essence just for this purpose. With the assistance of The Ascended Masters, in particular Saint Germain, a renown alchemist, as well as an entourage of Light Beings from various Galactic destinations, I am excited to release this formula today. Saint Germain relayed the timely importance of each soul gaining the courage, confidence, and commitment to pursue his or her imaginations and inspirations.

He has asked me to ask you the following questions:

  • “What would you do for humanity today?”
  • “What would you do to create a better world, not requiring any special skills or schooling?”
  • “What can you give that is unique to others?”
  • “What have people told you about yourself that they remember or like?”
  • “Are you willing to stop the mind chatter and programming of unworthiness and a lack of distinction you received from countless predecessors?”

Saint Germain is calling out for us to claim who we really are, not what others think we are! We each have a special gift NO MATTER WHO WE ARE!!! So the intention behind this concoction is to clarify our vision, inspire our direction, and catalyze a determination for us to seek out our special gifts. I have deliberately called it “I AM Excited to Be Free To Be Me!”

Composed of a myriad of essences and formulas, this remedy can refresh your thinking, assisting you in redefining yourself, finding the real you, and activating your heart’s desire. It is time for us to realize our Divine birthright of joy, happiness, peace, and abundance.

A great deal of time went into formulating this blend, and I am so honored that the Divine Father and Mother God, Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters, as well as the various Councils of Pleiades, Andromeda, and Sirius guided and supported me with its inception. I am truly blessed to be bringing this forth to the world.

Hi Alexandra,

I’m just checking in with you and letting you know I’m doing really well with the I Am Free to Be Me Essence. I’ve noticed huge changes over the past few weeks. My communication and listening skills have improved so much. I feel so much expansion in myself. I feel like everything is going my way. I’ve noticed other subtle changes in myself too. I can’t wait to try the Breaking Down the Barriers essence.



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I Am Free To Be Me Essence
I Am Free To Be Me Activator Oil

Instructions For Taking The Essence

  1. Before taking your essences, please make sure you succuss or shake the bottle up against the palm of your hand 8 to 10 times EACH TIME YOU USE THEM.
  2. Vibrational essences are about consistency not about quantity. Squeeze about 4 drops under your tongue or third of a dropper full anywhere from 2 to 4 times per day OR AS NOTATED ON THE LABEL OR PAPERWORK PROVIDED.
  3. Avoid touching the tip of the glass dropper with your tongue or mouth so you can avoid contamination.
  4. Avoid food or drinks within 15 minutes before or after taking your essences. Also avoid caffeine, onions, garlic, spicy foods, mints and minty toothpaste around the time you take you remedy. NOTE: If you don’t have enough time to wait, please attempt to wait 5 minutes away from food or drink and then take the essences.
  5. If anything comes up, DO NOT RESIST! ALLOW things to flow off of your field and journal while taking them.
  6. Remember that my essences have a consciousness so ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT right before you take them each time!
  7. Avoid placing your essences in a hot car or around anything over 110°F/ 43°C. Also, avoid storing you essence around moisture, high humidity or in direct sunlight. Therefore, do not store your essences in the bathroom or kitchen.
  8. If the bottle has been exposed to too high temperature or too much time has lapsed then the liquid may begin to taste rancid or metallic or there may be a discoloration of the liquid within.
  9. Make sure you avoid placing your remedies around or near heavy magnetic and electrical fields such as computers and large screen TV’s or even X-Ray machines and magnets.

Instructions For Using The Oil


  1. Keep your essential oil blend away from your galactic essences. Strong smelling perfumes/colognes, eucalyptus, menthol, balms, vapors and essential oils can possibly nullify the essences.
  2. I always recommend applying the essential oils to the soles of the feet, over the heart, at the base of the skull (where the dip in the neck is) and over the 3rd eye. You can also dab the oil blend on the meridian points such as the inside of the ankles, wrists and temples if desired. The oil blend is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.
  3. Definitely rub the essential oil blend on the bottoms of your feet when you get up in the morning and go to bed at night or more if you are called to do so. Also rub it over any sore or stiff locations.

Thank you for your willingness and interest to take a galactic leap in consciousness with our Divine Creator and me!

I am grateful and honored to be Prime Creator’s conduit for these alchemical oils and essences. I feel you will enjoy them as much as I have, for they have advanced my life tremendously and that is my intention for you as well!

With love

Alexandra Meadors


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