At first I was not drawn to this video but something nudged me to listen to it…it is profound with few words and many nuances. The younger children we have on the planet today are SUCH A GIFT! Watch how connected they are and how much they FEEL nature…we can learn so much from these wise beings for sure!

from Elsbeth van Noppen

I feel… (Ik voel, ik voel, wat jij niet voelt…) from Elsbeth van Noppen on Vimeo.

Jasmijn is a seven year old girl, who loves hugging trees and having conversations with animals. Anything she touches seems to breathe a sense of aliveness. Robert is ten years old, and the only place where he feels at ease is in nature. He climbs trees as high as he can escaping the everyday reality that is not always easy.
I feel… is about children who experience their environment differently compared to most of us. They travel their own way against the mainstream and dare to see the world with a pureness of vision over and over again.
Spanish version is also available:
director: Elsbeth van Noppen
photography: Jefrim Rothuizen
sound: David Spaans
editor: Albert Markus
music & sounddesign: Michael Bittermann (
grading: Joppo in de Grot
soundmix: Ranko Paukovic
line producer: Estelle Bovelander
producer: Menna Laura Meijer for Kerboschmeijer
commissioning editor: NTR Loes Wormmeester
I feel… was made possible by:
Dutch Cultural Media Fund