IG Release Date Set for June 14th – First IG Hearing June 18th…

Inspector General Michael Horowitz has informed the Senate Judiciary Committee (full pdf below) the anticipated final publication date for the IG report on how the Obama DOJ and FBI handled the Clinton investigation will be Thursday June 14th, 2018.

The fact-based draft report to the principals was submitted on May 16th.  Following the two week period for input from the principals outlined in the draft report, the IG “referencer” within the DOJ-Office of Inspector General then determines which responses will be added for the final report. The report is anticipated to be 400 to 500 pages.

As customary for Michael Horowitz, his office adds the approved responses and then outlines additional IG replies to those responses in the final report.  Apparently, due to the scale of the report, the response and reply phase has been extensive.

Mr. Horowitz informs congress today the final report will be publicly available on Thursday June 14, and he will accommodate oversight with an appearance before congress on Monday June 18, 2018 to discuss the findings.

Here’s the letter from Inspector General Horowitz: