A Galactic Connection Roundtable Discussion with Jerry Yusko, Steven and Alexandra Meadors Explaining the Purpose Behind the Implant Removal Three Part Series – November 5, 2014 (Audio)



Inner Life of Human Mind


DNA Magnification



Hello Everyone!

We have received numerous questions regarding the Implant Removal Process since the passing of Rev. Pam and have been planning to post this discussion for some time. Due to Alexandra’s travel schedule the past couple of weeks, it has delayed us in getting this information out to you, but on the bright side, it has also afforded us the time to field some of your email questions. Everything in divine timing, right?!

We hope that this discussion will provide further clarity and insight into our process.

And as always, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, support and dedication! We are encouraged by the many heartfelt emails we continue to receive daily. You guys really are the best, and we all feel so very lucky and grateful to have such an amazing, patient, and loving audience as we continue to learn, grow, and improve on this collective journey. Lots of love and a sincere thank you to all of you (really, we cannot say it enough)!

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– The Galactic Connection Team


Alexandra Chats Intimately About Rev Pam’s passing, Jerry Yusko and the Implant Removal Process – September 16, 2014 (Audio)

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