implants in back and spineThere is substantive agreement and evidence that humanity has been tampered with by those who, ironically, humans relate to and worship as their gods. But just as expressions and manifestations of consciousness do not exist solely in the microcosm or in the human species, there are macro-cosmic waves and frequencies of consciousness which resonate and correspond fully with the highest and noblest of human aspirations. As below, so as above. There are good guys out there, just as there are bad. Just as there are those who would want to continue to subjugate us, there are those would want us to achieve our highest potentials. Trust is the key. Trust in the universe.Here’s an excerpt from the book, Bringers of the Dawn, channeled info from the Pleiadeans, by Barbara Marciniak in 1992:

...There is a huge transformation taking place, but what you do with it, of course, is up to you. We have said that your world is going to split into two worlds and that those who move with light will be in the world of light. This split is already beginning to take place. Those entities who wish to work with the higher vibratory fields that represent light, and those who wish to work with the lower vibratory fields that represent fear, darkness, chaos, control, and confusion, are beginning to polarize and choose sides…

...You represent change, and you must remember that most people are frightened to death of change. One of the curious things about human consciousness is that it is enamored of stability.You bought the concept that stability is something desirable hook, line, and sinker. So you strive for it; you think that if you do not have stability and security then who are you? You might not exist, you might be annihilated.

…your soul will be able to connect with other forms of intelligence that it is a part of but does not presently comprehend.We are stretching you… Then you will utilize your curiosity to take you into areas that, not only have you never thought of, you never even knew existed. This is our intention – that you come to a higher ground where you can create a new order of identity courageously, with humor, and with confidence…

You are implanted with a structure, a geometric form, which triggers certain information within you. It also facilitates, for those who work with you, the sending of information directly into your being. The large majority of you are implanted, and, if you are not now, shortly you will be if you choose to open and align yourself. No one is implanted who does not choose it. This structure of the Language of Light is a way of receiving information and energy to facilitate your development. It is a method of learning without doing it through books or through the intellect. It involves opening to the belief that there is indeed a hierarchy, immense beyond your comprehension, that has been working with humanity since the very beginning.This hierarchy works with love, cherishes who you are, and has been able to see through the time mechanisms that are keyed into the planet to know that consciousness is ready for the evolutionary leap

Those of you who are willing to believe that there are truly no limitations will be able to take the Merkabah structure and move yourself off the planet with it while you are still living on the planet. The desire to do this must exist in you if you are to be implanted with the Merkabah.

Implanting comes when it will best suit your personal development. Once you have become implanted, there will be an unending process of new forms coming into your being.You do not consciously choose the form that will be implanted in you. However, you choose the life you have, which opens you to the structures of the Language of Light. You choose what is important to you each day. That is your access to these forms. Through this marriage of energies, eventually you will all hold the alphabet of light inside your beings, and this alphabet of light will teach you.