MeWhen I finished my interview with Cobra, I realized that this particular recording needed to travel far and wide because of the uplifting content for the world to hear and read!  As it turns out, the recording wasn’t so great, where Cobra was faint and hard to hear and I was much louder.  I did my interview just like I always do, yet these sorts of unexpected “hiccoughs” happen from time to time, especially with Cobra (because often there is a lot of interference no matter how much I call in protection).  So with that said, I HIGHLY recommend you read through the transcript if the audio recording doesn’t meet your needs.  It looks like Julie and BBS worked on the audio file and it is better than it was.  There are so many important pieces of current information that were reviewed.  And there is so much good happening that we typically don’t know about!

As always, be patient with me.  I am a one woman project with a few helping me in the background such as Julie Haskins, Eric Robertson, DaNell Glade, Daryl Baucum, Gre, and Donna Inman…but I need more help!  My site and its information is reaching the remote corners of the world and because of its growth and popularity, I need more support.  If you are willing to step forward and assist me, have a wordpress background and technical skills, please contact me immediately.  Thank you.

Also, Cobra and I have decided to have another interview on September 10, 2013.  We will be dedicating most of the hour to canvas all of the questions that have come in from the listeners and GalacticConnection visitors.  Please submit your question before that date for consideration.

I think you will be excited after listening/reading this interview!  I know I was.

Lots of love,


Please make this go viral!  It is important….

Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Audio Recording August 27, 2013

Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription August 27, 2013

Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Interview Translated