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The ‘positive’ reset of the global financial system [which includes a currency reset for the United States with a new U.S Dollar (TRN), hard asset backed by some gold, other precious minerals in the ground, as well as ‘priceless’ items, ‘national treasures’ held in the U.S] – that “Zap” has been speaking of – has come to fruition.  You can read the details about it at Kauilapele’s site for March 31, 2014 “Office of Poofness” – “HAPPY” posting where – “ZAP SAYS”:  HI ALL. ON MARCH 28, THE TREASURY RESERVE NOTE (NEW US DOLLAR) WAS EFFECTED.
Further, for an amazingly accurate, highly detailed explanation of the major initiatives & components leading to and involved in this global reset – I also strongly suggest  you read:  “Message about the GCR, RV, Reset”
The Importance of this “Critical News Story”

March 28, 2014
Many of you are asking me Tolec – 

why or how are the many articles on international banking, the change from the USD to the TRN [no longer under the control of the “Federal Reserve”], the rise of China as a global financial superpower, and the ‘global financial reset’ all relevant to… this planet’s transformation into becoming a higher dimensional, 4D world?

The answer is detailed, but simple.  If you remember, during many of my earlier interviews – I spoke about a time period during the transformation of this world into becoming a higher dimensional one… where there would also be a transition period of about 10-12 years [based on how we measure time today] when we as a global society would transition from a world economic system based on money, oil & power, which we have today…  to new system whereby we as free sovereign Earth citizens, in a open, cooperative global society… where the remaining countries, regions & communities of people would willingly share energy, resources, goods, services & food… with no agenda except to help each other [in the old days known as “barter”];
Well, this step of “fiat”, debt based, fractional reserve, ‘paper’ “money”  [which is not money at all – it is simply debt compounded, payable to the Federal Reserve.  Research, if you will, the legal definition of “note” which is found on a U.S dollar bill, it means “debt”] +  the “Federal Reserve”] – it  is  not –  part of the United States of America, “…government of the people, by the people & for the people;
Well, this economic, financial, social & ‘spiritual’ evolution of fiat “money” going away is being demanded all across the globe, by good people in high levels of power, in a new balance of global power…  this evolution is a huge change.  It represents a change in consciousness.  It represents a change of awareness.  It represents a change in the balance of power.  It represents a change in tolerance.   As in, ‘…we will no longer tolerate… .’
It is a statement by a new growing majority, all across the globe, that we good people, we free sovereign citizens of Earth have had enough.  We have been controlled & manipulated long enough.  We have been abused enough. We are rightfully setting boundaries. We are taking our power back, and we are saying, with help & conviction, “… no more.”
We will no longer be controlled by the power & fear mongering, ruling Cabal [with Reptilians at the top of this power structure] who have had their way with us for far too many years.  No more.
We shall have a new birth of freedom“. The future belongs to us.  And it starts now.
This global change to –  all –  asset based currencies in every country across the globe, including the U.S, with each currency backed by some gold & each country’s national treasures [‘priceless’ artwork in its museums, sculptures, precious gems, etc.], – and – in combination with each country’s combined natural resources [other precious metals & minerals in the ground including oil & natural gas, etc.];
this change is one of the major first initial steps… of the transition from a “money” based global economic system… to one completely based on the open sharing of resources, and;
it is also one of the key ‘social’ consciousness issues in this process of change… of this world transforming from a 3D world… to a higher dimensional 4D world.  One of open sharing, cooperation & love.