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November 11, 2015

It is Monday afternoon and after five hours of responding to emails, I realized that I am ready to move forward with several changes in my life. One of them is building a team that is as on fire as I am to serve this planet, its people, and God Himself/Herself. I have envisioned daily exactly how that would look like and where I have wanted to take My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts and excitement, as I AM seeing this reality finally manifesting.

What began as a commanding voice inspiring me to develop and create GalacticConnection back in 2011, has now become an organism which communicates with me as well as sustains me and my life. Changes are afoot for us all at this juncture, however for me this change has been a signpost for good tidings coming forth. Why do I say this? Let me explain.

For about 4 years now I have dedicated my life to a multi-tiered mission. One that continues to reveal itself on a daily basis. The revelation that this “fire” I carry is more than just a obsessive commitment to “the people.” I KNOW I carry a great deal of responsibility to myself and all of you, and because of it I take it very earnestly. If you haven’t already noticed it seems that EVERYONE is having some sort of crisis, interference, or intensity in their life in some way, shape or form right now. I have one friend who went away on a short vacaAlexandra Profile Piction only to find out that their house caught fire. Another has such bad vertigo that he hasn’t been able to lift his head off the pillow for over 3 days, despite alternative therapies. And still another with incessant computer problems even though her computer is brand new and was working brilliantly until recently. This began at a meteoric speed on Halloween Night and is actually a good thing, however while we are moving through this transition things don’t feel that way…they feel resistant, challenging, almost monumental in scope.

You should notice that we are in a reorganizational mode and many changes will appear over the course of the months to follow. But for now, all of us at GalaticConnection are asking all of you to hold the space for us. Send us Golden Light and Protection.

Another thing we have noticed is can you feel the difference between those that are implanted and those that are not? Wow has it become apparent to those of us that are unimplanted! Medusa is truly rearing her ugly head!

Have you noticed that ever since the Mike Harris interview we have had let’s just say “glitches” with our site? I have already been told who is responsible and we know that the call for truth and disclosure is behind it all.

Please be patient with us as we transition through an electronically challenging period…PLEASE COMMAND that the hub for alternative news remains intact through this massive shift on Planet Earth.

I call on ALL GUARDIANS…be alert, aware, and on stand by. The stage has been set and the curtain is about to be pulled…