Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:56 pm » by Lightbringer

signalThe British Ministry of Defense announced has played in the National Archives for his seventh archive on UFOs. In the latest, was also discovered an interesting article, but the problem is that it has released an American tabloid Weekly World News.

In this article the tabloid from the 15 September 1998 year is ‘amazing’ story of extraterrestrial encoded signal, which is NASA revealed in January that year, but were required months to decipher. This is a SOS signal, which is 80,000 years old, and that is transmitted in the time while they are still xiphoid Tigers walked the Earth, according to the above article. Furthermore he writes that the key person who has discovered the specified information, the Russian space scientist Dr. Viktor Kulakov.

Kulakov was then claimed that the signal came from the Andromeda galaxy and civilization, which at that point was developed as the country today. The simple fact that we found and deciphered a message confirmation is no doubt that their knowledge and technology, at best, keep up with our current ’said ‘98. Kulakov.
Of course, the Russian scientist, nothing is revealed about the message, except that it began with the words, ‘Help us’ and that it contains the exact coordinates of the ‘planet condemned to failure’. He stressed that the message given to read in this planet occurred apocalyptic scenario and that those who have sent a message in a way, accept the blame themselves for their own fate. But at the end Kulakov again does not reveal why aliens could not unusual to go from your planet.

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