Inca Shamanism Posted by Red Wolf on November 17, 2012 at 10:00am in Native American PathwaysBack to Native American Pathways Discussions Inca Shamanism is not a religion, but it is an ancient form of spirituality whose purpose is being and living in harmony with other all other forms of creation and to bring things back into balance so as to create more abundance in every area of life. The shaman’s basic function is spiritual coaching and to channel and pass down prophesies of what is to come through the word of mouth, so that future generations can move forward with as much ease and grace as possible. The basic principles of Inca Shamanism, in particular, are unconditional love and compassion. The basic tool of the Inca shamans is the sacred geometry of the Inca Cross that comes alive when it is activated with special love contracts between the shaman and ascended light-workers on the other side of the veil. The shape of the Inca Cross resembles the 4 sides of a pyramid, lying flat and pointing out in each of the 4 directions. It can be seen carved into or painted on all sorts of sacred places in South America, particularly in and around Peru. Through channelling, we have learned that the Inca Cross was created by Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the time of Atlantis, after she and other shamans and spiritually aware people realized that Atlantis was going to be destroyed. They would have lost all the knowledge and advances that this very enlightened group of people had achieved. The sacred Inca Cross was designed to store an extensive library of Light Records for safe-keeping through the centuries, until we were spiritually mature enough again to access and apply the knowledge therein. Through the prophesies they channeled, they knew that one day, thousands of years later, perhaps 13,500 years later, around 2012, we would be able to access that knowledge and wisdom to help us remember our heritage, and to assist us in healing and activating our DNA so that we could move forward again towards our potential, and graduate from the separation, duality, and limitations of the 3D experience, into the bliss of the 5th Dimension. There are 5 main elements to the Inca Cross. They are Spirit, DNA, Soul, Conscious, and Subconscious. Each element holds 3 areas of life experience: Love, Trust, and Connection fall within the area of Spirit. Acknowledgement, Protection, and Awareness fall in the area of DNA. Happiness, Passion, and Expression are in the area of Soul. Responsibility, Productivity, and Present are in the area of Conscious. The Subconscious is the hole in the middle of the Inca Cross that is actually more like a spiral vacuum, and the space of creation. My teacher/mentor is Inca Shaman and Peruvian Priestess Elena Radford of Park City, Utah. Elena Radford is a direct descendant of an ancient lineage of Inca shamans born and raised in Peru, South America. Before any healing or channeling session, the Inca Shaman connects to their ancient lineage and other high frequency light-workers through the Inca Cross. Elena channels these light-workers, whom she has special contracts with, to help teach us students the tools and principles of Inca Shamanism. We are learning ways that we can deal with the prophesies and stay in the flow of abundance as we shift from 3rd Dimension to the 5th, and to assist humanity in the evolution of consciousness. Utahna Tassie Utahna Tassie is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Intuitive Healing Coach, and Reiki Master-Teacher with a private practice in Salt Lake City, UT. Utahna is an advanced student of Inca Shamanism with Elena Radford. She has also received the 9 Rights of the Munay Ki from Inca Shaman Dee Ann Nichols. The love and compassion that Utahna has for people helps them to clear any dis-empowering, self-limiting beliefs, to assist clients in remembering their mastery so they can create the abundance that they desire. Utahna “Tonnie” Tassie specializes in Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, Theta Healing, Reiki, Vibrational Medicine, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Ozone Therapy, and Guided Imagery or Meditation, and shamanic healing tools, with a special emphasis on relieving sports injuries, addictive behaviors, substance sensitivities, stress, chronic pain, and fear. Utahna also offers Angelic Tuning Fork Processes for chakra balancing, tuning organs, and rejuvenating stem cells. Clients of Utahna have joyfully reported nearly miraculous turn arounds from their afflictions with brain tumors, colonic ulcers, necrosis, migraines, back pain, sciatica, bursitis, Fibromyalgia, torn rotator cuffs, Feline AIDS, high blood pressure, broken bones, Lupus, Depression, torn meniscus, dental cavities, sore throats, and more. Even though most conditions take 4 sessions or less, Utahna Tassie believes in empowering the individual to take control of their own healing by teaching them how to connect with their inner physician! To Utahna, “incurable” just means that it must be healed from within! That’s where the spirituality of it all comes in. Dis-ease is a temporary condition of feeling ill or not good. The cause of most dis-ease is stress. The cause of most stress is fear. The cause of the fear is a mis-perception or a belief that you are not good enough, or not loved enough. That perceived lack of love causes us to try to fill the “holes” with substances or continuous looping thoughts, or people outside of ourselves, even to the point of addiction. But the higher truth is that all that is was created out of the energy of love and so all there is, is LOVE! Love is the healer! Utahna loves spending quality time with her three adorable grandchildren and her 5-year-old beagle.