Oct 6 2011 – Inception: the final initiation

earth old to new“We would like to congratulate all those at the forefront of new-humanity… it is because of you that the tides have turned and a new consciousness has washed ashore.  We are delighted to share the many new concepts that will further your advancement in human-evolution, and we are partciularly enthralled with the idea of joining with you as galactic-overseers.  We are part of your extended family from home, and we greet you in kind.” –The Seven Sisters of Pleiades

The Merge

We are finally and  s l o w l y  stepping into the next level of our galactic-genetic advancement…this most specifically relates to our changing biology (read: PAIN) & light-body expansion (read: even more PAIN), which has everything to do with the merge of spirit and matter that the seven sisters referred to in the May update when the Embodiment Phase began.  Speaking of which, it feels worth mentioning that I started to communicate with the Seven Sisters in April of 2011, right around the time that I was told that the “leaders of new-humanity would be beginning their physical embodiment”.  At the time, I wasn’t sure what that really meant, but now I get that these groovy gals are our “transition guides” to the other side, the way that some of you will be the “physical” transition guides for others.

“This step in your ascension process is the one that you have long awaited…it is the pinnacle of human experience, the fortification of spiritual-material creation.” -Seven Sisters

What really matters, and what sets us apart from others, is that we have come to this level of mastery on our own… that the only thing guiding each of us forward was our own internal compass, the inner-call that continually beckons us and reinforces our deep knowing that there is something more, something grander and more significant waiting for us at the completion of our travails.

“And now we share this with you, that you have come home, that you are soon to be embraced in the arms of The Creator.  The Source of All that IS, is your true resonant home and you are now beginning to remember this place as it opens within your heart, within every cell of your being, and as you align with your total magnificence.  You willingly descended into the bowels of unconsciousness, and now you ascend into the full radiance of LOVE, your template of light, your divine blueprint of perfection.” -Seven Sisters

For those of you who may need a human-translation for that, here’s my best effort: OUCH.

My experience over the last decade has been that the prettier the message is, the more likely it is to suck, so please don’t be discouraged if you find that your experience is greatly contrasting those words because regardless of what anyone tries to sell you…light hurts.  There are so many changes taking place within our physical cells during this intensive embodiment process…especially the merging of left & right brain which is really taxing on the pineal/pituitary glands and creates a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms…and yes, we have been warned about the discomfort that we would feel, but no amount of preparation can really prepare us for the weeks & weeks of energy sickness, aches and pains, disconnection and voids that are possible.

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