Part 3: Incoming Energies Sit Report
July 17, 2013
Leaving that motel room the next morning couldn't happen fast enough. We were packed and ready to go in no time, despite the previous day's lengthy travel time and the minimal sleep in a very uncomfortable bed. After a hearty breakfast, we were anxious to hit the 40 East again. It was as if something or someone was calling us - like an urgent plea to come, and I mean NOW!

The weather was overcast with the occasional drizzle misting our windshield with delicacy. We requested clear skies for what we anticipated to be another activation day, and indeed it occurred.
The dogs began to whine and alert us they needed to stretch their legs, so we pulled off a few exits later at a one block town with a gas station. Water was at the top of our list, along with a wide open field to walk each of the dogs. The humidity must have been 70%, since it took literally seconds before I was dripping with perspiration. While the dogs gobbled up mouthfuls of water as if it were their last, we packed everyone in, and speedily jumped back on the I-40 East. Something really began to feel urgent.
Within a half mile of this pit-stop, my solar plexus suddenly became the center of intense uneasiness. It was like the feeling you get when you arrive in a foreign country and realize you trotted off into a really bad part of town with everyone's eyes on you (this has happened to me). This sensation literally exploded into what felt like millions of tiny butterflies fluttering all about my torso. I turned to Steve to see if I was all alone but could see it had affected him too. We agreed that we now KNEW we were nearing our next destination.

We both were so overwhelmed with all of the body sensations that the heavy breathing in and out did little to squelch the anxiety.
My 3rd chakra was so whacked out that my mind raced with ideas of how to release the tension building up in my body, yet I couldn't concentrate. I then began to chant, which took the edge off a bit, and at the same time wondered if this was what it was like to give birth, only without the pain.

The rest of the journey was muddled, almost like we were in a suspended state of time and space (which I know we were). The directions went something like this: exit 287 at Webber's Falls - get off on the 59. Then there was a flurry of messages from various Ascended Masters such as Quan Yin saying this activation had something to do with the justice for the planet, Sanat Kumara said this is going back to the origin of man, Serapis Bei said this is the beginning of time, and so on. All the sensations and messages came in rapid but sequential waves, as if I was giving birth. They weren't painful, just uncomfortable. We both became light headed, dizzy, disoriented, and I kept wondering if I could keep on driving. I felt restricted as if I had to get out of the car. We saw an exit about a dam - McClellan River - Natural Dam - another message came in that we would be breaking open the dam? I was then "told" to get off the 59 North (the number 5 again) to do our activation. Kathumi came in and said that this will heal memories. Hilarion talked about vanquishing victimhood. It was like a revolving door of masters faces and voices. I cried out to the archangels for wisdom, strength, and courage.
The sensations intensified and spread through my face. I suddenly had a weird feeling as if my face was melting, especially with the tugging of my right eye, kind of like the feeling of detachment. It began to close involuntarily, something I cannot adequately portray nor has it ever happened to me before. My right eye began pulsating and I lost all vision through it. Another message came in from Serenity applauding that we were here. We knew we were being guided to the perfect location for this activation successfully and effectively.
I was finally able to breathe a little bit after such a long episode of gasping. I began to call on assistance from our Galactic Brothers and Sisters to understand the experience and be the vehicle for transmutation and a FINAL clearing of the anxiety, fear, and misery I was experiencing from the karmic layover. I was driving with difficulty when a rush of warm energy burst through my right leg and foot. My right foot began to go numb as more messages came flying in. My phone rang but we later realized that no message displayed on the screen. Then Steve's phone went off and when he answered no one was there. On top of that, there was no message and the phone never revealed anyone had called in the first place. We continued to command that we would be lead to the perfect place in order to completely open up the sealed crystals, memories, knowledge, wisdom... I called out TO HELP THE WORLD BE FREE. Then I saw visions of one breaking the shackles. "That was a good sign" I mumbled to myself. The more numb my foot felt, the more I realized we were getting really close - I mean really close!
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