Monday, March 24, 2014

My boyfriend left when I was four months pregnant with his child.

He wanted to be present at the birth.

I wanted no part of him until after the effort of labor; I wanted to give birth to my child undisturbed. I had all of the operators and the security system at my hospital actively protect my identity until I was out of the initial few days after my cesarian section after a failed induction of labor.

He argued that the child was his.

The law said I had the right no never contact him again and go on with my life happily.

He said, effectively, I was a ‘container for his baby to grow in’ or more appropriately, an incubator for his child.

Over the life of our child, we have come to respect one another, and co-parent between our two homes more effectively than most couples who are in our situation. This change has taken a lot of patience on my part, and a lot of help from prayer as well. I think my becoming a Reiki Master, and Karuna Reiki Master, was very helpful in changing my perspective to one of positivity, dedication to making the child’s life as pleasant as possible, and learning to adapt to a life I hadn’t anticipated but ended up with, making the best of what I have.

Yesterday I was on call for Labor and Delivery.

Something unusual happened–that’s never happened before–I was interrupted in the middle of the Cobra Weekly Meditation for Liberation of the planet. My team on PFC had gathered in Los Angeles for a special event. And I was on call and couldn’t attend.

So the phone rings in the call room, and the nurse says my patient needs a bolus for breakthrough pain on the epidural.

I had a choice–do I wait a couple minutes to finish, or do I go?

I thought, well gosh if I am supposed to meditate for the Goddess Spiral Vortex how can I let another ‘goddess’ in labor suffer and wait until I’m finished?

So in my mind I hit the ‘pause’ button on the meditation, and I went up and did my best to make her comfortable.

As I was waiting for the bolus of medicine to take effect, I stopped into the O.R., so I could catch up on my charting. I remembered I hadn’t finished the meditation. So all alone, in the O.R., hands up, I rotated eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  and then my hands dropped and I was like eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

Then I thought, why not attach this healing to the hospital and all O.R.’s?

Why stop there? Why not attach this healing to the entire medical system on the planet???

And boom! Remote view–instantly–Earth split into two parts, along the axis of a yo-yo but it looked more like a tennis ball that was cut—and like rocket boosters, the old shells fell away into space.

Ross was there–part of the meditation is to think of your Twin Flame–and he was very earnest and asked me, ‘Do you know what you just did?’

I was totally clueless. I thought I was just watching the show that was cool, like everybody else.

He was really excited and smiling and very quiet, and looked at me again, and asked, ‘Are you sure you didn’t know?’

I shook my head.

He gently took my right arm, and together with his raised it over our heads. And all these people everywhere, rows and rows and rows of them, started cheering and dancing. They looked kind of like angels and kind of like galactics but I didn’t have the best view. They were like in a movie when they do computer generated graphics and make lots and lots and lots of crowd. I definitely knew we were in the etheric plane or something, but I wasn’t sure why everyone was there all happy over something that looked like a special effect in a film.

I still didn’t understand. But I saw in our heart space we share between us, me and Ross, a tiny little earth, that was like a deflated soccer ball, and kind of like wet butterfly wings but the colors were very bright and colorful green and blue. It was only a moment I was able to look at it, but the image really lingered in my mind’s eye.

Ross let out a cheer; I didn’t understand what these people were all so excited about. But they were happy. I asked Ross if it was okay to excuse myself, and he said, yes. So my 5D or whatever D light body I have when I go there stayed, but my consciousness came back to the hospital. I checked with the patient, who was comfy, and then I went back to my room and made a salad for lunch, and I heated some Biryani that was frozen from Trader Joes in the microwave. I was sure to add ‘love and gratitude’ intent to the food before I put it in the microwave, to neutralize the effect on the energy of the food by the microwaves themselves.

This is the veve of Erzulie Danto.

You might want to look that one up.

Women and men in childbirth are getting so more pleasant now. I have seen husbands respect their wives. Women who are focused and with or without the epidural very cognizant of their blessing of being parents. Five years ago it used to be a real unpredictable thing.

I think the energies that are ‘out there’ are having some effect on people in general.  Even the nurses are happy, and really nice, and not grumpy like they sometimes were before. Again, I do Reiki 24/7 when I’m in that part of the hospital, and I like to think it helps, but I know it’s not the only reason behind these changes that I notice.

We are entering a time where the energy of the Goddess, and the balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, is coming to equilibrium instead of being slanted as it was, to heavily favor the male interest.

Funny it should happen, because, as a matter of fact, The Divine Mother sent this message out today herself:

It deeply touched me.

I hope it touches you as well.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

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