Indoor Plants that Absorb Formaldehyde

By 2010-12-29

People suspect the outside environment to be full of toxins everyday. Pollutants that stream from factories, automobiles and oil rigs seem to be on every corner of every street. Thus, people rightfully fear the air they breathe as well as the water they drink.

What commonly goes unnoticed, however, is the pollution that exists within the indoor environment as well. Today, both the EPA and NASA acknowledge that homes and offices are breeding grounds for air toxins, of which formaldehyde is a primary component.

Formaldehyde in Daily Life

Formaldehyde is known to be present both in and out of doors. It is a chemical widely used in the manufacturing of building materials and various household products. Formaldehyde is also a by-product of combustion and other natural processes. According to the EPA, primary sources of formaldehyde within a home or office environment include the following:

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