No Witch Hunts
We are at a point in time when more and more notice will be paid to the Elephant in the room. Within weeks we can expect a virtual storm of disclosure in the mainstream media, this will be the ‘storm of disclosure’ that David Willcock dreamt of in the Autumn of 2012.
Those of us now avidly reading the alternative media sites are finding evidence for everything that we have been hearing from people like Cobra. He mentioned that the ‘suicides’ in the banking world were because they silenced people who were planning on revealing the fraudulent gold trading etc. and we now find links to this truth all over the net. Other links doing the rounds are related to the Queen and her connections to paedophiles and the disappearance of children. As Benjamin Fulford said and Cobra agreed there is big work taking place to expose the Royal Family and cabal members in the British Government. On one site I read how there was a desire from certain groups to have ‘some heads rolling’. I am declaring here and now that I will not be posting these types of scandalous revelations here unless there is something that has been definitely proven to be correct. We are above witch hunts and guillotines and wanting heads to roll. I hate scandal magazines and refuse to speculate about this type of information. As I have said before I wish to remain as close to the truth as possible.During the Storm of Disclosure
There is going to be so much revealed in the coming months, and yet it is my firm belief that whatever we read will still only be a portion of what will be revealed after The Event. This is indeed lucky because there will then be NO risk of people being lynched etc. as it will simply NOT be tolerated by the Light Forces. There will be justice and we will all have our chance to say what we believe to be the correct ‘punishment’ for those who are guilty of crimes towards humanity.
We will not fall into the trap of becoming the very people that we despise. This will not turn into the French Revolution or any other for that matter. Cobra has explained how, that some souls who have no desire whatsoever to be ‘healed’ and change their evil way of existing will have to return to Source and quite simply start the whole process again as a completely new soul. We need not be too concerned of there being justice throughout these times ahead because there will be. Already the Resistance Movement have plans that we are fully aware of regarding the changes on Gaia. We know for example that Monsanto will simply cease to exist after the Event. That Microsoft will have a part that lives on and is restructured and a part that will be dissolved. The same goes for banks, many will cease to exist, others will be restructured etc.

PhotoMany among us following these revelations at this time are aware that forgiveness and amnesty will be granted to many who are willing to agree to being rehabilitated after the Event. Regarding amnesty later on to those in cabal families etc. who are not involved in crimes against humanity Cobra say’s; “a combination of Light Forces and humanity will agree as to whether people should or not have amnesty – these people will never again have roles to play in the future of this planet”. If there is a lot revealed in the mainstream media in the coming weeks and months there are going to be, understandably, some very strong reactions from the general public who have been in the dark regarding these truths. Those of us who can must remind others of the words of Jesus Sananda “let he/she who has not sinned cast the first stone”.

Billions of Newly Awakening Lightworkers – Working for the Light on this Planet Billions of People worldwide are on an everyday basis, in one capacity or another, working for the Light Agenda on this planet. My Guides inform me that 48% of the world’s population are doing this. Now this does not mean that all these people nearly 3.5 Billion are aware that they exist within a created matrix which is run by the groups we term the New World Order cabal groups.
I am told that 9-10% of humanity is now awakened on some level to the above facts. The others are also light workers doing heartfelt hard work to bring Light to this planet one way or another. Many of them are so busy doing their best for the people surrounding them that they do not have the time to study about what is taking place.

Before the Event takes place many many more of these people will become aware of the Truth. Many among those of you reading this now will have a role to play in assisting these souls in finding what you consider to be reliable knowledge of the Truth.

Information War Reaching its Peak + A Switch has been Turned On

Cobra reminded us last week “Remember the information war is reaching a peak and this will continue in the next few weeks.” Remember he said that this information war peak would come in March and that’s about two weeks away. He also informed us that “On January 21st a pre-phase operation was completed by the Light Forces and a switch went on. Progress will be more positive from now on.

Big Reminder that cannot be overly emphasised as things heat up:“Stay out of fear – we have no time for fear – we need to unite and cooperate to win.”

Victory of the Light is very close.

Written by Therese Z Sumner 11/02/2014

Posted Facebook 11/02/2014 at 1730 PM