You are not alone.   You have never been alone.
As soon as the completion of the clean-up phase of this war is finished [read: “The Real Back Story“],  in short order, it is being planned by the members of the Andromeda Council that  – almost simultaneously –  they will also begin to prepare Earth & Earth’s people to join a greater galactic ‘community of planets’ …by beginning & conducting increasingly frequent contact & visits with the people of Earth.

Visitors to Earth will most likely come from the following four (4) star systems & planets:  Polaris – planet Ventra,  Antares – planet Nikotae, Sirius A – planet Toleka, and from the constellation Cygnus, star system Alpha Cygni (aka) Deneb – planet Ritol.

Scout craft, two (2) at most, in any one area at any time, holding 3-4 crew people from the above listed member planets of the Andromeda Council, will land quietly & cloaked.

These people will have friendly open contact, visits & interaction with humans all across planet Earth… just every day people.

This plan of open contact, visitation & interaction  with the people of Earth can now happen because Earth humans are now safe from the long standing, manipulative, abusive, malicious reptilian menace.

This plan for contact & visitation is to happen over & over again for an extended period of time, probably at least upward of one (1) full year all across the globe, until Earth people finally get the message – you are not alone, you have never been alone.

The planned geographic areas of planet Earth that will be visited, in order of priority, are the following:

1.   USA  (Continental)     2.  Canada      3. USA (Alaska)
4.   Mexico    5.  Brazil    6.  Argentina   7.  USA  (Hawaii)
8.   Japan     9.  India    10. Indonesia    11.  Australia
12. South Africa     13.  Saudi Arabia     14. United Kingdom 15.  France      16. Germany       17.  Italy    [All Counties
of the European Union]    18. Turkey    19. South Korea
20. China  21. Russia

They will quietly land, cloaked.  They will visit with people on the outskirts of most major cities, on the outskirts of  suburban cities & towns, in their  parks, in their malls, outside shopping plazas,  on the campuses of private universities & schools, where ever people normally congregate in these above countries.  Maybe more.

 They will visit the more spiritually progressive, ‘advanced’, ‘aware’ and ‘open’ parts of each country, as an example, the southwestern United States, and western Canada, first.  They will visit all parts of each country… visiting the most progressive parts first, and least progressive parts of each country, last.    

You are not alone, you have never been alone.  The overall message to the people of planet Earth will be for them to enjoy & revel in the knowledge that –

you are not alone, you have never been alone, your  planet  was  seeded by many, many races from across the cosmos.  This  universe and its galaxies  are  teaming with sentient, intelligent life, societies and cultures. People of planet Earth, you are part of this glorious expanse… of sentient intelligent life.  

And, that as sentient intelligent life, you, people of Earth, as  free souls have a right to be free – to live lives of free choice & free will, to evolve,  and to function as spiritually  alive,  awake, aware and responsible… sovereign human beings.

To help promote a long and peaceful existence of a reborn planet, and a reborn people, and the benefits of intergalactic trade – it is expected Earth will receive an invitation &  a formal  set of protocols to join a  greater community of planets, the Galactic Federation, based in the Tau Ceti star system which holds the tenth (#10) senior member seat of the Andromeda Council.  If it wants to, Earth can join as a peaceful contributing member of this community of planets.

And, as a member of the Galactic Federation, and therefore a member of the Andromeda  Council, Earth will also have its own representation, via a Joint Earth Council, formally representing the  interests of  Earth.

However, people of planet Earth,  this is your decision.  Only you can determine your own destiny, only you can  make your  own choices…  only you can determine your future.   No one else.  It is your right as this is your planet.  It is all up to you.
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