Intuitive Knowing Through 7 Stages

() We are an intuitive Divine portal as we open to our heart and soul.  When accessed, there are no limits to where life shall take us.  We create our destiny, one intuitive breath at a time, while we dance with the energies set into place from a space before this time.

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Life is here to meet us, one intuitive thought and intention at a time.  What are you thinking?  Have you ever truly spent time viewing your thoughts as an outside observer would?

Often we want to manifest something new in our life, and we do give it our best shot.  However, sometimes that which we are looking to birth into our lives, seems like light ages away.  This can often be due to our thoughts as well as to a subtle p.s. mechanism in our inner mechanics.  This leads to our intuitive capacity being cut off.

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Your True & Authentic Intuitive Guidance Knows You Are Love

For example, you may have a p.s. that suggests you are not worthy or that no one loves you.  These are just two examples I have seen through working with others.  Now, let us be clear, both statements are completely false and an illusion.

Why are they being expressed?  It all comes down to distractions that keep us from our true Divine Self.  Why are they illusions that are completely false?  We are love and we are fully one with God.  Not only are we children of God, but God is within us.  There is nothing within us that is not of pure, holy, unconditional love and light.

As we begin to see the traps our thoughts and our p.s. mechanism lead us into, we begin to uncover the shadows that keep our heart and soul hidden from the light of our Divinity.  Today is the day to shift our focus from that which is not serving us to that which is serving us.  It is time that we all see our own Divine Light.

What happens when we begin to recognize the pure love and light of our heart and soul?  Nothing short of a miracle.  Life takes on a whole new aura.  Until we truly love ourselves and see our true Divine Self, we have not lived.  Is this not the moment for rebirth into a new era?

Intuitive Consciousness Is Upon Us

We are moving into a time where intuition will be our guiding force.  Many of us are already experiencing it.  There are things we know instantly.  Some things we might be so grateful to know, while with other things we may initially think we would rather have not known.  However, bless it all because it is all important as we open up to truth.

To move forward, fully and completely, we need to cleanse from the inside out.  WE need to let go of anything and everything that is not serving us.  In order to move into intuitive living, we must be clear.  Otherwise, it is nothing more than projections that offer lessons for the projector.

The benefits of being clear are enormous.  Only then can we truly trust our own intuition.  Getting clear will also reveal things to you that you never had the courage to look at face-to-face before.

Heart & Truth Consciousness For Intuitive Consciousness

Yes, we are ready for this time.  A time to see through anything that is not of truth consciousness.  This is a time to move past and through anything that is not of heart consciousness, and yes you are Divine.

How do we get clear from the inside out?  The following suggestions are from Avatars and Masters, and have been completely experienced though my own personal existence.  Thus, I know they are true through experience.  At the same time, as always, follow your Divine guidance as to what is right for you during this specific time and space.  Leave the rest.  You can always return to this article and implement the other steps as you sense a need and desire.

Intuitive Awareness: Awakening in 7 Stages

1. Dedicate an hour a day to writing down every thought you have.  Do this with complete honesty as well as compassion for yourself.  This must be done in absolute confidentiality as a safe space is needed.  What you will begin to notice, is the ability this gives you to clear unwanted patterns and p.s. mechanisms.

Eventually, you may want to increase the amount of time per day, and if you are truly committed, you can do this all throughout your day.  You will begin to notice less thoughts as well as more intentional ones arising, which is clearing the way for your manifestations and intuitive guidance to deepen.  Your mind will begin to clear programs.

2. Create a meditation practice. The first, above exercise is clearing the way for a deeper meditation experience.  My recommendation is to set aside a time instantly upon rising in the morning as well as a time directly before bed.  This is the time of day when you are most open, receptive and easily imprinted by the subtle vibrations of the Divine Universe.

Get the free Insight Timer App for your phone.  This offers a free timer as well as numerous guided meditations and meditative music.  I do suggest having your morning and evening meditations in silence; however, incorporating guided meditations during a mid-day break is wonderful.  Also, be spontaneous during the day.  If you feel a pull to meditate, that is your Divine guidance.  Do it.  You will grow internally, and thus naturally so too will your external life.

Our Intuitive Knowing Expands As Within So Without

3. Clean up your diet.  Vedic science has proven the importance of eating a clean and pure diet.  This includes the physical food as well as the subtle imprinted vibrations within the food at the time of harvest as well as during the storage and cooking.  Many Avatars and Masters have refused food not homemade as well as food in places where there is an intensification of non-life affirming sanskaras (impressions) imprinted heavily in the environment and food.

As an example, would you prefer to eat food that has been blessed or food that has been cursed?  Would you like to eat food that has been handled with love and care or food that has been harmed, abused and imprinted with anger or pain? The physical food we eat, creates our physicality as well as our emotional state and thought vibration.  Eating a vibrant, high frequency diet rich in whole, living plant-based foods is essential.

Intuitive Living Is Pure & Crystal Clear

4. Detoxify your environment. Be extremely mindful as to what you allow into your consciousness.  This goes for the above mentioned step in your diet as well as your physical environment.  The inner and outer environment are emphasized here.

Begin to learn about detoxifying your body.  Start with periodic fasting and as you learn how to safely fast, spend one day a week fasting.  You may want to start with one day a month and work your way up to one day per week.  Intermittent fasting can be a great way to ease into this process of detoxifying your inner environment, and it has numerous physical benefits such as weight loss.

5. Be intentional with what you take in through your senses.  Have an intentional and intuitively arranged living space.  Only allow things, people, food and music etc. into it that are to uplift you and the collective.  Live a life of purity through having your inner and outer environment reflect that intention.  Strive to have everything expressed in that Divine space to be of love.  Absolutely no speaking ill of others or behind their backs.  This also means to not allow any interference from those who do not truly wish you well.  Build your home environment on a foundation of love.

6. Choose only relationships that are honest and of integrity.  Spend time only with people who uplift you, and with those who you can trust to learn and grow with in spirituality.  This applies to your relationship with others as well as your relationship with your Self as we get clear on the inside.

Our Intuitive Facilities Know- We Are Never Truly Alone

7. Consider spending more and more time alone.  The more we can be with our Selves, the more we can be with others in a fully present manner.  By nurturing our relationship with our Self, we become more of a beneficial presence for all.  Learn to love your Self, and learn to feed your soul with compassion, forgiveness, kindness and love.

This Clear Intuitive Channel Directs Our Life

At an intuitive level, sacred Oneness  is here on Earth at this time.  By being fully clear and in tune with our own unique Divine soul, we can tap into what is vibrating with us at our frequency.  Through your inner and outer work and all the practices you implement, you will be able to tell simply by the way someone says your name how they truly feel about you.

You see, it has always been known that there is no such thing as a secret.  We deserve to know in which directions to move into for our highest good as we too must understand the importance of selecting an environment with people and places that truly love and nourish our soul.

Again, as you open up, you may have realizations that seem like a shock or even a disappointment.  However, if this happens, please remember that everything and everyone blesses us.  We are meant to vibrate higher, and truth gets exposed to help us do just that for our Self and our Divine Light Beings.  Let life and love live through you.  You are beautiful and whole!

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Ulonda Faye is a mystic writer of the poetic heart and soul, who has a vision of a heart conscious society where all unite in universal truth, love and freedom. Visit InstagramFacebookTwitter and to connect.

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Consciousness is one of the most mysterious phenomena of all time. Scientists, philosophers, and mystics have been searching for the answer to the question, What is Consciousness? for most of human history. In modern times, the spiritual origins of consciousness are being replaced with a materialistic view, that awareness emerges as an additive property of electrical impulses in living things. Despite the fact this theory is assumed to be true, any self-respecting psychologist will tell you we have no idea what consciousness really is. The preceding article discusses consciousness, some of its properties, and possible origins. This is helpful to contemplate because, in the act of trying to understand the mysteries of consciousness, you develop critical thinking skills and stimulate your philosophic muscles, both which are immensely important for almost everything we do in life. Additionally, you’ll develop abstract thinking skills, the ability to explore intangible realities that govern material realms. With the power of an active mind capable of navigating the realities of consciousness, great leaps in personal attainment can be made along with preparing you for the Great Work of making this world a better place.

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