by Kelvin Curnow

tallwhitealiensThis contains information about the ARCTURIAN race, the TALL WHITES living within the mountains of Earth, the symbol of the EYE in the SACRED TRIANGLE, which I believe is a STARGATE.

 I will be sharing some of my direct personal experiences, and the results of my research inspired by those experiences.
I hope it will inspire some of you…

 I have been visited many times by Beings from other worlds, and they have taken me on many travels.
I will give brief descriptions of some of these events.

 My awakening happened a mere year and a half ago, and was what could be by all standards considered quite abrupt and intense. and of incredible beauty.

 I must say that apart from feeling quite different all of my life, I have never found myself to be religious or even spiritual.” treat all as you wish to be treated” was my golden rule, my religion. I was totally stuck in my 3 D material world, and a skeptic, surrounded by skeptics.


But I have deep down always know there is something greater…
I will try to keep this as short as possible…

 It all started one evening last year. as I returned from the ocean. an evening where, alone on the beach, for the first time of my life I believe I truly prayed. straight from the heart. and I spoke something like this” I know there is someone out there watching out for me, and if you exist, then I need your help, and I need it now.”

 I was venting and did not in my wildest dreams expect to actually get an answer. But I did.  My answer came in what was later identified (at the time I had no clue about anything spiritual) as a spontaneous past life recall. I was so startled, I shook all the way home as I drove.


 That same evening, after the beach, I went home, took a bath to relax, it was 9 pm. I closed my eyes, and all of a sudden a red orange glowing outline of a ***TRIANGLE with an EYE*** in the center, and a soft glow coming from behind each side appeared before me, in the middle of my forehead, my eyes still closed. It was such crisp and clear focus, as if a window into another world had just opened inside of my head.   The symbol seemed gigantic, and light years away, this is the impression I got… It stayed for a small while looking at me, as if hovering.

 It was magnificent. This started me on a never ending spiritual search. this alone was enough and still is enough to keep me going in my search.

 This event was followed by things which were all new to me. numerous out of body experiences, from an awake or lucid state. lucid dreams, visitations, visitors who took me many places, including a STARSHIP made of light, the inside of MOUNTAINS, a place under the OCEAN, ANOTHER PLANET on at least 3 occasions…

 I had to call metaphysical specialists for advice. Often. very often. It was so much for my linear mind to process…
at the beginning, they mentioned “VERY high vibrational beings of Light” around me. Some mentioned DEITIES… GODS and GODDESSES.


 That was really strange for me to understand at first. How could I have DEITIES in my room?? and WHY??!

 I had never seen an Angel at the time, loved the thought that these mysterious beings exist, and moreover that they be around me. I thought they must be spirits with wings, something like that…

 *An Angel*

 My first visitation came shortly after my first out of body, and shortly after the psychics mentioning the Light beings… I was having a beautiful dream and was slowly woken up by tall light becoming brighter and brighter and bright to the point that it shot into me a wave of pure ecstasy and I went right out of body, lifted…the light disappeared. Divine ecstasy???

 An Angel, I knew it had to have been an Angel.


 I waited many nights hoping to see another. so one evening as I lay in bed, I decided to meditate and ask God to send me a bright Angel again, because I so dearly wished to see one once more.

 Well, I was woken up around 3 am that night, by an incredible presence in my room, followed by a flash of light, and my body (yes… my entire body…I could see myself in the long mirror next to my bed) being lifted and heading right for the ceiling.

 I was just floating there, levitated half way up my room, bathed in the most beautiful Light and in pure ecstasy.
as the light flashed though, I saw something I was far from expecting…. It startled me.

 3 beautiful flawless faces, very white, with very very large eyes, no hair, and slender lips, they were in a sort of fog cloud, clearly etheric, and looking down over me.  They flashed a holograph like triangle made of Light.

 Then after some time I was gently put back down onto the bed at my request and I immediately blacked out even though my intent had been to get right up as soon as they put me down. I guess the energy was too powerful for my body to handle…

 I made a few phone calls in the morning, the Beings were indeed identified as very high vibrational Light Beings, VERY bright Angels, or DEITIES, Gods & Goddesses.  Beings which had watched over me since childhood.

 I said I saw faces that were not entirely human like us, their eyes were much larger yet their faces were flawless. and was told they showed me their true face.  They were indeed my “Angels”…

 This experience was absolutely magnificent. beyond magnificent. I have few words to describe it… and the days following, I was filled with an otherworldly energy… like pure love of incredible magnitude.


 Ok, I will not explain all visitations, I have had so many, all different, all of incredible beauty, but I will mention the next one… it was similar, but this time I did go though the ceiling, I was ready, I had a week to prepare myself mentally… soon I found myself standing before the most incredible sight… a starship made of light, like solid light, glowing a sort of white blue color, it was incredible. I still have a difficult time processing this at times… it is simply unbelievable… but there it was. right before me, and I was taken inside…the story goes on…many months, many visitations, many incredible trips to incredible places…

But who were they?? And why did they come for me??

 It took my mind many experiences and much research to finally come to terms with it all. I was in disbelief, it was all so incredible, and there really were very few people to who I could talk about this…

 I read all sorts of materials, consulted very gifted people, talked to priests and had much information which had been given to me by my visitors… but I just needed proof for everything….


 The symbol of the *TRIANGLE with the EYE* the symbol of my race, it had been sent to me by the people/Beings of my race, to awaken me, to remind me of who I am, where I come from, and why I am here…

 These beings are the ARCTURIANS, The ELOHIM, the HOLY WATCHERS, the ANUNNAKI

 To my conclusions they are one and the same…

 They told me the Gods of Hindu all originated and spent much time on my planet of origin…

 I asked my visitors if I was correct in thinking that the Arcturians are the Holy Watchers and are Elohim and Annunaki….all one and the same…my answer was given to me as a visual floating clearly before me:


 My guide or main guide is an Arcturian male, whom I have known for many millennia.

 I have read all available books on Arcturians, I am pretty sure, but there must be different beings, perhaps on different planets around the star ARCTURUS… my description of them is not identical to some of the channeled book such as we the Arcturians.   In” we the Arcturians, they are described as very short… David K Miller’s channeled book “Meeting with the Arcturians ” describes them as tall and slender, and Sheldon Nidle and Robert Perala who are both contactees describe them as VERY tall, adult males being around 9 ft tall… this latest description is what I have experienced….

 What my belief is is that the short guys which are absolutely adorable, ( I have met them) are working for the Tall Arcturians.



 My ARCTURIANS are very tall, my guide is very tall… their skin is white like chalk and very bright. they wear a silvery white suit, with the symbol of the SACRED TRIANGLE with the EYE on it, they also have that symbol in the palm of their hands, it glows…

They can become bright, so bright that one cannot look at them directly. their eyes are very different, they are much larger than those of Earth humans, and go to the sides of the temples. they have no hair upon their body.

 Arcturians are known to have bases in the mountains of Earth. I have been taken inside the mountains.


 Ok, now about the TALL WHITES as described by Charles Hall… well his description of the tall whites is nearly identical to my description of my Arcturians.S same color suit, which at times becomes too bright to look at, same chalk white skin, same slender bodies, identical eyes, etc…

 Charles Hall mentions these beings *live within the mountains* and the government knows about them, but they are peaceful beings. He says the TALL WHITES come from somewhere near the star ARCTURUS!  According to his calculations.. but he is not sure…


 Many people believe ARCTURIANS are responsible for crop circles, and there are reports of TALL WHITE beings seen on or near crop circles…


 The Arcturians say it themselves in the channeled book “WE the Arcturians”. They are responsible for seeding Life on Earth. as well as throughout the Universe.

 Also, the Book “The Custodians” by Dolores Cannon,the “Archaic Race” is responsible for seeding life on Earth. and have been “Watching” over their creation since the beginning.

 Arcturians are Archaic and are the watchers watching over mankind. And they inhabit the mountain ranges and oceans of Earth…


 Again in the book “We the Arcturians”, the Arcturians clearly mention being in contact with the Governments of Earth.
In “the Custodians”, the Archaic race says the same.

 The governments know of their presence and of the existence of bases within the mountains of Earth and within the oceans.


 The tall blond men (Tall Whites) at the end of the movie KNOWING with Nicolas Cage, turn into higher Beings of Light (Arcturians).  If you notice, the energy emanating from their Light Bodies is meant to look like wings of Angels… The ships are powered by gigantic crystals, just like those of the Arcturians… powered by gigantic crystals connected to the Central Sun…

 I had an unforgettable experience a while before watching that movie where I found myself in a place just like the NEW EARTH represented at the end… I know this place exists and someone else has seen it and represented it in the movie… this was extremly emotional for me… I was really in a state of emotional shock after the movie…

 It must be the “Off world colony” or New Earth being prepared for part of Humanity to inhabit… a pristine environment being prepared by the Gods and all their helpers,for some chosen individuals… a brand new seeding of the Human race…


 The Arcturians are known to be the” Keepers of the STARGATE”… they are, as mentioned in the book “the Keys Of Enoch” by J.J. Hurtack Beings known to the ancient as “Shepherds Watching the Faithful on the other side of the River of Crystal” and Arcturus is considered a midway station for souls.

 And the governing body for this Universe, and home to the most Ascended of Beings.

 It is also a gateway into higher heavens.

 The Eye of Horus as mentioned in the book “Voyagers” was used as a portal in ancient Egypt.

 The Eye in the Triangle IS the Eye of Horus.

 JJ Hurtack in the “Keys of Enoch” says that the Eye of Horus (Eye in Triangle) does NOT represent the third Eye, but is placed upon the third eye region of the ELECT.

 He writes that until the Eye of Horus arrives, the consciousness of man is trapped within the Karmic cycles of Life.
According to JJ Hurtack again, The Eye in the Triangle is the Father’s Eye of Divine Creation coordinating the Minds of the ELOHIM.


 Ok, now to something which confused me at first… the Eye in the Triangle is a symbol used by various secret societies, esoteric teachings and mystery schools seeking ENLIGHTENMENT.  So far everything is ok… but it is the symbol of the ILLUMINATI also… and we all know of their reputation…

 I believe there is a terrible misconception going around, that this symbol represents the Illuminati, or something evil…

 NO, the Illuminati *borrowed* this symbol, because it represents something of such power and magnitude, and power is what they aspire to … and perhaps the original Illuminati’s ultimate goal was enlightenment… quite clearly different now… in any case… symbols have been used, reused and sometimes missused throughout history… and at present time, this magnificent symbol is absolutely missrepresented by this group of individuals no longer in alignment with its true essence.

 *I believe the symbol of the SACRED TRIANGLE with the EYE is the symbol of the STARGATE. Guarded by the ARCTURIANS. Therefore it is natural that it be the symbol of the Arcturians race.

 The STARGATE could understandably be what any and all aspire to ultimately. Perhaps it is our way back to another universe, a true Heaven or a true Nirvana…the house of our Father… the *Father Universe*

 Could the symbol of the Sacred Triangle with the Eye and its true meaning be the best kept secret of all time?? I believe so…


 Many months after my experiences started, I was on my search of the meaning of the triangle with the eye, as always, and read in the large book “Voyagers” that the Eye of Horus was a STARGATE used in ancient Egypt.

 In “The Keys of Enoch” the Eye within the sacred Triangle is clearly the Eye of Horus, and it is a portal…

 So the evening of my discovery from the book “Voyagers”, I figured if the Eye in a Triangle appeared before me so clearly, perhaps I have access to this stargate … so I did a meditation/prayer to my Angels and family from Arcturus, and told them, that if I am correct, and this is indeed a Stargate, I would like to be taken through the Stargate to “a beautiful place and in the company of benevolent elders”.

 I will just say in a few words that the experience was magnificent!

 I was completely awake and lucid.  It was incredibly vivid and could never be mistaken for a simple dream.

 I woke up from a blackout, in front of a TEMPLE carved with beautiful hieroglyphic like symbols clearly not of this world.  The temple was carved into the side of a mountain, I went in, and a older man with short white hair greeted me and showed me around. It was his home.
There was a large cluster of crystals which contained sulfurite, he explained how it was used to generate power or energy for the home.
I took a tour of this magnificent home, the furniture was something I have never seen before, a blend of a type of wood mixed with slabs of crystal.

 I spoke with him long… but cannot remmeber what he told me 🙁

 But I do remember telling him this was the most beautiful home I had ever seen… to which he responded with a great smile and took me in his arms.

 He then took me to the back of the home, there was grass on the floor or something green like grass. I turned around and we were simply on the other side of the mountain, this side uncarved.  We were standing in what we would call his yard, in front of an ocean.  The ocean was perfectly still.  No waves whatsoever.  There were also “pools” in the rock formation leading down to the ocean, then we turned around and he told me to look up, and children were coming out of the top of the mountain, wearing a very light baby blue luminescent suit, with the sacred triangle upon it close to the shoulder on the chest.  They were playing, and coming out of the mountain with a sort of small craft… soon after this I lost consciouness…back to Earth 🙂

 So I asked confirmation from the Ones above if the Eye within the Sacred Triangle was indeed a Stargate. and if it was I wished to be taken through the Stargate, to a beautiful place, & in the company of benevolent elders… and that same night I had this incredible and unforgetable experience.

 I will let you believe what you will.  I know deep within I am very close to the truth.

 Always searching :))