Hi Alexandra,

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to yourself, Jerry and the rest of the team at galactic connection for my IRP.

I had my implants removed on the 27th June, which I am very thankful for, I felt a huge black cord being removed from my body, stuff being shattered, a feeling of bolt being removed from my cheek.

After the IRP I did feel spaced out and not sure about life, I still couldn’t see out of my 3rd eye, I assumed it was the void period but it continued & then I started feeling really angry, uncontrollable anger just started coming from nowhere, I reread the testimonials where I seen a lot of people experienced freedom, bliss and joy after the process and felt that I was not feeling that and so I felt the need to speak with Jerry and booked an interview with him.

The interview with Jerry was amazing & has helped me so much.  He told me where I was originally from and that I was part of the Elohim, The Great White Brotherhood and had the highest vibrational white light running through me & a merkaba that wasn’t functioning and that he sometimes has problems with the Elohim.  He explained that I was feeling extremely bored and frustrated with the 3D world and that I needed to start becoming a teacher instead of a student, this completely made sense and explained why I was becoming so angry.

Jerry gave me much needed exercises to clear my energy field, exercises to activate my 3rd eye (as it has been distorted) and guided me start standing in my power and where to go from now, he explained the Archangels to me and told me to start using them and commanding them to work with me and show me signs (previous to the IRP a voice in my head told me never to say any of their names).

As soon as the interview had finished I began my research into The Elohim/The Great White Brotherhood and I am feeling extremely blessed to know who I am.  The conversation has given me the much needed confirmation and confidence to start living the life I want to life.

I really needed to have that conversation with Jerry, it has helped me a great deal & it would be such a better process if you incorporated a small interview with Jerry into the process.  You really do need to speak to someone after it has been done, any email that I sent seemed to get lost and I got no reply, which made me feel insignificant.  I have always wanted to know where I am from and have been asking for the answer for years, I’ve had QHHT, my birth chart read etc etc and nothing satisfied me until I spoke with Jerry.

Thank you all at Galactic Connection for the extremely powerful and important work that you are doing for the whole of humanity, I feel so blessed to have experienced your excellent services, I am extremely grateful to every one of your team for the amazing service that you provide.

PS, many teenagers who I am in contact with are very interested in the IRP and it may be a good idea to reach out to them via a online meetup, the teenagers are the most open people that I speak to on a daily basis and fire question after question at me, which I try to answer to the best of my ability but always tell them to research themselves, they feel they have no one to speak to as their parents are close minded.

love, peace and light