Emergence Theory: A Layperson’s Guide

Sep 14, 2017

What if the very fabric of space and time was a code, or a language? A team of physicists and mathematicians with Los Angeles based Quantum Gravity Research are developing a first-principles unified quantum gravity theory they call emergence theory. Still in the early stage of development, emergence theory attempts to unify, through mathematical and scientific rigor, the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics… and consciousness. This film is presented in layperson terms and explains basics tenets of emergence theory, quantum mechanics and digital physics in ways that are meant to be communicative and fun. However, if you’d like to read any of our scientific and more technical papers visit our website where we update the site with new papers regularly. VISIT THE QGR WEBSITE: http://www.quantumgravityresearch.org where you can read some of our peer-reviewed papers and view longer, more technical and advanced presentations that are far more math/physics-heavy and detailed. You can also view many more videos on our Youtube channel (which you are on now!) Film credits: Host: Marion Kerr Einstein and Heisenberg’s voices: Devin Harjes Written, Directed and Edited by David Jakubovic Director of Photography: Tony Ditata Cartoon animation and design: Sarah Winters Original Music by Daniel Jakubovic Rerecording mixer: Patrick Giraudi Line Producer: Piper Norwood 3D Effects by Raymond Aschheim and Matt Beets Quantum Gravity Research was founded by Klee Irwin in 2009. VISIT THE QGR BLOG: http://www.quantumgravityresearch.org… VISIT THE QGR WEBSITE: http://www.quantumgravityresearch.org GET TO KNOW QGR’s RESEARCH SCIENTISTS: http://www.quantumgravityresearch.org… ENJOY MANY PEER-REVIEWED RESEARCH PAPERS & PRESENTATIONS: http://www.quantumgravityresearch.org… QGR FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/QuantumGravi… QGR TWITTER: https://twitter.com/emergencetheory?l… KLEE IRWIN TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Kleeirwin?lang=en READ QGR FOUNDER KLEE IRWIN’S BLOG: http://kleeirwindeepthoughts.blogspot… KLEE IRWIN’S WEBSITE: http://www.kleeirwinphysics.com/