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The picture you see is my old office chairold office chair; I bought a new one this weekend. There is nothing wrong with the old chair; it’s in good condition, clean, and still usable. But it was always a little awkward–if I raised it high enough so I could type comfortably my feet didn’t quite touch the floor. If my feet touched the floor, I had to reach up to type… and there was something else about it.  I bought it when I was dating someone I’m no longer with and he put it together for me. Every time I looked at the chair, I was reminded of him and our chaotic relationship. So I decided to get rid of the chair and purchase something more comfortable and functional, and that has no memories associated with it. Is there something that reminds you of an ‘old’ love you need to let go of? There may be more to this than you know.

The title of this week’s messages comes from the old Memorex tape commercials (for those of us who remember cassette tapes) as they advertised their quality that made it hard to know the difference between the live performance and the taped version. This week features Valentine’s Day, a time we either celebrate or  mourn relationships, past and present, or something in between. While we think our relationships are all new and unique, in reality they are all (until we set different intentions), pre-recorded and what we are experiencing is a very good replay of a very old, well-worn relationship path.

We don’t have ‘new’ relationships with anyone unless we consciously set intentions for new love energies (not love emotions) to manifest in our life. This means that every relationship we have, with every person and in every situation, is a replay that exists so we can create new energies and ways of being. While we are not aware of this and think that the person we love or hate, the families we choose, our job, co-workers, lovers, partners, neighbors and life details are all new events, they aren’t. In fact, if we could see the full continuum of our life path, we would see the same energies, embodied in the same kinds of people, unfolding in the same way, as we live through the same situations and make many of the same love choices.

That’s a depressing thought until we go back to the nature of relation-ship, which is how we connect to and with others energetically based on our own energetic vibration. The only reason these people and situations come back, time and again, is so we can make different life choices about how we love and value ourselves. They just play the role we choose for them, to help us learn to expand our self love, as well as they can, and how long or often they play that role is up to us. But we think every lifetime is a first, that every love is a new one and that we are there to help others resolve their self love issues. It is a shared healing journey and from our perspective, it is our lesson in shifting our energy from needing emotional love to feel valued, to embracing the energy of love from within, so we can attract and manifest love in our life.

Is it love or is it Memorex? It’s Memorex in the guise of what seems like new love, whose purpose is to help you remember that the most important relationship you have is with yourself. From it, all of your other relationships are born and they will embody and mirror the energy of your self love. But the part we forget, as we look for love in the world, is that the love we seek there cannot be greater than our self love, nor can we look to others to fill our love basket on our behalf. When we love ourselves all of our relationships are energized and empowered by that love and then we become the love we seek and can receive love in ways and from sources we never imagined possible.

Like my old office chair, there comes a time when we have to decide whether we are willing to take a chance on a new kind of love energy or try to find joy in old love patterns that we know do not fulfill us in any way. Whether you are mourning a failed love, regretting a lost love, or wishing for new love, the answer lies in your willingness to change your energy of self love. When you focus on and empower that, you can throw away the old tapes and boldly declare the energy of love you want in your life. And as you cherish yourself in the way you want to be cherished, you open your heart to receive new love, create new love patterns and then you can have the fulfilling and joyful love you want in your life.


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