Monday, December 16, 2013 19:21




(Before It’s News)

By Susan Duclos


David Vose releases a blockbuster headline with “ISON Now Measured And Verified As Planetoid – Stunning Pics,” where he claims that the footage he shows will prove NASA lied and that ISON was huge, saying they will show the precise size of ISON and that he thinks he verifies ISON as planetoid with moons.


Via the video details from Vose:


As ISON went flying through space it crossed paths with an asteroid named Eros (love) I have calculated the distance to the Asteroid and the distance from Eros to Ison and can definitely confirm ISON is Planetoid. Also shown here are graphic pictures close up of ISONs MOONs. ISON has several moons like Jupiter. This certainly is a stunning blow to Nasa who have been claiming first that it would be only a mile wide. This video drives the last nail into Nasa and our goverment’s lies. They will now have to explain why they are lying or answer to congress. If someone who has any ability can get this to congress, please demand answers friends.


We know NASA lied, the scrubbed images, they ‘accidentally” turned all their cameras away from ISON just as the whole world was watching it’s approach to the sun, but could they have pulled off a lie as big as the one Vose is accusing them of?


What about the other amateur astronomers that all said ISON was just a comet?


Watch and decide for yourselves.