Another interesting perspective on ISON…the controversy continues over this comet again…-A.M.

This Awareness is now available for the questions on this day.
Thank you. Today is December 4, 2013. Our first question is from TH concerning the
Comet Ison. He sent a website, the address of the website is included in the
ison13He writes: “Today the information concerning Ison.
The headline concerns comet Ison silently zapped
the U.S. Army Military National Guard Base for two
to three hours. This occurred on May 21, 2011 in
Fort Worth, Texas. This was for our own protection
against our so-called leaders and their bosses.
As usual, this was not covered on the mainstream 
“The related commentary included was that the U.S.
government was warned about this possibility
occurring but did not listen. Several questions come to mind for clarification or additional
relevant information if such is not sensitive or inappropriate at this time”.
The first question: “Did the U.S. government have technology from Afghanistan that they
 should not have used? Although they were warned, they did not listen, they were “spanked”
big time for two to three hours, then silent. It was a slaughter.”
Is there any truth to this statement please?
Before answering this question this Awareness must first address a preceding comment: a 
comment that asked if this attack was from Comet Ison. That it was not. That this attack on the
military base, Fort Worth, that this had nothing at all to do with Ison. In relation now to the
question advanced whether the attack by these extraterrestrial ones was a response to
certain weapons and technologies that were taken from Afghanistan.
That this Awareness can confirm there is something to this claim. That the technologies and
possible weapons that were removed from Afghanistan are part of the technologies that have
been removed not only from Afghanistan but from Iraq as well.
Furthermore this Awareness must be clear that It is not talking about technologies that have been
developed by Afghani scientists, Iraqi scientists or engineers, but rather that which could be
called ancient technologies from times immemorial when this region was the home region of the
ones known as the Anunnaki. These were the forces of Anu and Enlil. That Enki and his forces
were also on the planet at that time. 
That there were certain technologies that were buried underground or in the caverns that the U.S.
military and intelligence have known about for some time and this is also not confined only to the
U.S. military intelligence or military branch. It is information that many Western powers have and
there has been a race, if you will, to claim these technologies, these weapons, for the purpose of
ensuring that they who have claimed them will be able to retrofit them, figure them out and thus
use them, giving them superior power over their opponents.
This is the reason why these certain technologies and weapons and vessels that were recovered
were taken back to the United States and in particular Fort Worth. They have been stored there
but it is not simply storage, it was an active pursuit of retrofitting the technologies of those ancient
times so they could be accessed and used now.