Peter’s recent post:

peter eyreThis is the kind of hard hitting no-nonsense material I like from Peter Eyre, telling it like it is. HIs blog: ‘Eyre International – Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You’ is full of solid information that the ‘sheeple’ need to know about.

I first discovered Peter Eyre when he was being interviewed on RT and said:

“I think we have to turn the clock back to the original collapse of the world economy, because this was no accident. It was a very well planned exercise by the New World Order who have the ability to close down any company or country at will…”

[Uploaded on Nov 11, 2011]

It was a complete surprise to me that someone being interviewed on TV news on world affairs used the term ‘New World Order’ and was informing and waking the public to this reality. I was so glad that this man Peter Eyre used the term ‘New World Order’ that no one else dared to use and spit it out!

I then discovered another wonderful man, Neil Keenan, who spoke of the Global Collateral Accounts.

The term ‘Global Collateral Accounts’ is not something one reads anywhere. No one mentions it! Not even the alternative media mentions it. That was what puzzled me. Why doesn’t Alex Jones or James Corbett of the Corbett Report mention the ‘Global Collateral Accounts? Why doesn’t Max Keiser? In other words, was I following something that was just going to turn out to be a chimera – a false trail like that of the OPPT? Having said that, I still felt there was definitley something to this and I couldn’t let go of the subject. Everything Neil Keenan expressed to David Wilcock all seemed to make perfect sense. Why were the other alternative media silent on this?

Until one day while reading Peter Eyre’s blog I came across in his past article of April 2013 under the heading: ‘New World Order – Part 8′ the sentence:

“We are about to experience a “Changing of the Guard” to reclaim control over the Global Collateral Accounts…”

I was knocked over when I read this in his article. Why was I knocked over? Because it was coming from Peter Eyre. I liked his no-nonsense and honest delivery of the truth. He is not a sensationalist but a hard-nosed realist, giving out information and facts that would be distasteful to others.

Even more important, Peter Eyre gave up a comfortable lifestyle in order to do humanitarian work to help others – he always keep referring to the refrain: ‘how can you live with your conscience while watching others suffer?’ This is a man who speaks from the heart, has seen from first hand experience enough pain and suffering of others in other nations that he wants to serve humanity to the best of his ability.


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The fact that Peter Eyre mentioned the term ‘Global Collateral Accounts’ gave further credence that there was indeed a movement in operation to release them and bring them out into public awareness.

Now we have Peter Eyre working together with Neil Keenan, what a blessing! We also have Karen Hudes, 21 years as legal attorney to the World Bank, is working in connection with Neil Keenan. Very good news.

In the interview with Greg Hunter from frame: 13:45 at link below, Karen Hudes is describing the Collateral Accounts.

This was a powerful message. Powerful because Karen Hudes was now saying in simple direct layman’s language for the public to understand and grasp the reality that vasts sums of money are hidden and kept secret from the public!

Imagine if this went around on mainstream media and everyone was aware of this. The public would be demanding why it is that peoples and countries are having to go through ridiculous and painful austerity measures when vast sums of money are available to get them all out of debt?
This all has to become common knowledge. When I mention to others the ‘Global Collateral Accounts’, they think I am talking complete utter nonsense for the simple reason they do not hear this on mainstream news.

This interview was powerful – you can see how it knocked out the interviewer – for the simple reason Karen Hudes is bringing to the attention to the public the reality that vasts sums of money are held in secret vaults and there is corruption and deceit in high places.

It is wonderful and heart warming to know that Peter Eyre, Karen Hudes and Neil Keenan are working together and that they have Jean Haines and her Blog to inform the public.