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December 2, 2012
By Brian K.

The Truth, supported by stone cold evidence revealed in this interview is enough to make even the folks down atRipley’s Believe it or Not, vomit.
Prior to my interview with Teri and Dennis, I was aware of the deception and corruption committed by United States of America Corporation against its own people, but not to the depth and degree that was revealed. So many acts of treason at so many levels. Its difficult to fathom how those behind the development of the system have gotten away with it for so long. The most sickening part is that the perpetrators rub it right in our faces. If they had done it openly, they know we “the people” would not allow it to happen. They expected  us to volunteer to tie ourselves down to the tracks using rope we paid for, to get utterly railroaded. Then they expected us to graciously ask for seconds.
I don’t know about you but I’m done playing that game. Yes, I firmly believe the cavalry is coming and there is a master plan playing out behind the scenes that has a lot of promise in turning things around for this country and the world. Much of which I uncovered in my interview with Poof, for those of you who were lucky enough to hear it, before we had to pull it offline, know exactly what I’m talking about.
But that doesn’t mean we should all sit around twiddling our thumbs waiting for the white knights to come save us. Fact is, the more of us who stand up for what we believe in NOW and speak up for our rights, not only citizens of the United States, but free citizens of the world, the faster we will be able to earn our way into the Golden Age!
If you’re like me and you’re sick of waiting, then lets all do our part now by signing the petition on  website and re-declare our freedom and independence as Americans. It takes two minutes to do your part and make a difference. We need 25,000 signatures by Dec 25, 2012 to garner an official response from the governmen… which is nothing with ALL of your support! Stand up NOW and let your voices be heard!

Petition from the White website:


We The People Now Re-Declare in 2012…. The Declaration of Independence!

This petition is for the purpose of a public Re-Declaration of Independence that declares our Independence from the illegal US Government CORPORATION, thereby RESTORING our organic and lawful united States Government, which puts the illegal US Government CORPORATION and all its illegal BAR association members throughout ALL three branches of government on notice, and establishes a mandate by the Power and Authority of “We the People” for their immediate removal from office as mandated by the authority of the original 13th Amendment.

Created: Nov 24, 2012

Here is the link to sign the petition

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Check out this video

Also, check out this article (mentioned in the interview) on the “Treasonous BAR (British Accredited Registry) Association:

– Brian

Text transcript follows below:

American Kabuki Interview Transcript 

December 2, 2012
Brian K. Interviews Teri Hinkle and Dennis Schuelke
on the 13th Amendment and the International Bar Association.
“Hello everyone, Brian  here from the American Kabuki Ground Crew.  I’m going to be doing an interview today of a few special guests, who will bring on in a moment, but before we get into that, let’s lay a little bit of groundwork here first.”
“I think that most of us are pretty well aware at this point, there’s a lot going on in our world, or at least we think we are, right? Ah, because we know where to find information online and it makes us feel like we’re a step ahead of everyone else who is relying on mainstream media, ah to choke down their daily dose of irrelevant baloney.
It seems like every morning I open my iPad there’s some new monumental development being announced in the blogosphere that has the potential of changing and shifting the way our societies and systems operate on so many different fronts. And I know I speak for any when I say that times it can be a bit overwhelming, there’s so much going on that it’s completely impossible to try to keep up with all of it.
One thing I know for sure is that there is a large population of people out there who are sick of waiting for “it” to happen. Whether “it” is mass arrests, the collapse of the Fed… the redistribution of the world’s wealth… disclosure… whatever your personal “it” might be. I know for me personally, very little can be accomplished from staring at my computer screen for hours on end, admittedly I do that. So the time has come to stop waiting, and start doing. Now, as a matter of fact. That’s why we’re here, doing this call today, to give everyone listening the opportunity to play a part in the shift that is happening it is happening right now in our country and the world.”
“You know, it should be no surprise to learn that, that we the people, quote unquote, have lost the control of this nation which we fought so hard for, when the Declaration of Independence was signed back in 1776. The way things are run in this country now, it’s as if this precious document, which grants every United States citizen, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of, pursuit of happiness does not even exist. You know, let me say this: NOW is the time to take this great country back and restore it to her original glory. You know, where the government works for us, and not the other way around.”
“Now, on Saturday November 24th, a few determined Americans got together and decided to stand up for what they believe in. On the website, which we’ll give out in a little while, there’s a call to action posted which reads “We the people now re-declare in 2012, The Declaration of Independence. This petition is for the purpose of a public re-Declaration of independence that declares our independence from the illegal US Corporation, US Government Corporation, thereby restoring our organic and lawful United States government, which puts the illegal US Government corporation, and all it’s illegal bar association members, throughout all three branches of the government, on notice, and establishes a mandate by the power and authority of We The People for the immediate removal from office as mandated by the authority of the original 13th Amendment.”
“Now, as it stands, at the time of this interview there are currently 2,687 signatures, with about 22,313 signatures needed by December 25th of this year, to reach the goal of 25,000. Throughout this call we will be pledging for everyone’s support, ah, to help reach and, ah, exceed this goal. And with everyone’s support we should be able to pass, to well pass that goal.”
“Now behind the drafting of this petition is one of my guests today, Terri Hinkle. For the last four years Teri has been on a mission to find out where our country has taken a wrong turn.
Ah, her journey has led to some, profound realizations which have sickened her to her core obviously, but simultaneously fueled the fire to turn things around. Now she also spends a great deal of time helping people learn to use the court system, to go after fraudulent lawyers, and debt collectors, and teach people to take their power back.  Welcome to the call, Terri!”
TH:“Well thank you, and I am honored to be here”
B:“Honored to have you here as well. And also here with us we have Dennis Schulke.  Dennis comes from a background of agriculture and manufacturing, mostly in the auto industry. Ah, Dennis brings to the table a great deal of personal experience dealing with, ah, the American legal system, and is author of the newly released book “Attorneys Above The Law”. And welcome to you, Dennis!”
DS: “Thank you Brian, it’s a pleasure to be here.”
B: “Awesome, awesome, thank you Dennis. So to kick off this discussion, um, Terri and Dennis, let’s, actually, Terri, let me, let me ask you what motivated you to put this petition together and, um, if you wouldn’t mind letting us know, who else is involved with this.”
TH: “Well, it all really started last October, I helped to organize and initiate a project, which was to represent all 50 states in the effort to put the entire world on notice that, America, the people of America, and the states within the United States of America are free, independent people, in free and independent Nation States, as our original founding documents established, starting in 1776, and a little before. We did that lawfully and legally and we had a notice of such delivered to The Office of Private International Law at the Hague, January 7th of 2012.”
“And, it’s one thing to make a notice, to put the world on notice, this was not an application… it was not a, a plea for recognition, or anything of the sort, we really don’t care what they think. We simply put the world on notice that we are a free and independent people, we are under the authority, recognize no authority, of any foreign entity, from the US Corporation to the UN, the IMF, NATO, or any other foreign entity on earth.  We recognize the authority of our creator, and our founding documents, and our lawful Constitutional Republic form of government which is outlinee in the Constitution for the United States.”
“Once that was done and completed, I sat back and watched as several groups [that] attempted to hijack the whole thing. There were at least two groups who are claiming that the whole thing was not done correctly. They’re trying to form their own shadow governments, and insist on giving some military orders, and “do this and do that”, and they were missing the mark. And I was just sitting back and watching and waiting for people to realize, what it is that needs to be done!  It’s one thing to declare to the world that we’re free and independent people, but now, just as it was in 1776, it’s time to prove it.”
“So, there, there are no players, per se, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, about a week-and-a-half ago, and all of a sudden it hit me: what had to be done. And, the greatest problem that we faced in this country today is the deliberate division that exists. We are a nation divided on social issues. We are divided by race and ethnicity, by religion, by gender, you name it. If there is any way to divide the people’ it’s deliberately done.”
“But there is one thing, one issue, one concept, that all Americans can agree on, and that is freedom, and liberty. The freedom and liberty to believe as we choose. The freedom and liberty to worship as we choose… to marry as we choose… to live, and work, and pursue happiness as we choose. And that is the one issue that can unite this country.”
“So, the Declaration of Independence is still in the words of Thomas Jefferson as it was written, and enacted July 4th, 1776. The only adjustments are the inclusions of the words “woman”, and “women”. And the identity of the tyrants we are dealing with today, as opposed to the King of England, as it was in Jefferson’s time. The addendum to the Declaration was researched and written by Dennis (Schultze), and other researchers.”
“We have made much of the research materials used to write that document, posted on the Soldier Hugs site, for everyone to read for themselves. We ask that America stand together. It is imperative at this point in history, to take the hand of your neighbor, even should you despise that neighbor, because, your neighbor is an American. Your neighbor has the same thing at stake as you do. Freedom and liberty. Whatever else, whatever other differences you have, can be dealt with later. But I can guarantee you one thing, we can not deal with any problems facing America today, or any problems facing American society today, until we join hands as Americans, and demand the restoration of our freedom and liberty.”
B: “Very good. And we’re gonna be doing, spending some time covering off on how the petition was put together, and the various parts, and what it means. So people can really understand. I think that there’s gonna be a lot of people that have, you know, been made aware that this is out there. But obviously not on the level that we need it to be in order to reach 25,000 signatures. So, what we’re gonna do here in a few moments is, we’re going to kind of pull apart the pieces and figure out really what the intention of the petition, what the intention behind putting it together…and so everyone can really understand the parts and what it means. But, go ahead Terri”
TH: “Before you read that, one thing I had forgotten to say, I have been watching the secessionist petitions, that are up on the site, and they were growing exponentially all week. I was just amazed at the number of people in all fifty states who were speaking out to secede. What these people don’t understand is, is our government seceded from us a long time ago.”
TH:  “But I realized it’s only the voice of the people in unity that can force them to listen. So, they made the rules, on that site, any petition which reaches a minimum number of 25,000 signatures, the White House must respond to it. It is not a goal of just reaching 25,000 signatures, the goal is to let this administration know that more than 300 million Americans are NOT happy.”
B: “Yeah. Exactly… exactly. I know there’s a lot of people out there Terri that really want to know what the plan is, or what could potentially happen, and, and how seriously can it be taken once those 25,000 signatures are met.”
“And, I think a lot of what the petition discusses, it has some statements in there regarding illegalities of the way that our government is currently formed and has transitioned to over the years, since the original Declaration of Independence was signed. I think that that is something, that there’s gonna be a lot of listener’s out there that really want to understand the details of what that means and how it’s gotten to this point. And I think now would probably be a pretty good time to read this article [and] be a good kickoff, ah, to our discussion. So I’m gonna read through it, because this is gonna give us a lot of points that you covered in that petition.”
“This article really makes clear a lot of those points so that we can, we can begin to work with that. And, the, the title of the article says “Treasonous Bar”: (BAR Stands for Accredited Registry), so it’s “Treasonous Bar Association” and, it reads: [“All Americans need to be introduced to the Treasonous International Bar Association. In its role as a dual membership organization, comprising 16,000 individual lawyers and 180 Bar Associations and Law Societies, the International Bar Association (IBA) influences the development of international law reform and shapes the future of the legal profession. Its Member Organizations cover all continents and include the American Bar Association, the German Federal Bar, the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations, the Law Society of Zimbabwe and the Mexican Bar Association.
The IBA, based in London, states it works to promote, protect and enforce human rights under a just rule of law, and to preserve the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession worldwide. If one believes this, then he or she must also believe in non-democratic governance. If the law is left to any special elitist groups, then imperialism will result no matter how noble their stated intentions may be.
Americans currently live in a fearless, nameless, and decentralized bar associations kingship. Their dictatorship has derailed the rule of law and has rendered the People helpless. They have been lawyered to subject submission by this subtle yet sinister totalitarianism. Moreover, these unacceptable associations which desire to internationalize their aristocratic clutches are affiliated with the unelected International Bar Association. The IBA obviously does not need to respect The Bill Of Rights.
The IBA is the foulest form of the New World Order. Concerns about the Illuminati, the Bilderbergs, and The Council Of 300 need to be momentarily cast aside. This Association is actively seeking conquest of the entire world’s legal system like thieves in the night and priests during the day. All three government branches and all its personnel must serve the People only. One cannot have two masters. One cannot have a spouse and a whore and expect to receive credit as a good spouse. All Americans pledge their allegiance solely to this nation and its republic under God.
These conflicting loyalties of lawyers, is the gravest threat yet to the liberty and security of all citizens. This collaboration is treacherous, traitorous, and wholly destructive of representative self-rule. This complicity is still another a despicable crime, taken to the next level, against the Constitution and the People. The voices and genuine rights of the individual are one the verge of being drowned by this nexus. The three branches of government will soon no longer need the consent of Americans to operate. Please review for more information.
Bar is an acronym for British Accredited Registry or British Accredited Regency. A young M. Gandhi, an Indian subject of the British Empire, passed the Bar Exam in 1893 to become a Bar attorney and member. So a question that has to be asked is why American legal professionals belong to an organization with a foreign name. Another question, which requires an answer, is why lawyers are called esquires despite the Constitutional ban on Titles Of Nobility.
All laws should no longer be written exclusively by attorneys, in “legalese”. They should be written by non-judicial advocates in plain English. Also judges and prosecutors should be banned from belonging to organizations comprising only of judicial advocates due to obvious conflict of interest.
Very Truly Yours, Harsha Sankar]”
“Wow! That paints a pretty vivid picture now, doesn’t it?”
TH: “That paints… (chuckles ironicallly)… yeah, it paints disaster. And that is exactly what has happened to our country. And, uh..”
DS: “And the words “being unelected” to the National Bar Association just jump out at you.”
TH: “It certainly does.”
B: “So, so….so what does…let’s, let’s break this down, I mean, what’s this talking about for anybody that, that…um…isn’t familiar…you know, let’s, let’s start from here. The first statement on the, um, ah, the petition it reads: “This petition is for the purposes, an, for the purpose of the republic re declaration of independence that declares our independence from the illegal US Government Corporation. And that obviously ties into what we are talking about here, but, ah, what is it that makes the US Government Corporation illegal for anybody that, that hasn’t made that determination already, um, on their own?”
TH: “Well, you know, that is outlined IN The Constitution. And, I have to say to all the people out there that, the actual organic Constitution of The United States, is a very short document. It wouldn’t take you ten minutes to read it. And, not very long to memorize it. And everyone should.”
“But in Article Four, Section Three, I’m sorry…Section Four, Section Four is one paragraph, and I’m going to read to you what it says in our Constitution.  “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a republic form of government. It shall protect each of them against invasion, and on application of the legislature, or of the executive when legislature can not be convened, against domestic violence.”
“Now, it does NOT say the United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a corporation form of government. Everyone must stop and think: can you be a citizen of a corporation?  Of course not. Corporations don’t have citizens. A corporation is a business. A corporation can only have two things: employees, and inventory. So you have got to ask yourself, which of those are you? Because, right now, the US Government is a for profit corporation. That is proven.  That is irrefutable. You can look it upon Dun & Bradstreet [DUNS ID used commerce -AK]. The Congress is listed as a corporation. Each branch is listed as a separate corporation. Even the Supreme Court, your state governments, your local governments all of them are listed as a corporation. As a matter of fact, last time I looked Congress is listed as a corporation under Nancy Pelosi.   If that doesn’t scare you!”
“So, you’ve got to ask yourself which are you? That corporation’s employee, or it’s property? And every one of the governmental, so called government departments under it… define what you are. Most specifically, The Department of Human Resources.
I guarantee you folks that does not stand for resources for human beings.  What it means is what it says. You are considered a human resource. Just like water, like gold,  and coal, and energy, agriculture, lands.  You are property, chattel. To be traded on the open markets. You are owned. You are a slave to that corporation. That is why it is illegal. Our Constitution clearly says we are guaranteed a republic form of government that is not a corporation. “
B: “How do they, how do they get to this point? Terri, I mean, you know, the Declaration of Independence drafted in 1776 is a pretty eloquently put together, fairly profound and precise document that states a whole lot of our rights in clear English, in black and white. What got us to the point where we’re now dealing with what we’re dealing with, now? And it’s gotten to be as bad as it has, I mean, where…”
TH: “You see part of the problem is that the average American is lied to in school, we have been for more than 100 years. And they are taught that we live in a democracy. We do not. Our founders deliberately made sure that they were not creating a democracy. They created a Constitutional Republic. And there’s a great difference between those two ideologies.”
“But also, they are taught that the Constitution is the law of the land. It is not. The Constitution, and you don’t need to take my word for it, you need to just go pick up a copy of it. Google “The US Constitution” and read it again with, with different eyes. It is a list of rules and regulations passed by the people that governs the Federal Government.  It is a negative document. It is a list of the things they can not do.  That is what the Bill of Rights is. And, the language itself tells you that. In the First Amendment it starts out with “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, and so on. It starts right out with it that Congress shall not do this, shall not do that…can not do this, and can not do that. These are the limited things that they are allowed to do, and they have no jurisdiction over you.”
“Congress, the Federal Government, the three branches of the Federal Government have no jurisdiction outside the ten-mile square of Washington DC, the Constitution actually says ten-mile square of wherever Congress decides to, ah, place the seat of Federal Government. They also have jurisdiction over the territories which are not states such as, Puerto Rico, the Maldives [this is incorrect – the Maldives are former British colony in the Indian Ocean, now an independent republic ruled by a Sultanate –AK], The Virgin Islands, etc.”
“The only time they have jurisdiction over you is by your consent. So we’re tricked into giving consent. We don’t realize that, that we’re doing that, by the various documents that we’re tricked into signing. Like birth certificates, social security cards and things like that.”
“But, the major way they did it, was by hiding and keeping hidden the original 13th Amendment to The Constitution. Now, back in 1843, I did get my hands on a textbook in the public schools at that time, it was published in 1842, and it was being used in the public schools in 1843, and on page 211 in that book, it is printed the US Constitution, and the 13th Amendment.”
“Now within the US Constitution, there is a nobility clause, which bars any elected official in the US Federal Government, from being, having allegiance to a foreign king, or a potentate, or having a title of nobility.”
“Which is why our President is not called a king. Um, he is, he is a President. He is elected by the people. So they passed the 13th Amendment to clarify and further strengthen the nobility clause in the Constitution. And I think Brian’s got a copy of it right now, so if you would like to read what, the language…”
B: “Of the 13th Amendment?”
TH: “…of the 13th Amendment, says, yeah.”
B: “I actually don’t have that. Dennis, do you have that?”
TH: “Dennis should have it.”
DS: “I sure do.”
TH: “OK”
DS: “It reads: “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emoluments of any kind, whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust, trust, or profit, under them, or either of them.”
“And I would like to expound for everyone, the definition of the word… the old English word… “emoluments”, it is the compensation, gain, or profit arising from an office, or employment.”
B: “Wait, we don’t do that, do we?” (laughs). “So…so, what does that mean for the way things have been going things, I mean the way politics is ran today?”
DS: “I tell you what, I might, I might interject in here, and… you asked earlier before what the difference between the original Declaration of Independence of this nation, 1776, July 4th is, from what we currently have. Going back to the original, it again was targeted against the king of Britain… And, within that,  there’s words, termed, starting with “oligarchy”.  They say that the, the man… the king of Britain was, at formed, was called an oligarchy. A form of government which supreme power is restricted to a few persons, and of persons exercise such power.”
“And then, they go on and use words like: “usurpation”, which is like the unlawful seizure of your, of sovereign power. Now within this original Declaration, should it be no surprise that it’s listed as one of the usurpations, or kind of complaints if you will, is they complained to the king for quote: “imposing taxes on us without our consent.”
“And for depriving us in many ways of the benefits of trial by jury. And that’s where, if you don’t mind, Brian, I would like to introduce my background and my personal experience with such a usurpation, as such an experience is what drilled me to write a book entitled “Attorneys above the Law”.
“Now, what we have in the current modern-day United States, is, we have a total out of control government. We have a situation where we have usurpations in masses of numbers. We can certainly say, and feel, that we have an oligarchy that has been formed!  Instead of the king of Britain, we have a privileged lawyer class that is at the helm, that has formed an oligarchy, and who exercises such powers, such supreme powers…”
“And that’s where this whole underlying movement in my opinion has drawn traction. It has, what we have again is no real key players, we just have the sentiment of literally an extremely large going sentiment of a significant make up of the population of this nation, that when we all sit down together, and think about this, and get pinpointed in the right direction, where has our out of control government come from? Why is this happening? Why do we have a runaway national deficit that just seems to be a mere defamatory joke..or just passed off in the form of taxes to the citizenry?”
“This is what’s bringing everyone together Brian, and this is why a new declaration has been targeted, at a new privileged lawyer class, that certainly in our opinion, and I think we have ample evidence, that has formed this oligarchy.”
B: “Well how, how did the lawyers get to the point where they could obtain control of all three branches of the government? I mean to me personally, it’s obvious here throughout the entirety of this conversation that the Declaration of Independence, when changes are made and laws are put in place, they don’t even take it into consideration…. the determination whether things are legal or not. And there’s no one to hold them to the standards, and that’s pretty obvious that’s what you and Terri….. which I hugely support.  I know there’s many people out there as well, that, …[are]… trying to hold these people to the standards to the way the law was written, because it’s completely and totally disregarded at this point.”
DS: “Yes, it is.  And how did this all come to play? You know the 13th Amendment, the original 13th Amendment to The Constitution, we go back in history, and we look at the formation, of the fundamentals of it… you know, it was back around the 1789 to 91 time frame, and yes, that is in the Constitution of the United States today.  Yet, you go to Article One, Section Nine, the last paragraph, and it talks about titles of nobility right there. And, what it does, it lays the basic provisions for it, and recognition of the titles of nobility.”
“However it really doesn’t have the meat and potatoes into what to do to someone if they, if they choose to violate it. Because it reads: “no title of nobility shall be granted by the United States (colon), and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them shall without the consent of Congress accept any present, emolument, office or title of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state. What it does not have there, is the violation penalty of ceasing to be a citizen of the United States.”
“That’s why, a Maryland senator, back in history, around 1810, Phillip K Reed, proposed the 13th Amendment, with the meat and potatoes of the penalty of violating it. And stating that you shall lose your United States citizenship and you shall never hold an office of trust or profit ever again. That, that dear friends, was proposed at that time, 1810, and it passed United States Federal Representatives 87 to 3. They obviously felt that strongly. “
B: “Well”
DS: “Then..”
B: “Well, go ahead I’m just wondering of in the history since then has anybody lost their citizenship as a result of that being enacted?”.
DS: “I’m not aware of any…..”
TH: “I don’t know, I am not aware..[of any]… because it wasn’t long before they really really tried to hide it. It was yanked from the school books.  It was yanked from states records. Although there are entry of documents available still that have been discovered of irrefutable proof that it was both written and ratified, and enacted, and taught in the schools. But it has successfully been hidden all this time.”
“And for, and for those who don’t understand how a privileged lawyer class and titles of nobility tie together, it’s that BAR Association, and what BAR stands for: British Accredited Registry or Regency.
B: “Yeah. You know, and that’s a good part, that a good point, I know there’s a lot of people on the internet claiming that they haven’t heard and solid proof that the American Bar is controlled by Britain. I imagine that this is something that both of you could probably speak to. But what kind of proof do have that that actually is the case?”
TH: “That, that is easy to find. Umm..your library, go to your library and look it up. Your librarian can help you. There is a wealth of information online, all you have to do is Google it, actually. …it’s written everywhere. That article, that article that you read when we first started this show..”
B: “Sure”
TH: “…that guy obviously had done his research, and had no trouble finding it, either. There is a wealth of information out there. And once again, never, ever take our word for it. For anything.”
B: “Of course”
TH: “You need to do your own due diligence. You need to do your own research, and your own searching, so that you know that things are a fact, for you. Not just because we tell you that.”
B: “Yeah… absolutely. That’s a really important part because all the information you need to find out all this stuff on your own is out there, and it’s out there in mass. Especially…”
TH: “Right, and it’s not about… This entire effort is not about me. It is not about Dennis, or any of the other people. I had a whole group of people who worked very, very hard last week to help me get this all put together.     To be put up on the, ah, site, and there is also a website where you can go and actually sign and ratify your Declaration of Independence. So that your names are on there in perpetuity. You know, in perpetuity, 50 or 100 years from now your children or your grandchildren or great, great grandchildren can look back and see your name on that document. It is in both places. And we’ll, give you the links to where to go and sign, I’m sure, before we end the show today.”
B: “Yeah.”
TH: “But it’s not about them. Nobody, absolutely nobody on this planet should be taking credit for this. Because this is about looking in the mirror and identifying that leader within yourself. There’s no army coming. There’s no cavalry, no white knights. The military is not going to step in, and save what we have so willingly given away… by our laziness, our apathy, and our addiction to the mind control machine that sits in our living room.”
“It is up to the people. The only leaders that can turn this around and can save this country are the ones you see in your mirror. And once you go, and you sign that declaration, and you sign that petition to let these people in Washington know under our Constitution, and our Founding Documents, We The People are the boss. We are not the slaves and they are the slave owners.  It’s the other way around. They work for us. We put them there, we can take them out of there. But not until the people speak. And the people must speak in unity. And they must speak loudly. It’s time for the silent majority to put away it’s silence.”
B: “Yeah. I couldn’t agree with you more, Terri, and that’s really why I agreed to sign up and do this talk today is because for every me and you there are, you know there are hundreds and thousands more out there that know that things gotten pretty hairy and that things… there’s a lot of injustices being done from the end of our government. And, I’m unfortunately have [to believe that] a lot of people are aware of that fact. And, not a lot of people that are taking action because for whatever reason they might think that, you know, they are just one person and what can they do? But, you know, I’ve come to the realization, and at this point in my life, that if everybody agreed to get rid of that attitude and signed on to let their voice be heard, the power in numbers can go a very long way.  You know… let me just give you an example of….”
TH:  “Everything is a numbers game in this, in this life.”
B: “Yeah”
TH: “Everything.  You asked the question earlier, and I’d like to go back to that for just a moment….”
B: “Sure”
TH: “You asked… ”how do we know, that it’s a fact, that  the, privileged lawyer class is controlling all the, all three branches of the government?” And Dennis has said to me several times, and he is so incredibly right, the evidence is just right in front of your face.  They just love to put things right in front of our face and then they just laugh and laugh when we don’t get it.”
“But, here we have two parties, Republicans and Democrats, our founders told us over and over and over and over again if you go back and read the words of our founders, and the Federalist Papers, there’s a really good place to go, the anti-Federalist Papers, the words of our founders, they warned us against ever becoming a two-party country.  Because when you have a two-party country you really have 2 sides of the same coin.  And the best evidence of that is the 2 candidates who were at opposition in this last election.  Both of them:  Havard Law School Graduates.  Two lawyers to choose from.  Our Supreme Court, every one of them: are ex-lawyers.  Our Congress: there are a few in there that are not bar card attorneys, or at least were… there’s a few doctors here and there… but most of them are bar card attorneys.”
“You don’t need to look for to find the evidence that the elite lawyer class is literally controlling and running everything. They are legislating from the bench they are legislating by public policy, they now run our courts on the color of law, instead of law.  They claim that whether you are right or wrong, as far as the law is concerned, you can be completely innocent of a crime, but because they have gotten society to accept whatever they say instead of the law, we are now ruled under public policy, so you will find yourself serving a prison term, because you disagreed with society.  Not because you broke a law.”
“We have hundreds of thousands of people sitting in prisons today for non-crimes.  Under our original form of law, (what is supposed to be the law in this country, common law), there can be no crime if there is no injured party, a living flesh and blood human being, having been harmed. If there has been no harm to a living human being, there has been no crime.  How many people are sitting in prison for imagined crimes that don’t exist?  Like “paper terrorism” for instance….”
B: “Hmm…so here’s a question for you. What does society look like when this system is righted and is ran the way it is supposed to as compared to the backwards way it’s put together right now?”
TH: “That’s when the people have a voice again.  And when we have lawful elections, with paper ballots. And people with nobility titles and allegiance to foreign entities…, and it’s not just the BAR… the UN has  no authority within this country.  And should have no authority.  Our Constitution forbids it. Or any other foreign entity.   Once the privileged lawyer class is gone, and we make the people aware that you can’t just pretend that one of the Bill of Rights doesn’t exist…That’s like saying, well… and they are trying to do it right now, ‘it’s not convenient for us for the people to have Freedom of Speech so we’ll just pretend it isn’t there.’”
B:  “hmmm…”
TH: “Does pretending the First Amendment doesn’t exist strip you of your right to Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion?  No”
B: “(sighs)…no…you got it right there”
TH: “The Bill of Rights is a list of things they CAN NOT TAKE FROM YOU! Why?  Those are the rights endowed by your Creator.  You are born with the same rights as a groundhog.  And yet, this corporate government is telling you, you can not live as free as a groundhog.”
B: (laughter)
TH:  “Man can not take that which God endows…”
B: “Yeah…Dennis did you have something to say there?”
TH:  “Unless you elect them….”
DS:  “Yeah, you mentioned the Federalist Papers earlier, and….there was a gal by the name of Mary E. Webster, who has a book out titled “The Federalist Papers, Modern Edition 2” , and she’s a translator/editor and spent, ah… I actually called and spoke with her myself, this gal spent four years reading the original Federalist Papers, and understanding and ascertaining what is in those.”
“And I’m gonna…. I want to read you a section here, she talks about the ‘separation of powers maintains liberty’.  And quotation: “A government becomes a tyranny when one person, or a group of people holds all the government’s powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary.  It doesn’t matter it the government is a monarchy, a dictatorship, or a democratic republic.  Therefore, if a new Constitution mixes power in a way that could lead to one branch taking over the powers of the other branches, it should be rejected. “ (end of quote)
“And Terri just reminded everyone, for probably those that maybe didn’t even know for the first time, that this last presidential election, for example, was between two Harvard Law University graduates.  And I’m sorry if I missed it, but I watched the bulk of the Presidential debates, and never once did I hear it come out of the questions to those candidates anything about their background or their qualifications to become President of the United States, and that executive branch.  And I would like to remind everyone a quotation from James Madison, the father known as the original Constitution.  He says, quote: “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, whether hereditary or self-appointed or elected may justly be announced the very definition of tyranny” (unquote).
TH: “Yes, and you know I mentioned earlier that our founders tried extremely hard to avoid a democracy.  There was a reason for that.  They were very learned men, they were historians, they were attempting to forge a new nation, of free people, and they didn’t have crystal balls, they couldn’t look into the future (although it’s quite frightening when you read the words of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, how explicitly it describes exactly what we are suffering today in this nation), but there were several philosophers, ancient philosophers, that our founders studied and relied upon when they were looking for the proper form of government to insure the lasting existence of self rule, and freedom and liberty.”
“And, one of those was Cicero. He lived, in around the time of 42 BC, in Rome.  And one of his quotes he said that I am very fond of,  I use [it] as a signature in my email. I’d like to share it: “A nation cannot survive treason from within.  The traitor wears the face of his victims and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.  He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly.  He infects the body politic so that it can no longer exist or resist.  A murderer is less to be feared”-Cicero.
B: “Wow.  (clears throat) That sums it all up right there, doesn’t it?”
TH: “It does”
B: “I at this point, what I really want to do, I really want to make sure that everybody knows, I want to get a couple of statements before we even go there…, I know there has been some concern about when people were signing the petition, putting their information into the website.  Terri, you want to speak to that for a moment?”
TH: “Yeah.  When you, when you go there, you do have to sign up, and you only have to give your name and your email address.  You don’t even have to… I don’t think I even had to say what state I was in… but your name and your email address is the only information your gonna give.  And the reason for this is so that we don’t get people going in there and signing 40 or 50 times, the way they’re allowed to vote for President these days.”
DS: (chuckles) “Good point, Terri.”
TH: “Yeah, exactly.  And that it really is a living human being and that it’s not going in there and signing all the names of the people on the headstones in your local cemetery.  Which, by the way, was done during the election as well.  And they will send you a confirmation email with a link on it.  And you need to click on that link so that your signature gets counted.”
“Once you sign that petition, that generates a confirmation email, and you need to go into that, look for that email when it comes in, and just click the confirmation, and your petition signature gets counted. Same is true when you sign the actual document itself over on the site, they have a confirmation, also.  We want the voice of the people, the real voice of the people, not the voice of a bunch of dead people in the cemetery… or one person trying to scream louder than everyone else.  I think we’ve had enough of that in this country.”
“Do not be afraid. I’ve had people say, “Well I’m not gonna go, sign up at the White house petition site because then they are gonna put me on a list, and round me up for a FEMA camp.  Well, let me tell ‘ya something people.  First of all with the installment of the FUSION centers, and if you don’t know what those are you better get to Googling, with the installment of the FUSION centers, government buying out and taking over sites like Facebook, and Skype,  and Yahoo, and Google, they know more about you than you even know about yourself.  They know details about you you’ve forgotten. There’s nothing that you can put on that site that they don’t already have. And all you’re giving is your name and email address to confirm your’e an individual signing that petition.  Nobody’s coming to round you up unless they were planning to do that already. And this is the idea to stop all of these plans from happening.”
“The other comment that I get, and I can understand it, we now have, almost half, ah 47% of our entire population is now dependent on public assistance of one form or another.  And I have gotten the comment: “Oh, I can’t go sign that because I might lose my food stamps, or I might lose this or that”.  Well… in the first place that’s not going to happen, just because you sign a petition, but you really do need to stop and think.”
“Now, I am the first to admit, and everybody who knows me really well knows I’m a writer and I’m a wiz with words, but I am a mathematical moron.  That whole left side of my brain is a black hole of cow pudd. There’s nothing in it.  I’m not kidding you.  If it wasn’t for calculators, I couldn’t be sure that 2 and 2 was gonna equal 4 each time.  But I can do this math.  There are quite a few states, and I saw this very disturbing report on, on the Squawkbox News the other night, there are quite a few states now that currently have more of their populations on public assistance than they have of the working population.  Now, it doesn’t take rocket science, or a calculator for me to figure out that that is not sustainable.  Somebody must pay for those benefits that you get.  And you may need them really bad right now, but sooner or later, when there are not enough people working, for the government to steal the money from them, that they give to you.”
“Because government cannot provide anything that it doesn’t steal from someone else. Government doesn’t make money, to put into the entitlement programs.  Government seizes money from those who are working to put into the entitlement programs.  So do the math yourself.  Two more points, I said 47%, 3 more percentage points, and it’s over, people. There’s no way that there’s enough people paying in to sustain what’s going out.  It is not sustainable.  So, within the next 1 or 2 years, if something very drastic does not happen, to restore the economy, and the free market, and jobs in this country… there’s not going to be any entitlement programs because there will be nobody paying into it.”
B:  “So therein lies the reason to take action on this, Yes?”
TH: “Absolutely, I would say 1 to 2 years before the whole thing absolutely [falls apart], IF it even lasts that long.  Ah, at the rate that we’re going, on the national debt alone, ah, I don’t see how… you know… and they’re talking about this “fiscal cliff” which is ridiculous. But, you know, I don’t even see how it’s going to sustain itself for another year.”
“So if you’re worried about losing your assistance… you’re gonna lose it anyway.  If you don’t stand up with the rest of America and help us do something about it!  Because people, those of you on assistance because you can’t find a job, that is not your fault.  And thank God that assistance is there… for the moment.  But it can’t last.  It’s not sustainable.  And all of you would rather be working. There simply isn’t any jobs to be had.  But there are plenty of Americans, disabled Americans, who absolutely must rely on that. They are going to be the worst of the victims when everything collapses.  Because they’re not capable of standing with the rest of us, and working to build, to put it back.”
“Another thing is all you people out there on Social Security.  Don’t let this out-of-control government tell you that’s an entitlement program!  That was an insurance policy.  You need to go back and read the history of the Social Security Administration, where it came from, how it came about.  And it is not an entitlement program.  You have paid into that your entire lives.  That is your money.  THAT is not money stolen from others, you paid into it.  So I have an issue with that.  But nevertheless, they’ve drained it. And that’s going to collapse, too.  So, you know, there’s not some kind of magic ‘entitlement fairy’ coming up over the hill to keep these programs going.  When the money runs out, there’s not enough jobs to sustain the taxes that they’re demanding, well, where’s the money coming from?  For these checks, and the food stamps, and, and all the other entitlements?  It just isn’t there.”
B:  “Yeah, you know, Terri, Terri, there’s gonna be a lot of people listening to this call that truly believe, with all of their heart and soul that there’s some kind of help along the way.  That, that we’re moving toward a brighter future, and, and I’m one of those people. However I do realize about the importance of taking action when there is something in front of me that needs to be done. And, to, to put a signature on a petition is a 2 minute process. I did it. It’s going out to everyone on my social media.  It’s going out to all of my email lists, and really, I would implore everybody listening to do the same thing.  Because it doesn’t take a whole lot of time and this is a movement. It’s not the end of all of our troubles and woes…”
TH: “It’s a beginning”
B: “But it’s at least a move in a positive direction with the voice of 25,000 people and MORE, we have the ability to be heard as a collective .  And…”
TH: “Well, and I can guarantee one thing.  Our unlawful, out of control, corporation government will take no steps to correct their ways.  Until the people force them to.  As long as they can keep us divided and distracted… paying attention to issues with have nothing to do with government, social issues that are just idiotic, when our whole nation is collapsing. For us to be paying attention to social issues and being divided by race, and by religion and, and culture.  As long as they can maintain that division, they don’t have to do anything we tell them to do because our voices are not strong enough.”
“And the one thing that I can guarantee:  when you give power, to anyone, they will never willingly give it back.  You must take it.  And the only way we can take our country back is by uniting, and letting our voices be heard.  Loudly.  To where they have to pay attention.”
B: “Hmm… there you go. Dennis, any, any thoughts on that?”
DS:  “Yes sir.  To do nothing is a most certain death to this once great republic.  Acting in unison throughout this country will unite this financially and morally sinking Titanic sized nation to address the single most important issue facing this nation.  That’s hiding truth.  For example, ask to see a recent copy of a lawyer’s retainer agreement.  To witness firsthand a statement of their disclaimer guarantee.  So nothing in their statements will be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome of their representation.  They claim their matters are expressions of opinion only.  I call this an ‘apathetic cop-out clause”.   How many other business in the United States carry such a lucid, disparagingly profound disingenuous  intention to conduct their operations. So adverse to the integrity of their very mission.”
“This, this ought to be a disgrace to any American business, let alone a so called legal profession. So how does this, how does this lead to where, you know, we have, a notice in today’s paper, in Tennessee, Nashville,  they have a financier that was sentenced in a 200 million dollar swindle con job in which, you know, his deceit and greed, and arrogance cost many of his victims their life savings and dreams of a comfortable retirement.  You know, he actually got caught, and is spending 50 years in prison, by a judge.  And, interesting this is, the judge even made a comment quote: ‘There are some who have suggested sentences that might have been imposed in medieval times, that I won’t mention here. ‘ end quote.  And apparently, the victims in the court, and I have to say, this man was a financier.  You, we’re not hearing the evidence that was squelched by the media.”
“I was recently down in Miami, Florida, and I learned about from the Miami News, the Miami Herald Newspaper, I learned of a man name Scott Roltstein who is on the State Judicial Commission and the Florida BAR Grievance Committee.  Oh, he was caught serving, he got a 50 year sentence now for orchestrating a 1.2 BILLION dollar investment scam involving the sale of fabricated legal settlements.”
“And this we have to say, folks, let’s take a look outside the media, and the mainstream, and all the newspapers and so forth, are hiding, and coveting about what’s going on with this privileged lawyer class.  In my particular example, I was offered $700 to sign a gag order, and not talk to anyone other than other lawyers, of course, or accountants, if necessary.”
“Well how does it lead us to a usurpation and a second one in this addendum that, by the way, it wasn’t just my [ideas], I had my input into this thing.  Again it was a collection of other people, but it kind of reads like this.  ‘Under the current system of attorney lawyer control, the lawyer class resists truthful facts or behavior as being either right or wrong and accepts only winning or losing outcomes.  Exempting any notion of legal or illegal behavior.  With little or no regard for law, attorney lawyers are only interested in exacting extravagant payment for their service, win or lose.  The declining values that follow this quote “mindset” unquote are soon reflected in how we are governed, and in the very nature of morality of the American culture.”
“I have to absolutely ask people… please shift… make a paradigm shift in your thinking… and beliefs.”
“We don’t hear these things in the paper because it’s squelched.  It’s quailed.  Attorneys don’t like to be focused in the limelight of things.  This is why the state BAR is literally done, all done in secrecy.  They don’t live in glass houses when people make their complaints to the state BARS. It’s not easily readily [available] to the public, and many times most all of it is unavailable to the public.  If citizens have complaints against lawyers or judges they themselves are squelched and quelled.   And that’s why we are absolutely fed up with this, this privileged lawyer class.  They think they are immune to prosecution.  They think they are immune to the very 7th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, common law.”
“Why don’t we see more lawyers like this that are getting hammered?  Because, you know, the ironic thing is you can go up and down any street literally in any city across this great nation and you can ask one simple question: ‘Do lawyers lie?’ HECK YES! We all know that!  But they occupy all three layers of government.  They’re lawyers, liars, sorry, to me the only difference is the pronunciation.”
B: (chuckles) “Yeah.  I think this is probably a good part to let people know where they go to sign the petition.”
TH:  “The easiest, ah, the easiest way to find that petition, because the link is so long, is to go to…you don’t need WWW, just type into your browsers: petitions (plural)…petitions dot whitehouse (all one word, whitehouse) dot gov forward slash petitions. That’s petitions dot whitehouse  dot gov forward slash petitions.  And when you scroll down all the petitions are listed under there.  And you’ll scroll down until you come to, …let me see if I can find it here… it says ‘We the people now re declare in 2012 the Declaration of Independence”.  That is the correct petition.”
B:  “Got it.  I see a short link here too, Terri, on, that I use to go to it it’s just  thehttp:\\\IIKC for a short one.
TH:  “OK, that’s a good one, too.”
B:  “So we’ll go ahead and we’ll put the links onto the American Kabuki site, and my hope is that any bloggers that reblog American Kabuki they put this on their blog.  And we light a little fire under the movement. And 25,000 when you take into consideration all of the people that understand and truly believe that things aren’t right and they want to make a difference.  25,000 is not a lot to ask for.”
TH:  “Well no, and especially when you consider that the number of people who have signed the secession petitions, as of today, is…. let me see what’s going on here… I’m, I’m refreshing that… 865,043.”
B: “Yeah.  Wow”
TH:  “That’s a big boy.  OK.  We don’t need to leave our country, we need to take it back.”
B:  “Absolutely. Absolutely.”
DS:  “We need to fix it”.
B: (laughs) “Well it’s time to take action, and if anybody listening to this is resonating with all the facts at this point.  All this information and everything we’ve covered can be found online. It’s all over the place.  Let this be a wake up call to you that your voice does matter. And for everybody that signs this petition, and forwards it along to their networks it’s gonna make a really big difference and create a really huge impact with where this can go.”
“I mean, I know just from looking there was, they put out a petition to for the cease fire between Palestine and Israel, and it got 1.8 million signatures on it.  And the Palestinian delegate to Europe, her quote was, which was put out on their site… was “Avaaz and it’s members across the world have played a crucial role in persuading governments to support the Palestinian people’s bid for state and for freedom and peace.  They have stood with us throughout, and their solidarity will be remembered and cherished across Palestine.”  And that is the General Palestinian Delegate to Europe named Leila Shahid.  So this is just an example of the difference that can be made when people speak up and let their voices be heard and stand behind a cause that they believe in.”
“So at this point we have the same opportunity to do that now.  So, Terri, if you have anything, or Dennis if you have anything else that you would like to add to the [discussion in  closing here, because I know that we are running a little bit over an hour. If you want to add anything, now is definitely the time.  And I really hope that everybody that has an opportunity to listen to this realize that their voice does matter, and it is time to stand up to this, and do your part, as an individual.”
DS: “Absolutely.  Brian, I tell you what, I’d like people to stop for just one minute and think about controlling results and consequences of lawyers in all three branches of government. Let’s start and just thinking about patents.  Who controls patents in the United States?  Patents are the key to unlocking the future, innovativeness, and new creativity. And getting new conc.. [unclear comment]  where we can compete all around the globe. Lawyers are controlling that!  How did that ever get to that point? You want to unlock creativity, and get manufacturing and creativity going?  I’ll make a simple suggestion, ban lawyers from controlling the patenting process and make it FREE for a few years.  Let’s say just 24 months, and watch the result.  They’re too expensive to apply for anymore.  You wonder why we don’t have any new jobs and new creativity going on in America?  Ban lawyers from the patent process.”
“We also have about 15 million lawsuits, that’s 15 million lawsuits filed annually in the United States.  So, 15 million lawsuits are filed?  That means at any one time you literally have 30 million Americans involved in lawsuits.  And we also know that many of those are multi year, lingering long, lawsuits.  We have personal injury… product liability lawsuits, general liability lawsuits from A to Z.  And at the end of our lives, when it’s basically all said and done, who’s waiting in the wing, licking their chops to get ahold of all of those probate…”
TH: “Yeah… remember… that, one lawsuit every two seconds”
DS: “That’s right”
B: “Huh!”
DS:  “Now, now we also need to think about the build up of lawyers in the United States.  In 1950, we had about a 1,000 of them in Washington DC.  Think there’s not a correlation to what it is, now?  In 1975, it was 11,000.  By 1990’s the numbers had bloomed to approximately 65,000.  By December ‘09, the numbers had grown to over 80,000.  Representing over 15% of the entire population of DC.  America now has about 1.2 million lawyers.  And ‘lawsuit factories’, or I should say ‘colleges’, are turning out about another 40,000 lawyers annually. You know, that gives, that gives us about one lawyer for every 250 citizens.   Versus the rest of the world has about 1 for every 24,000!”
“And, should there be any direct link, you think, between all of the defensive medicine costs that doctors are charging up rampantly.  We’re all complaining and feeling the effects of the pain of increased insurance medical premiums across this nation.  Do you think there’s not a correlation between all this, folks? Well… there is.  And it’s time that we start recognizing this.”
“But there’s a simple solution:  for us to all unite, ban together for what our forefathers put together on this original 13th Amendment to our Constitution that has been eloquently buried, and hid, and kept from us until now.  And all I can say is thank God, and all those people that dug in the archives, and put this information together, and people like Terri, that are helping to back this, and Brian, yourself, to help get this out.  Because the other countries outside the United States… will most assuredly recognize… Americans from within recognize themselves… we have a problem, and we the people must deal with it.”
“If we can get this done and established, oh Lord, my experience, and my 11 year memoir in my book that I documented in “Attorneys Above the Law”, I hope it doesn’t come to fruition for more, other people, but you could be the next victim.  You really don’t realize it… but you already are the victims. All these increases of taxes… the tax consequences… it’s nothing new.  It’s just the same usurpation as what went on in the original Declaration of Independence.  But we obviously don’t have… we aren’t run by THE king of Britain at that time, but we certainly can recognize it’s this privileged law class that has taken over all three branches of government, silently and quietly.  But it’s time to start bringing the light to the surface. And thanks guys for coming on board and helping this afternoon.”
TH: “And all I’ve got to say is remember who you are America.  Look in the mirror, know who you are.  And remember, your rights are granted by your Creator, at birth.  There is no flesh-and-blood human being, lawyer, judge, cop, president, congressman, or senator, who has the right to tell you how to live… what you can eat… what you can drink… where you can go… how you must work… what job you must have… what your future is… what your children’s future is… how to raise your children.  Those people do not have the right to make those decisions for you.  Band together, stand up, and declare who you are.  A free, and independent American.  And thank you so much for listening to us this evening.”
B: “Excellent”
DS: “Brian, I would like to say one more thing, please just stop and think about distilling the just punishment for the critical violation of the most huge and important amendment in the history of the United States of America.  That being the just punishment, the loss of United States citizenship, and the ability to never hold an office of trust, again, if you’re caught.  Think about it.”
B: “Excellent.  Great closing.  Thank you Dennis. Thank you Terri for your service, and your commitment to [encourage] change, and bring light back to this country. I’m incredibly honored to have had this opportunity speak with both of you.  I look forward to speaking to you again very soon. I thank everyone for listening.  And now it’s time to take action.”
“So, This has been Brian, from the American Kabuki Ground Crew. Thanks for being with us.  And we’ll see ‘ya on the other side.”
DS:  “Thanks again, Brian!”
TH:  “Thank you, bye bye”.
B:  “Thanks guys”.
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