Many have asked: “What does the rabbit and the egg have to do with the resurrection of Jesus?”

easter bunny egg

The rabbit according to Native American symbology represents fear, mastering fear is the key to everything. Jesus mastered his fear of the greatest of all fears, the fear of death. His self-mastery rose to the level of resurrecting his own body and the bodies of others.

The egg represents fertility and abundance. Once you have mastered your fears and judgments abundance follows. If you see the chicken upside down, it represents to watch your foul language. This is eggsostiental knowledge not for the main stream.

Later the sacred rabbit was exchanged for the goat, the rabbit, egg story was perverted and became satanic. The rabbit also represents abundance and fertility. You see one rabbit say goodbye to your garden. There is a lot more rabbits unseen.

Which brings us to the garden of Eden. It was bountiful plenty to eat until some hair brained god created the rabbit. The solution was to eat the rabbit. The lamb was not created yet nor was the wine. That is why the last supper came later. Hope this makes sense and clears everything up. The rabbit and the egg play an important part of Easter.

If you don’t understand just accept it on faith. Don’t question it. After all your god given ability to think and question comes from the devil. Wait god doesn’t make mistakes? Was there an ancient druid ceremony concerning the beginning of spring involving rabbits and eggs as fertility symbols? Naw, its blasphemy to go down that rabbit hole. So now you know.

laughing jesus