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Days To Come, As Seen By The Ultradimensionals

It has come to my attention repeatedly that many officials in the agencies
really do not know about the spiritually and technologically advanced off world
civilizations. They do know of the regenerate low level ETs and have struck
deals with them in the past but there is a great void concerning the hands off,
prime directive highly evolved off worlders. What ever deals were made in the
past are now null and void. Those who have interfered in the evolution or
awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth are going to be dealt with. They
have been given an eviction notice; which is now being enforced by pro-earth
forces. Universal Law is now the prime directive. It is the Law of One some call
unity consciousness. The forces of tyranny and unbridled greed at the expense of
humanity and the Earth will come to an end. It is surfacing now for all to see,
the players have been indentified human and non human. The noninterference
program has come to an end and the spiritually and technologically advanced
races have now joined forces in a program beyond the ability of most scientists
to comprehend. Quantum physics has the best grasp of what is unfolding along
with some of the most ancient teachings.

The simplest way to state this is it all has to do with frequency. We are all
known throughout the multiverse by our frequency. Our frequency is the combined
attitudes, emotions and beliefs in the world in which we live. Our consciousness
has many levels or dimensions and the higher dimensions are pressing in hard
upon the Earth. It is like a soul or Godself invasion. The lower vibrational
frequencies such as fear, guilt, unworthiness, ignorance, separation, pain,
suffering, wrong conclusions from past experiences are undergoing a major clean
up. This is why the higher dimensional beings stress clean up your
consciousness, release the past and focus on love, joy, bliss, service to others
in order to increase your frequency. We are being aided in this process and it
is also a natural evolution; which cannot be derailed or avoided despite
arrogant ego driven people who think they are separate. We are being bombarded
by what seems to be every level in the electromagnetic light spectrum. Cosmic,
Gama, X, Ultraviolet, Infrared are all flooding into the Earth and she is
absorbing them, expanding, growing. Yes I did say growing this is why all the
quakes and volcanoes are going off. There are also those misusing technology
amplifying areas already under great pressure as well as playing with weather
modification. Just as in the days of Atlantis there are those who want to use
technology for dominion and control yet look where this took them in the past.
Unfortunately the destruction of Atlantis and other worlds as well could not
have come about without willing participants, those who turned a blind eye to
injustices and trespasses not wanting to upset their comfort zones.

This time around there are watchers, observers and those who will interact if
necessary to make sure we do not repeat the past. They will not allow an all out
nuclear war or technology that could end the evolutionary process. They are
hoping we learn from our mistakes, rise up and chose noble virtue or impeccable
integrity concerning our actions with humanity and the Earth. Thus far we have
fallen far short of many of their expectations. We are now entering a time of
choosing. The action/reaction principle most call Karma is being amplified. The
fear, guilt, and unworthiness are no longer efficient tools to control the
masses. This includes nefarious deeds such as wars for God and Country; which in
truth are for power and wealth. There is one God/Creator/Spirit given many names
and images by man and we are one planet. No one has an exclusive on God, nor
the right to destroy and take what is not his or hers. The lying and deceptive
natures of those who lust for power and wealth, those who have sold their very
soul for fame, power and wealth will become naked in the light. What will also
come are the consequences to these deeds. None of these beliefs or actions are
frequency specific to the evolution of Earth. There will be those who choose not
to heal and continue in actions that are harmful to humanity and the Earth.
Their world is imploding. They actually believe they can dig elaborate holes in
the Earth, stock them, allow the Earth changes and their own depopulation
programs to rid the surface of over 80% of the people then emerge as kings over
who is left.

How does this look to their souls, the higher dimensional beings, the awakened
ones on Earth. Does this path raise their frequencies; make them compatible to
the new frequencies of Earth? Of course not. Will they maintain their bodies,
their kingdoms, their tyrannical unjust enslaving system? Of course not. Those
who think their security resides in serving the beast will fall along with the
beast. This is the simplest explanation we can give. The only real security is
to live a live of service to humanity and the Earth then you are aligned with
the higher intelligences and civilizations; which in the end will be undeniably

You cannot fool your soul, Great Spirit, Creator yet in arrogance there are some
very clever people who think they can. What do you think their future will hold
not just in this life but lives to come? How do you think their light review
will go in passing this plane when they stand naked, no lawyers, no guards, no
toys or castles just their deeds and how they affected others. Now do you really
think the spiritually and technologically advanced being are going to sit down
and have tea with regenerate humans or ETs? Share technology knowing it will be
hoarded, misused? This is why so many guberment officials are not in the know,
there is no purposeful good in contacting those who have not risen to the
occasion. All they can do is dismiss what they cannot experience because they
have no control whatsoever in the higher dimensions. Ships and their occupants
that can come and go as they please, a force on high that is watching, knowing
all their dirty laundry; which is now becoming a hands on process of awakening
and healing humanity and the Earth.

They work with consciousness, light and energy, are extremely telepathic and can
transmit information, inspiration and healing whenever and wherever they desire.
Some of them have full use of creational energies. It is the destiny of humanity
and the Earth to experience a grand reunion with these beings, many already
have. The Earth once hijacked by negative forces of ill intent will be reset to
its original destiny which is to evolve in peace and harmony to its highest
state of evolution. Now you know more than the guberment knows as well as their
destiny; which many fear for good reason. There is more to the story. Stay tuned
and be well.
james gilliland