Wednesday, October 2, 2013 5:04

(Before It’s News)

no more liesFairewinds Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen, Oct. 1, 2013 (At 5:10 in): The problem right now is that Japanese researchers are afraid to tell the truth. We’ve got doctors calling us at Fairewinds saying, “We know our patients have radiation illness and the hospital isn’t allowing us to tell the patients that.” […] So the last piece of this is transparency. And frankly if you leave it to the Japanese government we’re never going to get transparency. We’ve got get the people involved with an oversight panel made up of civilians who have nothing to gain, or nothing to lose from telling the truth.
  • FACT: Over 5,000 ppl were reported of tweeting “nosebleed”(hanaji) over the past two-day period from 9/22-9/23
  • FACT: Over 3,000 ppl were reported of tweeting “can’t stop my nosebleed” (hanaji ga tomaranai) during the week of 9/20-9/30 (as of 12am 10/01/2013 JST)
  • FACT: Over 2,500 ppl were reported of tweeting “I’m nosebleeding” (hanaji ga deta) during the short days of 9/28-9/30 (as of 12 am 10/01/2013 JST) The Japanese nation as a whole is committing Hari Kari.  Do you see this?  This is scary.  If pool 4 collapses, this is going to happen to everybody.  Everyone will have radiation sickness and nosebleeds that we cannot stop.  Yet despite this, the only organization doing anything about it is TEPCO and the Japanese government and because of, i assume, their culture, they will not ask for help or at least they havent yet.  Hence why all the cover ups.

    I will cotinue to cover every facet of this story just like I said I would to keep you informedon this very real, very scary and very present danger.  -Mort