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Hello everybody this Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com And today is March 3rd, 2015. And I just wanted to give you a heads up. If you haven’t been on the web site yet, and checked out the daily blog page. Please do. You can find it at GalacticConnection.com/daily-blog. You will find an array of topics. Everything from spirituality, conspiracy, ufology, quantum physics, free energy, you name it. But it’s always through the filter of trying to provide either history, or, what is going right, on the planet. We want to show you, not only awareness, but how to focus on the end game. Which is we are going to get our power back.

So with that said, what I would like to do is, bring on our next guest. And boy, this is an interesting one, I might add! This is Jay Essex. And for any of you that have not heard of him, he is a world renown healer. And he does energy enhancements that are very, very, interesting. He basically touts himself as an Awakener. An Enhancer, and Creation Historian I would equate him to one the very few on the planet here, who has probably all of his million strands of DNA intact. He can see everything that is going on. And he is going to share a lot of information with us today. Maybe clarify some things that you can process. As I always say to everybody keep what works for you and drop the rest. Nobody is trying to tell you what to think or how to think. Okay. This is strictly for you to fill in any blanks that need to be filled in. So also, Jay has got some really cool stones and some other really cool devices, that he’s hopefully, you know, give us some information on. But other than that, while you are listening to this radio show, please pull up his website it’s jayessex.com and you can go there while you are listening and enjoy some of the information that’s up there.

Alexandra: Hey hey Jay! I’m a poet and I don’t know it! (laughing)

Jay: (big laughter) You rock babe! I forgot to show you something. This is some Rhodonite

Alexandra: It’s beautiful!

Jay: Yeah. That really goes with you, your energy.

Alexandra: Oh I love it!

Jay: This with some Selenite and some deep, I am going to send you some, some deep, ah, it’s been called, Magnasene on other planets and it keeps popping me in the head it won’t leave me alone. Um, it’s a, oh for Pete’s sake, um a, it’s a Garnet, Garnet.

Alexandra: Oh…

Jay: That’s what they call it here.

Alexandra: Oooooo!

Jay: But this is from India . It’s triple A grade, you are going to love this stuff [inaudible ] And that’s you, Grrrr ! Big tough, lady.

Alexandra: ( laughter)

Jay: ( laughter)

Alexandra: No, I am totally, totally into purples, magentas, if I could show you my very professional recording studio, I am sitting on my bed, Okay.

Jay: Well you can see mine,

Alexandra: (laughter)

Jay: You can see mine. This is my studio (laughter) Someone said take the pictures of the cars down dude, and I said, why? (laughter) It’s only me, for Pete’s sake. You know, it’s important for people to know, nothing has to be “perfect professional” there is no such thing as perfect. Be yourself. Because that is most awesome thing you can possibly be for yourself and for everything, not just one around you, because plants, stones, you know everything is alive. There is energy, you know, sentient energy that is spirit. It’s pretty much everywhere, even water has these weird beings. It’s really kinda neat.

Alexandra: Awesome. Well listen, before you dive in to, like, giving us all this wisdom, and knowledge that you carry in this small brain of yours, do us a favor and tell us who you are, where you are located, and how did you even get started on this path.

Jay: Um, I am in Duluth Georgia. Ah I’ve been around a lot of different places growing up. My father worked for IBM. Everybody thinks it means International Business Machines, but it really means I’ve Been Moved. (laughter)

Alexandra: Isn’t that true, so true.

Jay: (laughter) But um

Alexandra: I know many that have worked there.

Jay: (laughter) (4:33) I just, ah, I’ve always known things, ah, done things, as a matter of fact, my dad offered to knock my face, ah, off my head, when I was a little kid. I kept telling him who was on the phone, before, you know, before they picked it up. I wasn’t being smart, like this one time, the phone rang and I told my mom, my adopted mom and dad or whatever, I told my adopted mom, I wanna talk to Annie ! I wanna talk to Annie! And she goes, How do you know? I haven’t answered the phone yet. So she answers the phone and says, Oh, Hi Emma. You know her sister, and my dad is like this [inaudible] Oh I just wanna talk to Annie, you know. So, I’ve just known things. The first time I did anything, um, that I remember, I was about a year and a half, my adopted mom threw me across some rocks on a jetty, ah, right next to the ocean, right at the ocean, and my grandmother caught me. And so, I thought I was going to hit the rocks. So, I jumped out about 30 feet away, I was floating about 4 foot above the water. Then my grandmother actually touched me, and zoom, I went back into body.

Alexandra: Wow.

Jay: But as time went on, I was made to literally to pull that in. And the original the female part of the original first being literally, kept mine as well as the male, literally kept my energy down as I see it, as an expression towards my ankles to keep it being released what I am. Our friends, the Anunnaki and stuff here on the planet, they have satellites everywhere. They can actually read your individual energy, and take those wave lengths, those frequencies they plug it into their computer(6:15), and then they can actually track you through their data bank, and find you in past lives. They can do all kinds of stuff. Our friends in space, our family there, now they have better equipment. But the guys here, they have good stuff too. Um, so they, you know, so yeah, that had to be so suppressed so they didn’t know who I was yet. And then 2008 on my birthday 7/27, she let loose some of my energy and, poof, that’s when it set off the alarms. And I am looking up and like I’m feeling all this stuff is coming from everywhere. And I’m like, Okay this is interesting, you know, when things start moving around the house. So it kinda got exciting.

Alexandra: So what would you say, I mean, what is your ultimate mission here? For those who are familiar with Jay, he is constantly, with a capital C, talking about when he is getting out of here, and returning back to where he came from, and now he is suggesting that it will be sometime in August of this year. So this is one of the reasons Jay and I wanted to do some interviews before he decides to leave this plane of reality. So what is it, you are here to do Jay?

Jay: Yeah, um When I leave, it could be anywhere from, I’m seeing it past the end of April now, but it will be before the end of the year, till I know what’s inside me, Arae, when it’s time, it’s just going to shut the body down. It kinda played with it the other day, with some other stuff that happened. Just to remind you it’s all good. No problem, ah, but I was um, I’d been in body one more time. One last time for a reason. Um, the female part of me the better part of me Lilly, um, she’s the one they’ve called Lilith, her last life was Marilyn Monroe. Her eyes if you look at her are so beautiful, so loving. They actually pull you in. Um that’s why they called Lilith, who was actually Lilly, the Mother of Demons and the Great Seductress. The Great Seductress, that’s why relating to the Mother of Demons. Because when she and I came here, a long time ago, I made the Red Adam body in Atlantis in a little place called Avia. That’s what everyone calls Eden. It was actually 10.572 million years ago and then she came within 48 hours. We brought the red-skinned Adamic race, we made the red skin out of, I made the red skin, so did, well she had it too, plus this other lady, who actually was a Red Eve. But anyway, we made out the ash, volcanic ash. That was right on Atlantis. Which is in the Bermuda Triangle then going northeast up towards Europe. And it will come up again, maybe 2084 or something, there will be stuff going on . Gaia’s down there now. And on the lower right hand side she’s getting ready to start shaking things up. Gairo, the energy that’s in, ah, essenite and star essenite, she’s in the Pacific coast. She’s getting ready to tear some stuff up over there. January of next year, I’ll be out of my body. I am going be getting very involved in the Pacific. People are going to see that there are actually Humanoid- Reptilians here on this planet. They are gonna see them.

Alexandra: I am actually looking forward to it. But we definitely need to prepare the masses for this shock awakening. That’s for sure.

Jay: Yeah, it’s pretty wild.

Alexandra: So, now you said that you were, so basically what you are saying is that you were Father God?

Jay: Ah, no. Um there’s the thing with the God concept that was, ah, the original first being, male and female. They never had a life. When they came out of the first dimension, they were actually 27½ % negative. It is just what is. As a matter of fact negativity comes from particulate matter (10:00). In the first dimension, ah, there’s all these different energy fields moving in and out of each other. Four huge energy fields came together, and then they just started hanging out together. Then here comes another energy field, what we call electricity. Electricity isn’t just part of us, it’s older than all of us. It comes into the mix and it just starts mixing together. And then something happened, that uh, other than my book this is the first time you will hear about it. Parts of this energy as it was coming together, jumped out. It’s a different type of energy. There’s actually a different being other than the first original being that made itself male and female. I call them Electrigons. They have electricity in them, but they’re not just electricity. I have one friend here, an acquaintance that actually has that energy inside the body. Um, they have no negativity. They are different. Now, as these 4 fields of energy are moving together, here comes some heavy particulate matter, mixed in with that a little chemical reaction and, Poof! It’s made. 27 ½ % negativity it came from the amount of the matter, ah, the heavy particulate matter that’s in there. Some else no one knows, there’s 4 more first beings growing inside the first dimension. And the first dimension is protected by that energy that’s part of me. Nothing is allowed in it. Nothing!

Alexandra: Jay, does that have anything to do with the 8 pointed star? When you go back to some of the old hieroglyphics and things like that? Are you referring to the 4 sets of parents.

Jay: Ah, no actually there were 3 sets, but as soon as you said 8 point star, that has something to do with the crystal design that was the basis, a base on crystal design for like a star drive. It’s a type of crystal that, actually they use to drive star ships. I never knew about it until you brought it up.

Alexandra: Wow

Jay: You know, I’m looking at one, for the old stuff. Oh, by the way, I’m Pacal, they call him Lord Pacal, King Pacal of the Maya. On the top of his sarcophagus, they say, you know, that I was falling into this pit of, you know, whatever. No, that was a scooter. That’s no joke. If you look at, (laughing) in Palenque. That was a scooter! It had a little crystal drive on it. I’m not kidding!

Alexandra: (Laughter)

Jay: (laughter) All the things, all the things in the books, there’s so much bogus stuff. You know a lot of people, a lot of wonderful people are doing everything they can to figure out, what they can, the best way they can. Man, do I honor that and appreciate it. But it’s just different, I am looking at this stuff, but you know it’s weird, I am all over the place at the same time. Not just in talking, I am actually there. (cracks up laughing)

Alexandra: (laughter) Okay, I just have to apologize to everybody, because I really got derailed! (cracks up laughing)

Jay: It’s my fault. It’s you know, I’m sorry. There is just so much in here sweetie. Just trying to….

Alexandra: No! . That’s Okay I think you’re hilarious!

Jay: When I touch one thing it opens up volumes!

Alexandra: I’ll tell you what, explain to everyone what the true “Fall” was about.

Jay: What the true “Fall”

Alexandra: Fall, fall of man. Or the fall of the earth. You know the “Fall”?

Jay: Oh, oh, oh, Okay, um well see, from the very beginning, when I talked about the first being coming together in the first dimension, when it came out. Well started to become being sentient, it said, “I am.” It starts moving around, moving around. Remember, it’s not male or female. It’s just everything. It’s the original first being. It gets a little bigger, more sentient. It gets bigger. Then it goes outside the first dimension. And sees nothing. And goes back in there and grows a little more. And he goes “ I am” He goes, hell I’m alone. Yeah, I’m the only thing. Literally, the first emotion that was ever felt, was loneliness. And it literally formatted itself into 2 pieces, not holographic similar pieces but different. For company! Then it also made a format into itself, that once energy fell apart, pulled apart, or came apart, it would never be able to go back again. So, it never had to worry about being alone.

Alexandra: Wow

Jay: Male and female.

Alexandra: Fascinating!

Jay: It’s simple.

Alexandra: Is it…

Jay: I’m watching it It’s like I am sitting there with popcorn and having a drink, you know? It’s like a show.

Alexandra: So that’s similar to the Big Bang theory?

Jay: Well no, actually that’s a little bit different. That’s how you make a universe. Um, you can make it when you’re source energy, when you’re, big enough, source energy, you can create and collapse a Universe in less than 5 seconds. What happens is, you take some of that really heavy particulate matter I was talking about, you take that and then you explode it. And then just opens up into all these different things. And then the stars, the stars only start to light up. This does not include any bodies. This is only the physical mass with no spirit, which is sentient energy within it (15:00). It does have the energy that it had originally to maintain cohesion.

Alexandra: Okay

Jay: But no spirit being sentient energy within it. So that’s how, something that big happens that quick, I bet it goes more than boom.

Alexandra: That’s wild. Do you agree that, um, Mother Earth so to speak, fell from a 9th dimensional realm?

Jay: Ah, when the planets were made and came in, and there are different fields of essence that were released, first, from the original being that made itself male and female . When they put their energies together like, 2 hands but not becoming one. They put together a big part of their energy. And just released it. Then they took different, they took negativity out. This takes hours to explain, what happened was one of those big fields, and you know as fast as I thought..

Alexandra: (cracking up laughing)

Jay: (cracking up laughing)

Alexandra: I wasn’t going to say anything, but I have to be careful cause you’re so frigging clairvoyant. (cracking up laughing)

Jay: It was l like what I was saying earlier, my book is just about out. And it explains all that how it came about. And when you read it, it’s like huh, it’s so simple.

Alexandra: It’s logical…

Jay: All the square pegs go in the square holes. Triangle pegs in triangle holes. But, so what happens is this huge field of universal essence, the female is planets. The male is stars. And then from this big field of essence, of universal essence, the different planet bodies that were going to have life on them, there was going to be life growing on them, they would give them female universal essence. And it was put in there. And that’s how Gaia got there. I talk to her all the time. She was working on my head today. She asked me to take the coating, the armor off my DNA, so, she could change it some more. So if grow 2 more sets of ears, don’t worry about it. Alright?

Alexandra: I’ll try not to. (laughter)

Jay: That will never happen. I tell people that, too. I crack them up.

Alexandra: And I have absolutely no preconceived notions, in interviewing you, Jay..

Jay: (cracks up laughing)

Alexandra: None.

Jay: I love this cause, I am so serious about everything. And every time I put out a video, I am so concerned, I am seeing how other people will react. I’m seeing all this other stuff going around at the same time. And then I am also fighting little pieces of source energy that keep attacking me. Trying to run me. And there’s so much going on at one time, people say…

Alexandra: You know what, the thing is people are going to receive this information, however they need to receive it. And we can’t do anything about that. All I want to do is make sure is that you have so much cool information, that I really feel can fill in some gaps for people. Including myself. So that’s what it’s all about. It’s like my audience is awesome by the way. And they are very enlightened. Seriously they are!

Jay: Yeah, no, I’m smiling because I am looking at it. (laughter)

Alexandra: (Laughing)

Jay: I am seeing a bunch of happy people, mostly female. A lot of them have lots smiles on their face. Believe it or not a lot of them have light hair. The actual, you know, the red and um, blonde type hair. The actual percentage of them that have that, is higher than the actual percentage of people in the population that have it. It’s a higher percentage.

Alexandra: Wow! Imagine that.

Jay: I don’t know what it.. it’s weird watching stuff.

Alexandra: That’s a total trip. Now wait you just said something that I never heard before. The stars are male energy and the planets are female energy. So how does that work? Like does a planet, I thought the planet actually broke open away from its mantle. And became a star.

Jay: No, never happened.

Alexandra: Oh God

Jay: Yes, and you know what’s really cool? It confuses a lot of people is the moon. Ah, so many people think of the moon as really powerful female energy. This is why, because the moon, our moon, has the energy within it for it to hold particulate matter together, for it to maintain cohesion, that’s it. There’s no life in it. Now there’s life on it, people running around with all kinds of problems, however it’s just a mass body of stone. Now the male star energy from the sun, hits it. It reflects off of it. Softens it up a little bit and then it comes through Gaia’s love. The female planetary love. It hits us a as dual energy. It’s very strong. That’s why..

Alexandra: That’s really interesting. Now do you agree that the moon is actually an artificial creation? That was towed into this solar system? (19:50)

Jay: No, no. There are things on there that need to leave. And they will.

Alexandra: Yeah

Jay: The US government is one of them.

Alexandra: Yeah

Jay: Our landing, our initial landing in 1969 of course that was a big farce. Um, but people say, we’ve never been there! Ah, I say I’m walking around right now in a building other there it’s under the ground, yeah that’s nothing. They should have seen what happened on Saturn. It wasn’t the US government but that’s where the Anunnaki headquarters used to be.

Alexandra: I know that, I’ve heard so many things about Saturn and what’s been going down. Actually it’s been great news.

Jay: Yeah it certainly is. It blew the hell out of the place. Their city out there is destroyed now. I went over there one time and there’s a different part of my energy outside. And I just went over there, this council table, it’s kinda oval-ish. This one head dude, there’s like 12 guys. Then there’s the top dude, he actually saw me. They all sit in trip chairs, the guy looked at me. He saw me. And he actually went to attack me. I am like, What? I said, You’re kidding me, right son? Then part of my energy pulled my silver coating off which is protective, so the thing could reach in and try to touch my heart. I’m like I am looking at my own energy. What are you doing? And I am getting mad at it. Getting ready to attack it. Then all of a sudden the he’s just, calm down. And the guy touched my heart, and that’s it I went right at him. That part of Arae, literally, it was part of the outside of him, literally grabbed this guy and popped his head. He did that so the guy would attack me. And once something attacks my heart, he has the legal go-ahead to physically destroy it. So he was like using me to go around. So anyway, and then so, took him out. So then I went back later and then ah, and took a look at him, I did the top dog again the guy next to him. But I did that myself. Then later went back and I told everyone they are going to leave. And that’s all and they have so much time. And there were about 38 of them. I just went it and popped their heads .When I go into people, and I enhance your brain. Your brain your skull it actually grows. This is a proven physical fact. You know your abilities kick up as long as you have nutrition and as long as you apply yourself. Don’t sit there on the couch, you know, just sitting there, “I’m Ready!” and let everything happen. No, you, it’s like a car, to enjoy the car go have to get in and turn the key.

Alexandra: Yeah

Jay: Yeah, so, so anyway when it’s time, the part of me that’s inside Arae, it has to get involved in something like that. And then it does, Boom.

Alexandra: That’s interesting…

Jay: And then big stuff happens.

Alexandra: So, let me ask something that is completely off track from Saturn. Can you give us your perception of multi-dimensionality?

Jay: Yeah sure, I can as a matter of fact, I wanted to bring it up as soon you at the very beginning you talked about, um, quantum physics. I want to explain how that actually works. Um, when, they, when people talk about multiple dimensions, um, I’d better go there first.

There’s the first dimension where everything actually happens. That’s like, I call it, we call it home in origin in our family over there, source family. Which of course is no better than anything else. And the source that’s left, except for some little problem children, that I will take care of as soon as I dump this body. We all feel that we are here to serve, protect, love and take care of. Not like the original thing. Um, but anyway that’s the first dimension.

Now, the second dimension was created for everything, all the different fields and everything to stay in as, like a home. Some place it could stay. And there is, a lot of people talk about this temple and the something on the other side and this and that. No there’s not, however, when we communicate with each other, as spirit, sentient energy. We can talk in any kind of thought process. So you and I can talk outside body, make ourselves a temple sit down and have ice cream, brownies, and ah, whatever. You know, because it’s a thought process. What’s there, actually, is just energy plus some more of that heavy particulate matter.

Alexandra: Interesting

Jay: Um, And then the third dimension….

Alexandra: So basically it’s like the dark sea of life. Like a void, like a …

Jay: Yeah. Empty, it’s empty except for everything in it. But it is a certain dimension. It’s a soft vibration and there’s barriers in there, to separate things. Like people call call them veils. I am very familiar with it because Arae put all the veils down below this planet. The first dimension was always there. The first original being male and female got together and made the second dimension and the third. And everything after that, what’s in me, Arae, literally. He made the rest of it. That’s why I’m kinda up on it. Now remember, what I am is this physical body (24:45) with a piece of the energy, with a piece of spirit, that came from Gaia, that was like it was put into this body, but because Arae is source energy, when he went into this body at birth, it just takes everything over. It bonds with it. It’s like if you take 2 pieces of clay put them together. They are gonna bond. If you put a piece clay and wood together, they are not going to bond. They might make a mesh. But they’re not really gonna bond. I can’t help it, that’s why, when I go. When I crank people up 5% or more of the energy, not spirit, I don’t put a piece of me in them to run them. I give them energy. But at least 5% of what put in them, that’s yours forever. That makes your soul stronger for ever.

Alexandra: Fantastic.

Jay: Yeah, it’s just the way it works. Um, but the um, the thing with the dimensions, there’s the third dimension here. And then in different locations there’s other dimensions. It’s just like that one that Arae built in my head. Where everything that been taken out is stored. So when I get out of this body, there it is. A lot of it will be rebuilt, changed and cleaned. Um, so down here on this planet, we have 7 dimensions below us .And then now an 8th one. I built 7 of them and the original first being, the male and female part had built their own little dimension. It had a lot of orange and black in it. And that’s where they were going to retire.

They are gone, and now that dimension is literally here on the earth. And it’s below us. So there’s 8 dimensions below us. That’s where the Fae are. All the half and halves, that’s why the 5 Adams and Eves came here. You know, when the original female was around at the very beginning before we went to war, the male the female and I, I asked them why did the Adams and Eves come here? And then she showed me the minotaur and a female kind of getting together and she was explaining that they were trying to mess with the natural growth of the animal and human species on this planet which needed to be kept separate.

When a soul is in second stage of evolution or higher, there are only 3 stages that are allowed to be received right now, it was only originally set up for 5 anyway. When they were actually, when they actually came, I mean if there’s a planet where there’s no set formation of format of beings or anything yet. Just some animals and stuff. I say that lightly, like it’s no big thing. But no it is. But, then the spirit, the soul, can go to the planet and say, hey look, Gaia, I’d like to go around on you for a while. On your body, is that Okay? And Gaia says, yes. She sends up part of her energy to meet you. And the two of you come together and pull physical mass out of the planet and build a body. And when you build a body, it finishes closing up right at the solar plexus.

Alexandra: Wow!

Jay: And then as long as you don’t hold it too long, you can drop it, but depending on your own personal energy, that might be 2 weeks, 2 months, 2½ months max. Okay…

Alexandra: Does that have anything to do with the seat of the soul? You know where they say, the seat of the soul is the solar plexus?

Jay: Um that’s, well, that’s, it seems kinda relevant. I see

Alexandra: Like a practitioner you hold all you emotions, your lack of confidence, your lack of security, your shame, your guilt, your unworthiness, that’s all held in the solar plexus region.

Jay: It’s where it all came together.

Alexandra: Wow, that’s so interesting.

Jay: That’s where it goes in. That’s where it starts and that’s where it finishes, when a body closes off. I watched myself make the Red Adam body, that was weird. The Adamic race, we were, if, you know Avatar beings the big blue guys? The 10 foot ones. You shrink them to 5 foot, make them red, get rid of the pony tail, get rid of the tail, and that’s what we look like. I saw these eye teeth coming off of my face, I jumped right out of that meditation. You know, back then I used to relax and meditate. Now I’m just all over the place. But ah, …

Alexandra: So, when you say the red race, was it also the whites, the blacks, the brown and the yellow?

Jay: Yeah, there were 5 of them. I’m the original “Red Neck”, baby! (laughter)

Alexandra: (Cracks up laughing) Oh God!

Jay: It’s so funny, I wear the overalls and everything. I love my Southern friends I miss them so much! But like I said, the 5 different Adams and Eves, we made the bodies in different places. Believe it or not, the white Adamic race came from up north. And gee, white people, usually better off in the cold, I wonder why…

Alexandra: So like the Nordic area? Or…

Jay: Exactly, Nordic! Exactly, exactly, where there are tall Nordics (29:43) and stuff running around over there. There’s still a few hanging around. We have a lot of friends in space hanging around. And then from the Yellow race, around the Asian group. Now that came from some strange stuff. That’s the one race that’s different. It has to do, the skin color, it has to do from stuff in the ocean. It has actually something to do with fish, okay, the animals, where the actual thing came from. It also has a touch to do with Serpolians Those are the 3 things – I know it’s crazy. Those are the 3 things that made the yellow skin…I have a friend…

Alexandra: Who are the Serpolians?

Jay: That’s the name they gave us for Serpo, their planet. It’s the Greys . It’s what people call the Greys.

Alexandra: Oh wow! Is that why they have slanted eyes?

Jay: Yes.

Alexandra: Interesting. Very interesting.

Jay: Yeah, it’s pretty weird, the Adam and Eve, I know them both, the Yellow Adam and Eve, I actually know of all of them.

Alexandra: So what about the Brown race?

Jay: Now the Brown race, um they came from the same Adam and Eve made the same 5, made the same race, 5 different times, the same color race. That was from Africa or that area. Like there’s been 5 major ages so far. We actually flopped into the 5th. Ah, the Earth was supposed to change axis, but it didn’t. You can talk to Gregg Braden, in the science of Heart Math, they will say the heart beat of the planet stopped it was supposed to switch. I don’t know, it didn’t switch.

Alexandra: Right

Jay: That was Arae. Excuse me that was Aramaeleous stopping it. .That was the bigger part of Arae. But so anyway, the land was so fertile. It was so incredibly fertile that you could just about, um, whatever. You could put a rock in the ground and grow a city, I mean, I’m being a little funny, facetious so fertile, it’s incredible. That’s where the color of that skin comes from.

Alexandra: Interesting. The most fertile soil in the world is Africa, you know.

Jay: Yeah and the Tan race, that’s the Adam and Eve, that’s from the sand.

Alexandra: Wow

Jay: They were from the sand area. Guess who the Tan Adam was? Martin Luther King.

Alexandra: Wow

Jay: They were all source energy.

Alexandra: Wow, that makes sense. Okay, so what about the Black race?

Jay: Ah, the Black race, ah, a little lady I love so much, and very infatuated with, no the Black and Brown that’s the same thing. Okay?

Alexandra: Oh it is.

Jay: Yeah, her name was Laurie Spear. Um and then the Black Adam. There’s a book called The Law of One, something like Temples of Atlantis, [inaudible] some or other. He was the Black Adam.

Alexandra: Interesting.

Jay: He’s out there cruising around right now. I was talking with the energy that was in MLK I was talking to him about the stuff that was going on in the middle east. You know, because that’s the place he made they’re like his children. You get really attached to them. And there’s something going on in Syria. So I went over there. I went down in there and I found there’s a whole bunch of Anunnaki prisoners down there too. I just got the name . And I went to go right there to it. And there they were. And the next thing I know is my cell phone is cutting out on and off. And all kinds of stuff going on, but, I just laugh. Every once, you know those satellites that they use to raid us, every once in a while I get p/o’d I’d just go up to the satellite and crank up my energy and all they can see is this yellow-gold all over the screens. (laughter)

Alexandra: Good! Well keep doing that. So Jay does it make sense that each of the races is in a particular region of the world? For example, you have the yellow race in the Asian countries, and you have the Brown races in South America, Africa, is there a reason for that? Like where they all landed?

Jay: Yeah, that’s where those particular Adams and Eves landed. Each one of the 5 times. So that’s where the major growth happened. But of course as we evolve and grow, as a species, you start moving around and inter-marry, intermingling, whatever.

Alexandra: So, was the first seed the first race the Red race?

Jay: Yes.

Alexandra: What was after, how did it go? The Red,

Jay: Well, I came first, I landed in a little place called Eadne, is the best way to do it. The Greek language is a short modified version of Atlantean.(34:44) It was in Atlantis. It was in a country called Viscidia in a town like I said Eadne it was right on the water. You could call it a garden it was so beautiful. Then within 48 hours. Lilly was here. Then within 2 weeks after my arrival, all the other Adams and Eves just… Boom, boom, boom they came in made bodies.

Alexandra: They didn’t go to the same area as you.

Jay: No, no, no, heck no, they had a different…

Alexandra: They went to different locations on the planet. So for example, South Africa is in one location, right?

Jay: Right, right, right…

Alexandra: ‘Cause you and I talked about that.

Jay: Right, the Black or Brown race..

Alexandra: Then there’s the Irish, the Ireland area. Isn’t that one?

Jay: Actually, north of there is where the, um, the Nordic, the White people started. It was more, honestly , um…

Alexandra: Maybe Scotland?

Jay: It’s icy. It was icy. Then as we came down lower, you know, then the Adamic race as it started moving down lower, started building the Celtic tribes. As a matter of fact, I was there doing all kinds of stuff. Maybe I put some of the Red in there? I don’t know.

Alexandra: That is really interesting. Now I was just watching something the other day, about the Druids. It was disturbing it was completely contrary to everything I have read. And they were basically presenting them as a bunch of, they basically were cannibalistic. Do you agree with that?

Jay: Did they do some sacrifices and stuff? Yeah. They did some nasty stuff. But you know what? They were just, there were some nasty ones and lighter ones. You know you were there, and you had a tan-ish looking leather outfit on. Which is meant that you were positive and not negative. And you supported life instead of doing what you wanted with it.

Alexandra: I was just curious, basically this is what we need to learn, right? That there was good and bad in every society, every time line, every group of people, even Galactic races, right?

Jay: Exactly and it’s not just on this planet it’s everywhere. There’s positive and negative frequencies in everyone’s body. That why when I look at people, when I go into people and crank them up, I see who they are. I see what type of energy they are. When they came out. What they are. How long they’ve been around. Basic lives. What they are composed of. I look at their core energy and I tell them I look at the energy in the body and I can see everything moving around. I look at core and I tell you okay, your orientation, like you your orientation is stronger in heart than anything else, but your solar plexus is right there with it. So it’s really hard for me to say the heart’s stronger. Because it really, really close. But your heart is a little bit stronger. But the one that takes over and really run things is your solar plexus. Because everybody’s solar plexus is very powerful. So, that’s the way, I just see everything like that, it’s all broken down. But there’s positive and negative vibration. The positive vibration is very high frequency. It’s much quicker, very small wave lengths. It”s more like light, white light. But let me say something there’s a reason why there’s a little negativity. It’s not a bad thing. When I see, the negativity in souls, for some reason goes, 7 %, 17, 27, it’s goes all the way to 97…

Alexandra: That’s what I was going to ask you, is it every 10 %?

Jay: Yeah, I had no idea…

Alexandra: That’s weird.

Jay: As a matter of fact, when I saw the first being, the original Mother finally came to me the first time, and I looked right in her eyes, and I read 27.5 % . And I said that’s kinda weird, the point 5 . Then she stabbed me with a sword, and then I’m like, Okay we are gonna have some issues. (laughter)

Alexandra: (Laughter)

Jay: The fact that she was that she was negative made me concerned. You know that she had that much negativity in her. Because, you know, when you’re source that’s way too much.

Alexandra: Where do you determine the cut off. What’s too much negative energy?

Jay: Um, well that’s a tough one. When something is 27 % negative frequencies, it’s something that many people would call gray. I hate to attach a colors to it, but there are colors involved. When something is 17 % negative, usually in their life they are doing really good stuff. You know, you can pretty much count on them, and everything else, at 27 it gets a little a little bit funky. At 37 they might turn around and snap at you, and kick you or something. Then when go up higher there’s a problem. You get up to 67 % negativity, you have someone that’s capable of doing some really bad stuff. I mean 47’s enough. But when you get to 67 there’s more trouble. Now, having said that, we have to look at the different negative frequencies. I met, I saw 2 girls in a Starbucks when I went in there, (39:45) and I looked at them and they were both 87% negative, and I said wow, that’s a lot and I look at them and I realized immediately, they’re not aggressive. Their personal negative frequencies are “leave me alone”, not aggression. As long as something is not aggressive, it was being left alone. Now that the other side is being cleaned up, viciously, if something is negative, it is going to get cleaned or it’s going to disappear.

Alexandra: That’s really interesting. I have to tell you this. I just interviewed a guy by the name of Tory Smith and he’s very similar to you. He’s really like, all of his, a lot of his DNA is lit up. And he can see everything.

Jay: I was gonna say, he’s a seer. He’s pineal based energy .

Alexandra: Incredible

Jay: You know what he really loves? If you give him some barely cloudy quartz and some nice clear quartz, and some stick selenite and a piece of lapis, you put that in his hand. He is going to vibrate.

Alexandra: I should do that for him. He really doing a lot of work for the planet I mean a lot. And one of the comments he made that lines up with you is, he said, he can’t understand it, but every single person he’s run into, that was a Satanist, how did he say it? Anybody who was a child sacrificer. They always seemed to line up to the 37%. He would say 37 %. He would find it across the board. Every single one of them.

Jay: Yeah, there are some at 27, I’m looking now there’s none that is 17. But anything that harms, something like that needs to be destroyed. Um let me say this too though, this was what 2012 was about. This how a soul or spirit, sentient energy is put into a physical body. A man and a women, and this is all relative, a man and a women get together. They create an embryo. That embryo grows when that embryo, a man and a women both have what they call a Kundalini I just call it core energy. It’s got the 2 different energies. You know, the 2 snakes that go around the core energy or spine going up. That’s the energy of that particular personality, you, you know that’s spirit from the other side. Then the other snake in the Kundalini is the energy the actual living spirit that comes from the planet. It’s part of Gaia she releases to go with you, to have that life. When someone dies, when an animal dies, person dies, plant dies I’ll talk to both energies as they go home.

So this is something that I actually see where this is coming from. I’m sorry I’m floating all over the place. As the embryo starts to grow a little bigger then finally, the source energy the female source energy will take her hand. Take her source energy, like a wall, and pushes it to the left side of the brain the spirit of the planet, leaves it there and comes in here and puts in your visiting spirit, your soul of whatever you are in there. Then puts energy over that and the whole body. That’s how the soul or the visiting spirit gets into the body. When that barrier is in there, you’re not talking to yourself too well.

If you are an, if you were like a big engineer, for putting up skyscrapers, a neurosurgeon stuff like that, that barrier is thick. When you are somebody that is “psychic” or something like that, the barrier is thinner. Because the 2 parts need to talk to each other, need be more awake, more aware. December 21st I kept saying, life after life that I had, you’ll never see the world the same way. That all I say.

The reason why is you’re going to see more of the world, because I am going to rip that damn barrier out as much as I can without interfering with your life. Those surgeons and everybody else they still have those barriers. Can you imagine a surgeon is working on your back and all of a sudden he sees a little elf run across your back, and he freaks – Oh – better put this one in a wheel chair. You can’t have that. So anyway, either something is 17% negative which is clean and light, or even 7 % if that barrier’s still there, they and everybody can be controlled, it goes in the conscious mind The original male, usually the female runs stuff. She was the Father God everyone was praying about. I did too, when I was I kid. No big deal. Just so we know so we know better. Um, they go in the conscious mind. Sometimes it’s like a drill going right in , or they go in through the ear usually.

Um and they can just run you for a little bit. And make you do want ever they want. Then all of a sudden you say, why did I do that? What happened? (44:33) Well you were taken over. You know, That’s wrong! It’s not going to be allowed to happen any more. So when I started ripping the December 21st 2012 thing, I was already fighting so bad with the original male and female, going crazy. Then I just said this is so screwed up. Nothing is going to happen right. I went in everyone in April 2012 and starting ripping the barrier out. So they can really start becoming more awakened. Huh. And then you see things, people are talking about stuff, and they’re not getting so freaked out. It’s like it’s making sense and they are calm about it, instead of running out the door.

Alexandra: And not going into total confusion. That’s been the worry for so many people. That those who are starting to come on line, and become more awake, what are they going to do, if it’s taken us like decades to figure out? And they have to learn it in about 3 hours. (laughs) You know? Or 3 days.

Jay: It’s like that field energy, what I am inside. And when I say what I am inside, I’m a part, I’m attached to Arae. I don’t see myself as the physical part of the planet anymore. I’m Arae, just slightly modified because it’s got a different piece of the planet. Like my last life Ghandi okay that was a different piece of the planet that was added to Arae. Because I’m part of Arae now, he came in and consumed me, and I am part of him it’s like it is me. You know, it’s just a little different. It’s like whatever so what? It’s like I like to say, I am a shoe that’s on this big foot. Whatever…

Alexandra: How big is your foot anyway, Jay? (laughter) No I’m just kidding.

Jay: (laughter) When it gets broken it gets a lot bigger.

Alexandra: Yeah right, that’s for sure. By the way his foot is broken. That’s what he is talking about. So okay, clarify this, many of us have been told there were 7 universes.

Jay: No, there were, come December 21st 2012 there were over 3000 of them. But a bunch of them were collapsed.

Alexandra: Because of darkness?

Jay: No, no, no. Because there’s was no need for them. I’ll explain that in a second. Right now there’s 1, 42o new universes and there’s new energy going in the new bodies. People are going have lives and new bodies the Fae bodies. Because it takes out 72-78 % of all the abuse in life. But first let’s go back to why all those other universes were there. The original male and female, the first original being, they literally, they never had a life. They literally found out, by Lilly and I first of more than 2 million lives, nothing else. All it was, was the planets and the energy from the planets making the different bodies, like dinosaurs and stuff. (47:25) Okay, and a lot of people say I can talk to animals but I can’t talk to dinosaurs. Well, you can’t talk to them because the only energy in the dinosaur was that of the planet. So that energy goes back to the planet and stays there. It doesn’t fly around ready to talk. It stays there back at the planet. That’s why you can’t ever see dinosaurs and talk to them unless something gives you the image of a dinosaur and talks to you through it. But people who actually can talk to animals and stuff they can’t ever find them. That’s why it’s a simple thing.

Alexandra: Very simple. Go ahead..

Jay: It is..(laughing) I’m so desperate trying to get everything out,

Alexandra; It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m just giving you a hard time go ahead.

Jay: I love it. I love it. But anyway, so, there’s all these universes the original male and female found out with me and Lilly. What I am inside, they made it really strong. They made 2 different sets of source energy that were clean, with less than 2 % negativity. They did that because they wanted us to be weak. So that they could control us. Now Lilly, the 2 big pieces, the bottom piece was made bigger . And it was given and this big piece that they did this with, the bottom piece was bigger and the frequencies that our loving Mother will put down in there. The frequencies of fortitude, power and everything else were put down in there. Now, in the very bottom is Lilly and Aramaeleous . Lilly is the focal point the strongest part of the energy that was in Lilith. Arae what’s in me was the strongest part of Aramaeleous. We were taken out so when we would go into bodies we’d make bodies and start having lives. So then we’d have a life and every time you have a life and you come out of the body you grow more. So Lilly will go into Lilith and charge her up, just put out a pulse and Lilith will grow a little bit. I go into Aramaeleous, and I do the stay thing, poof. So after having all these lives Lilith and Aramaeleous were growing, but Lilly and I were really getting big and strong and because I was given all that fortitude, I was getting crazy big. That how I eventually became the freak I am today.

Alexandra: (cracking up laughing)

Jay: I’m not talking about the body I’m talking about what’s in the body. (laughing) So it’s fortitude and protection. That’s why I can take such a beating.

Alexandra: Okay, so tell me something,

Jay: Okay

Alexandra: Seriously, I mean I’m serious about this. The incarnation process. We have so many theories on the incarnation process. And the fact that supposedly when we pass, we’re manipulated, we’re, what’s the word? We’re lured down a certain path and they say it’s bad to go down the path of following the light because there’s a whole matrix and agenda that brings you back into that wheel of Karma. And it basically brings you back to the reincarnation cycle. Then you go into these big massive warehouses and they zap you with gazillions and billions of electrical volts and they fry your memory. Then instead of you really apparently when you went in front of a council and said yeah I’d like to have this family because I’d like to learn this. (51:00) This is where I screwed up last time. Blah blah blah . You basically want to have that contract but, by the time you get to that place, other beings that have established themselves as the authority of this matrix, they’re determining, “No, I don’t think so. I’m going to put you over here, with that really shitty family and you are going to have a miserable existence and I just want to make sure you are impeded so that you cannot go and do what you are here to do.” What is your opinion on that?

Jay: Now that scares the crap out of me! Reminds me of date with my ex-wife. Yo! Yo! (cracking up)

Alexandra: Seriously, that’s pretty much what most of us think. So okay what’s the validity of that?

Jay: It’s not like that but, that ties in with me finishing your question that you had asked earlier.

Alexandra: Okay sorry.

Jay: Um, now see the original male and female, when they first started putting us in bodies, they realized that we would grow and get bigger. Then they started thinking, eventually, they knew that they were going to make all the souls so they’d have a lot of company. But also wanted the souls to start praising them. Now, they knew that, by getting them bigger, by putting pressure, you see when they first started running lives they didn’t know how to do it. So they didn’t even mean to, but Lilly and I just kept getting real big because they were screwing up, didn’t know how to run a life. They were really harsh. But that’s why they took the strongest energy there was and put it a body. That just got bigger, stronger, bigger stronger, then they said, we can grow them, by abusing them, and then we will build all the other universes for 2012. And then we’re going to take 2 soul mates. I’ve gotta tell you about that in a minute. Then we take the actual soul mates, put them together and put them in a universe. And then let them release their own souls, because they are so big now. So we’ll have a universe where instead of releasing a billion souls, they are going to release a trillion souls and they are all gonna say praise Mother/Father God. Praise Mother/Father God Like Sylvia Brown used to say all the time. And I love Sylvia I’m not picking on her. That was put to her. She’s a 4th wave soul. 4th generation 3.7. 37 % of the way through is when she came out. She’s very young. Her color is Amethyst. Her head is like yours, like Amethyst energy coming out the crown. She is really cool. In body she was made to do other things. It’s control. That’s why a good person can do a bad thing. They are made to. Wait till you hear about when people fall in love with angels. They actually do it to you. 9 times out of 10, angels would go, when 2 people meet, they fall in love they have kids. Then as soon as they get 2 kids, I don’t know what I was doing with this jerk. (53:42)

Alexandra: (cracking up laughing)

Jay: I don’t know what came over me. Let me tell you what came over you! Angels. Your own personal Archangels you had, when you two meet, because of the DNA you have together, you are supposed to make kids that other souls can go in. So you two meet and the Archangel goes into the back, right where your spine goes into your pelvic. They take their energy run it almost two thirds of the way up your spine.

Alexandra: Wow

Jay: And light up your endorphins in your spine. And light up the endorphins, .and you go ahhhh yeah! Well that’s Angels. You know? About 85 % of the original Angels are actually gone now. But that’s another story.

Alexandra: We’ll get to that in a little while.

Jay: Yeah, so the original male and female they wanted to abuse everything, and keep on abusing it so that they release more souls that could run around saying, praise Mother/Father God. They were building a support and applause, a support system. They were trying to build you know, a bigger cheer leader squad.

Alexandra: An empire that worships them.

Jay: Yeah! So, I’m getting a little pissed thinking about it. They’re dead, I literally killed them, finished killing them it took two times. May of 2013 is when they finally went down for the final count. That’s when my energy morphed. The NSA went freaky trying to find out what happened. So …

Alexandra: So, Jay…

Jay: So, so, so

Alexandra: Well, go ahead.

Jay: So, so, so, Getting back to, I’m sorry. I float all over the place.

Alexandra: No go

Jay: So the idea was, when they, was, they wanted to put the souls back into a body as quick as possible. And they wanted, and they say look, see, you get together with your spirit guides, okay? Then you say, look, I wanna, let’s try to do this life and that life. I mean we’ll have this event and that event in this life. And we will do this and that. And then you literally go up to a council of elders and see, Sylvia Brown had all that right. Um, Ieana, her spirit guide, you know really gave her that good information. And who, she’s really cool. Um, She’s watching me now, that’s funny. Um but anyway, I’m about to say something to her, she’s like, I’m quiet. Leave me alone. But anyway, now your spirit guide is talking.

Alexandra: (cracking up laughing intensely )

Jay: And now, your other buddy that you’re talking about is looking at me. The insect guy with the blue. What was his name?

Alexandra: Tolec

Jay: I opened up a door, and now everybody’s coming in.

Alexandra: ( laughing)

Jay: So anyway, it’s funny. So, anyway the idea was, after you put together your life, and the council says okay. Then the original mother would say okay I give you that life, and then she puts you in a body. She puts you in a body, you know like I was talking about earlier, goes in the embryo, takes that energy, source energy, puts it, the conscious mind to the left, then puts your visiting spirit to the right and closes the mind up and then the whole body up with source energy it’s like glowing soft yellow-gold energy. Um, and then once you’re in the body, she changes your DNA does all kinds of stuff to you. Really abuses the heck out of you and then when you get out of the body you’re kinda like, hey, you how big you are now. See what I do to you. And then they go, ah yeah. Because you are out of the body you don’t feel the pain anymore.

Alexandra: Whoa

Jay: But, you know what’s going on? And this is why I as Arae, this is why Arae had to finally act. You know, it’s weird talking about myself like I’m two different people. But whatever, I’m trying not to sound arrogant or something. I’m not I’m just what is. A cat is a cat and a car is a car. Who cares. Um, I just want to do my job. (57:20) Ah so anyway, they get to the, they would just get people in the body, grow them, make them bigger, and get them to go in again. And then what would happen is there’s something called, I call it the abuse gene, (57:39) while we are in the body, but it’s an actual frequency. Because I can read energy in people, I started cranking people up, I went in and I looked and I said, “What the hell is that?”

Alexandra: Wow!

Jay: It’s a frequency that’s all broken and sick. And I’m like, I looked, I zoomed in on it. And I said is this a frequency that went bad? And then I said, no. I watched it develop over time in one person . And it’s shoved in between other frequencies. So by having too much abuse in your life, you start developing abusive frequencies within your spirit. The real you! That’s detrimental while you’re in a body, but also when you get out of the body. Honey that’s still part of you.

Alexandra: Yeah

Jay: That’s still part, you know and that was making people actually, that was making people being sentient beings that was making spirit actually start growing when it didn’t have a body. So the original male and female said, cool are we smart or what? And I am the protector. That’s my job. In the very beginning, the very beginning, before anything happened, the first life, the original Mother and Father, came up to me and said, we came from that first dimension there. We made you like this for 3 reasons. Number 1, you protect us. I said okay. Number 2. You protect everything we create, make, build. I said Okay. And they said number 3 When something else comes out of that 1st dimension, you are going to beat it up and make it do whatever we say. So I said Okay. I never had a life I didn’t know. And then I started having lives, and I started developing my emotions, what I am inside. And I started saying, huh, yeah. I said, hey guys, let’s talk. Number 1 I’m good with that. Number 2 I’m good with that. Number 3, What, are you crazy? If something else comes out of the 1st dimension, I’m gonna say yo, dude how ya doin’? Let’s have a beer ya know. It’s gonna be like, hello how ya doin’ and meet them. If I have to protect everything else creation number 2. I will give myself, if it’s necessary, to protect them. I give you that as my honor.

Alexandra: Hm-mm…

Jay: And they’re like, no, no it doesn’t work that way. And I said, Yeah, so anyway they didn’t like that and as time went on, it was a few 100 millions years ago or something. Who knows. Don’t care. Um, I went up to them and said you know, I’ve got a problem with you guys. These bodies, on all these different planets they’re self-replicating. They have rights. They are now a part of creation. You can no longer abuse them. You are breaking rule #2. And the original female, she said, Nah, those are the vehicles we put the spirits in to beat them up, to make them bigger. I said no, they have rights now. So this fight between me and them has been coming for a long time. And the most abused ever was the animals. Animals were being forced to go inside bodies.

Alexandra: Oh no…

Jay: It’s crazy. Ah Yeah

Alexandra: Oh…What do you mean being forced to go inside bodies?

Jay: They were shoved inside animal bodies when they didn’t want to go. They were forced into them.

Alexandra: Aw…..

Jay: Yeah, I mean there is nothing more honorable or intelligent than animal essence.

Alexandra: I know I love them.

Jay: They’re incredible.

Alexandra: They’re so awesome.

Jay: Going through my life, becoming, realizing what I am, doing my job, (1:01:00) and you ask what my job is, my job is to come here and literally finally kill the original first being male and female, #1. #2 destroy all I could on the other side that wanted to maintain that format. And #3 was to bring all the information I said I would, as Quetzalcoatl, Pahana, and I don’t know how many other lives. I kept saying I would come back and give you the knowledge of what’s real on the other side. Um, um Quetzalcoatl – I was real tall, slender but strong, um white young king. Had a beard and everything. Um, and I could literally levitate, I would levitate myself on top of those flat-topped pyramids, and then I’d talk to the people, a thousand or more at a time. That’s where Quetzalcoatl came from. It’s like a serpent, because I was grounded, I was a healer, and I was knowledgeable. But the wings were just because I could levitate. And you know I was made so that I could levitate. Just you know, and that had to be allowed to happen.

Alexandra: That’s the way they represented it in the arts and the um…

Jay: Yeah.

Alexandra: However, they could represent it.

Jay: Yeah, it’s like the 9th Incan ruler Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, that was me, and if you look that up you look at the Legend of the Stone Soldiers, and it said when it was time to protect whatever Cuzco, whatever the place was. I can’t remember. I’m no good with names. But it was time to protect it, there were 313 men and myself against an army of 6, 000, at the bottom of a hill and they were coming up. Well as Incas we were big builders, we had walls and big stones everywhere. And I knew I was going to be able to kick some butt when this happened, and the original mother of course she was around and she said “Tomorrow you’re gonna be this and that and everything, whatever”. So she released enough of my energy through me, when they finally came up to attack us. I levitated about 500 boulders with my right hand, 500 with the left. I literally threw them in between each other like this, killing, I don’t know, within 60 seconds I destroyed 1600 soldiers. I ripped them up. I mean can you imagine a 65 mile per hour, 75 mile per hour, 500 lb or 100 lb boulders going in between everybody? They ran. And that was the end of the battle.

Alexandra: Crazy

Jay: And the legend says that I called the Stone Soldiers to come fight with us. Nah, I went telekinetic that’s all. You know…

Alexandra: (giggles) Just went telekinetic that’s all… Now wait a minute. You still didn’t answer my question.

Jay: I’m sorry, haven’t finished…

Alexandra: The part that I really want to know about is, is it really true that we all, honest to goodness pick these crappy childhoods where we are sodomized, raped, tortured…

Jay: No no, no, no, remember what I was saying that we put a life together and when we get in it, then all of a sudden the original Mother would say okay this is what you’re going to have. (1:03:56)

Alexandra: So it’s not what we choose.

Jay: Yeah, we say I want this and this and this and that. I want ice cream and a banana split. Okay, here ya go, eat nails. As soon as they put you in a body but then when you get out, then the original Mother/ Father, the original Mother actually, will say see how you have grown? See what it did for you. Everybody like getting bigger and stronger. And when you are out of the body, you’re no longer attached to that constant input of emotion.

Alexandra: Hm-mm

Jay: So it’s like when you are holding on to a live wire, when you let go, it’s like wow, that was no fun. But when you’re holding on to it, it’s like holy crap! It’s the same basic kind of concept. Again simple.

Alexandra: Interesting. So we really had no idea what we were going to land in. We thought we we were actually going into a much peaceful environment.

Jay: That’s what we usually expect, however half the time we were aware that we were going to get slammed a little bit. But, you know what? When you know that you are going to grow and going to come home and you’re going to be okay, and you’re no longer attached to that immediate constant impulse of emotion, and all that physical stuff, you kinda forget about it. You forget about all that abuse you went through. You know you’re gonna get hammered a little bit. But you say to yourself, end result, I came out bigger stronger. And also, the more you’ve done it, the more these little abusive frequencies were gathering inside you, which was making everybody a little like this. I was watching this happen the few moments I’d be out of body. And I’d say, Man! Creation is sick! I am failing on #2!

Alexandra: That’s crazy. I mean are some people more targeted now than others? To go into those situations?

Jay: (laughter) Yeah. I know one. (laughter) We had issues.

Alexandra: You know where I’m going with this question.

Jay: Yeah, but honestly the more heart you have, okay, the more you were targeted. The more of the vibration of hope you have in yourself, the more you were targeted. Because they put automatic abuse systems in people’s life. People had a lot of money and that were allowed to make more and keep abusing people. Even stupid stuff like ticks, fleas ah, mosquitoes, you know they have no Kundalini, just the energy of the planet. They’re made to bother the heck out of you. (1:06:26) Pollution – all this stuff is made to abuse you. And when someone comes out and they have love, and they give people hope. The frequency that actually is hope, literally gives off a light-blue aura. When you walk outside the door early in the morning and you see a light-blue sky. The first thing you get is the feeling, this could be a good day! It’s cool too. It’s a very natural thing. The heart! The heart is incredible. Yours, a lot of blood red. It’s real love. Okay? And then, green, light-green, is spiritual healing. Deep-green is physical hearing, healing I’m sorry. It’s natural color is a deep purple-red. Um so there’s all kinds of, different shades. I am going to do a book on frequencies and the auras they give off. So when people can actually see the aura, they don’t need to see the frequency like I do. They just see the aura and see what it means. And they can help read people. And the heart, oh I know I’m getting away, I’m sorry…

Alexandra: It’s okay…

Jay: I just keep going there’s so much to say. Um, so you’re right that we do set up some kinda tough stuff for ourselves to go through. But once you got into a body you got slammed. And then plus, all these issues with past lives issues. Where did they come from? The way we measure time on this planet, the revolution of the planet, going around the sun and everything, the way we measure time, we should be out of a body, the normal person, the normal spirit, sentient energy person, should be out of a body 100, 150 years depending on how tragic the life was, before they go into another one. And then boom they’d be going into another one. Boom, boom, boom, they just keep going.

Alexandra: Wow! That makes sense.

Jay: Yeah, that’s why everybody has all these past lives issues. I see them I help them with it.

Alexandra: That so makes sense.

Jay: It’s simple. It’s as simple as a goofy old man in overalls. I’m telling ya.

Alexandra: (laughter) So do you agree that we are in an out breath mode for the universe? You know how you’ve heard of the in breath, and the out breath. Supposedly if it is an out breath, it’s expansive. And if it’s an in breath it’s condensing?

Jay: Yeah, When you say out breath I feel release. That’s what I’m feeling in your heart. And in your mind. And by the way, anytime I touch someone’s mind I touch what’s on top. Unless I feel someone wants to hurt someone then I’ll go and rip out what ever I want and I’ll just start talking to them. I’ll show them some dirty things. I love you, Herc. Herc is coming in and he says, calm down Daddy. Calm down. Um, animals are so cool. Anyway, I’m sorry, what was your question about? (laughter)

Alexandra: ( laughter) Well, no, according to the Eastern Indians, Okay? They basically talk about we are in an out breath…

Jay: Oh, I’m sorry…

Alexandra: …cycle right now. Where the universe is expanding, There’s all kinds of new galaxies opening up. (1:09:33)

Jay: Actually it is. The change that’s happening now is what’s in me Arae. And Lilly. Lilly’s hurt. One of the first things I have to do is fix her when I get out of this body. I love her so much! The first emotion ever felt was loneliness. By the first being. But when Lilly and I were pulled out of Lilith and Aramaeleous and we came close to each other, as soon as our energy starting folding over, that was literally the first time there was ever love. If I think about how much I love her, I will bust down crying right now. Like I am trying not to.

Alexandra: So profound.

Jay: And unicorn energy came out of Lilly. The dragon energy comes out of me. Um, and if you think about a unicorn, now Lilly, less than 1% negativity, source energy, beautiful, mother love. Now unicorns, what’s the legend about them?You never ride a unicorn unless you’re a virgin, perfect, pure, you know that kind of thing.

Alexandra: Right

Jay: They came out us before. Before we ever had the first life. When were as clean as you can possibly be. That’s why unicorns are like that. Male unicorns came from my male energy mixed in with hers. Female dragons came from her female energy mixed in with my dragon energy. That’s where dragons and unicorns come from.

Alexandra: That’s cool

Jay: And they’re living and everything. Um, so what’s happening now, is now that the wicked witch and warlock are dead, as soon as I can get out of this body, 5 minutes afterwards, the rest of the problem source, problematic source on the other side will be dead gone for ever. Then we have to reset having lives. Okay now this awesome. Almost no one knows this. Okay, this is the way it’s going to done. As soon as the new format is laid down of compassion, honor, um protection, equality and justice but the justice is my gig. What did you say sweetie.

Alexandra: Integrity

Jay: Well yeah, yeah. For me integrity and honor are …

Alexandra: Similar

Jay: two hands coming together. Part of a true concept. That’s what has to happen. That’s what is going to happen. Spirit guides will not be allowed to lie. They have actually been made to lie. Like so many readers, they’re using the cards, and I told them. I gave the message it was right, it didn’t happen. Why? Because the spirit guide gave them a bad message on purpose. (1:12:09) Because the original Mother wanted them to screw up. So she says, Hey, you ain’t me. You ain’t me. I gave you this. That’s it. It’s punishment. It’s abuse. All that is going to be done, over, period. There’s new Angels that came from Lilly and Arae. There’s new animals, there’s all kinds of crazy stuff.

Alexandra: The new Angels, came forth just about, what, a month ago?There was a whole bunch of them…

Jay: They started coming out real hard, um yeah probably about 2 months ago, 3 months ago something like that. The 3rd wave of souls was 80% released, Lilly and I were both out of body. And we cleaned each other. I cleaned her up as much as I could. And try to get rid, you know, get the abusive frequencies out of me too. And we put our energy together and released a wave of energy. That wave of energy, I should have mentioned it earlier, the first wave that came out, it’s like if you take water and you pour it, just a cup of water. And your pour it out onto a table that’s been highly waxed, it thins out until it’s like little globs of water. You know Lilly and I did that and there were approximately 110 orbs of energy. And then what happens, cause like what I said in the very beginning, about the original male, the original first being made itself when it separates. It can never go back together again and they would always stay apart. So when that energy comes out in spirit it vibrates like this. Poof! Male and female. So there’s 110, 000 female and 110, 000 male. Now your soul, that’s the one and only soul mate that’s the other half of you. You know, that’s…

Alexandra: Now when you say soul mate is that the same as a twin flame?

Jay: Ah, no because when people talk about twin flames or soul mates what they’re really talking about is usually one of the 5 beings, that they’re supposed to be in the planet to have a life with. Um, ..

Alexandra: Interesting. Do most people find those 5 people?

Jay: Ah yeah, they always run into them they are made to run into them. But then again, remember please that since May of 2012, actually before then, May of 2013 and actually before then, everything’s been upside down on the other side. That’s why things go up, things go down. The whole spiritual movement and the new age thing it collapsed. Then it starts building and collapse. It’s almost like it’s trying to breath for its last air. That’s why I’m leaving in a few months instead of 2018. I can let loose what’s in me and go home and finish fixing things. Oh, and the neat thing that’s coming, you’re gonna love this. All of creation everyone you’re not kids any more. You are grown adults. You know what you’re doing you just need to be left alone to do it. The new system that’s gonna be in charge, is for Angels, all Angels above male and female, are what they call Zhe. They come to me in body all the time. One of the ones I talked to if you take the word she and take the s out and put a z in there. But when you pronounce it it’s like G-H-E-E or Gee. They um, each council, each energy field, each different energy field is going to be represented by 2 reps. It’s going to be a male and a female. Except for the for the Angels there’s going to be two of them. The old Angels and the new Angels. The Fae souls, the Human souls, the Faeman souls, which is a combination of both of them. Because Humans and the Fae are so close you can’t separate them. Hardly separate them. Um, and then all of them, everything’s gonna have it’s own group. Everyone works together, decides how creation runs. But the new format has to be laid down first. This is how is it’s gonna go. No more of that old stuff that goes like this. If there’s a problem Grandpa will take care of it. That’s, you know, the protector. Arae comes in, or Lilly, Lilly would probably be the first one to come in. The loving Mother, and Father is still the same thing. I am not a horrible person. I am very compassionate but, I was made what I am and when it’s time to protect I’m an S.O.B. and I don’t mean Silly Old Boy.

Alexandra: So basically what you’re saying is the new format is going to be more of a council, instead of this hierarchy where you’ve got to… (1:16:29)

Jay: Exactly it’s gonna be about family. The original Mother when I started fighting with her. She said, You are gonna talk about stuff like Sylvia Brown. And I said, What? Yeah you’re gonna talk about Mother/Father God. And I’m like, no I’m not. I said this about family it ain’t about you. It’s about everything. You’re a part of everything. But it’s about everything. And of course it escalated from there. [inaudible ] if it needed to. But ah,

Alexandra: So Jay, Do you feel that this situation that we have been in for such a long time, can be reproduced again?

Jay: It won’t be allowed to be.

Alexandra: Okay.

Jay: Never, never, uh uh…It ain’t ever gonna happen. As the councils work together, to get something done, if there’s ever an impasse or something, like Lilly or I or both of us come together and say, look this is how it needs to be, and this is why. This is why it’s why it’s best for everyone.

Alexandra: Hm-mm

Jay: So it will be a learning opportunity.

Alexandra: The decision will be made for the all. Instead of for…

Jay: For everybody’s benefit And it won’t be for Lilly and it won’t be for me. But you know what this perfect outfit for me. The J-Man the Janitor. Okay I fix problems. I take care of the kids in the school. And I clean up their messes. It’s perfect! That’s all I am. You know? All I want to do is my job.

Alexandra: Basically, we are all there. Well so…

Jay: I’m sorry I’ve got to tell you this, I’ve go tot tell you this. This is the neatest thing in the world, this is what should’ve happened in the beginning. Now granted, the original first being didn’t know they didn’t have a life. But they also didn’t care to find out. But everyone of you is different. Different frequencies. What you are as a group of frequencies, what you are together, you are going to have lives that flow into that energy field. You’re going to have lives that flow with what you are inside. So you’ll grow, but naturally and into something that is more you.

Alexandra: Nice.

Jay: That is going to be so nice. And plus the new Fae bodies, these solid bodies are going away, sorry. The negativity comes from a solid mass. They are gonna be fading away. These new lives people are going to be having in these other new universes, they’re Fae, you float around. You can float, you can get together with 4 or 5, folks, friends, you float through a building, through a physical wall, you make a body, sit down, eat at the table, have some fun. If you want you can eat or not eat. You don’t need to. Then you just get up and float right through the wall and take off again. As long as you don’t have to hold solid body, solid mass bodies, you don’t need solid mass to eat. Animals don’t have to kill each other daily to survive. We don’t have to eat plants, animals, plants are alive. I talk to trees. They talk to me sometimes, they hit me with stuff when I’m walking by them. They do that to you. Trees talk to you.

Alexandra: Yes they do.

Jay: I am watching you walk around, Hey yo do that.. (laughter)

Alexandra: (Laughter) I am a total nature nut.

Jay: Yeah, yeah, They love you. Ivy especially, um ivy and trees whatever. (1:19:39) I’m sorry I just keep going everywhere. It’s weird, it’s funny being me. No folks, those of you who wonder, no medications don’t help.. I can eat them (laughter)

Alexandra: (Laughter) Okay so clarify this. How, are you basically describing the matrix when you talk about the original Father/Mother God?

Jay: When people talk about the matrix, with what you said and the context, the thought you had in your mind, okay, the matrix is literally the way everything is set up.

Alexandra: Okay.

Jay: Ah yeah. That now has been destroyed. There’s a new one coming together.

Alexandra: And do you agree, do agree basically that everything in this structure is based on the digital, zeros and ones, that this nothing more than a hologram?

Jay: No. That is not true what’s so ever.

Alexandra: Interesting.

Jay: Not what so ever. Because it’s um, it’s very real. It’s very physical. I tested this out once, twice. Okay actually I tested it out twice. I took a hammer and beat the hell out of my head. Very real! I’m just kidding. (cracks up) It’s people I can (smacking sound) I can feel this this is here. Okay? Ah, um, I get in car wreck. It hurts like hell. Okay? Um, It is very real, um, because it’s hard for us to see through the veil. To see the other side. Because we have dreams and visions. Dreams are visions while we’re sleeping, of different things. Um, we are aware of this other stuff, and we don’t like being here. So we tend to want to put ourselves over there, and look back over here and say that’s not really real. No it is. All these dimensions are real. Um, from where we’re at the 2nd dimension is a a foot and a half to the right and 3 foot up. That’s why when a lot of psychics say, I see your Angels they’re floating 3 feet above you. Nah! They’re standing. You know?

Alexandra: Right.

Jay: It’s just where they are. But they see them through the 2nd dimension. Either through the scanner, which is when you’re solar plexus oriented. Sometimes you see stuff really clear. You see it really clear. I mean not sometimes most of the time. Um, when you see stuff in the pineal, we don’t get stuff as clear.

Alexandra: Yeah

Jay: Because you see through pineal, but you also see through the scanner. And that’s when you, remote viewing, right here. Astral projection is what we see in the 2nd dimensional, metaphysical, 2nd dimensional, other dimensionallity is right through here. But when you go through remote view that goes right through the scanner right here. Right at this big lump I’ve got. No, it’s not from a hammer mark. (laughter)

Alexandra: You could have fooled me. So tell me how long has this particular matrix, structure, screwed up thing been around? (1:22:33)

Jay: The very first life I ever had, um, was Lilly and I. I’ve had 10.846 trillion lives. By the way we measure time on this planet, they average 237 years a piece. Remember the Earth is small. So 237 years a piece. Then I’ve had 27 years off average in between lives. That’s the way we measure that. So it you take 10.846 trillion times 237 and then 10.846 trillion times 27 and you add them together and it’s a little more that that.

Alexandra: So basically what you’re saying is for this particular structure, format that we live in, has been screwed up from day one.

Jay: Yes.

Alexandra: Oh my God.

Jay: I was the first screw.

Alexandra: Wow!

Jay: Yeah, they were trying to learn how to do it, then they saw us grow. And they said look at that. You know, we were trying, the more, the longer you’re in a body, the more you don’t remember anything. And you don’t know why things are happening. And so start saying why is this happening? Then you look for reasons, then it tends people to flow into some kind of religion. Then you know it’s like…

Alexandra: It creates a lot of layers.

Jay: A lot of these… Yeah exactly. There’s got to be something that’s going to help us. You know inside there’s something else, but you can’t see it. You don’t know. You know these solid bodies are prison. You can’t get out unless you commit suicide. Or, when it’s time usually our Angels take you out.

Alexandra: That’s just wild

Jay: Your own Angels. They’ll keep you alive until it’s time for you to go. And honestly it sounds mean, but at the same time, when it’s time to go you gotta go. The bodies belong to Gaia. What’s really crazy when they take different beings and graft the DNA together and I look at them I see auras. Crazy auras from all over the place. I see different energies from different planets, and the first thing I do is get pissed.

Alexandra: Wow.

Jay: You know they’re trying to play God. And you know, like I said the God concept was put in people’s brains by the original male and female.

Alexandra: So how do you define the original sin?

Jay: There’s no such thing. As a matter of fact that kinda really bothers me.

Alexandra: Me too.

Jay: Because Genesis is the biggest lie. Because that Adam they talk about. Hi. How ya doin’? That was the Red Adam. It’s all just a lie and fabricated. (1:25:12) And they say Lilith came to Adam, and she didn’t please him. So she was put away or something. No!

Alexandra: (Laughing as she speaks) She was put away…

Jay: Yeah, I was here, she was here, 48 hours later and we got real busy, getting rid of, not getting rid of, removing the half and half – half animal half human beings. So they’d quit trying to mess with the human and animal evolution separately, the bodies and put them in lower dimensions. Lilly’s love, her eyes, would literally – I’d be with her – would lure them to another dimension I built. I just put up a barrier and Lilly and would walk right through the barrier and they’d turn around, and like, huh, how did we get here?

Alexandra: Wow.

Jay: And they are down there living right now.

Alexandra:: Um, you brought up a really good point. Okay you know that everybody and his brother is asking about ascension.

Jay: Yeah.

Alexandra: A lot of conversations I’ve had with friends and my husband, have been about, is ascension be more about de-scension, meaning going back within to the basic atom? You know, going back to the basic structure. I am just wondering what you think about that. The whole ascension thing.

Jay: When they’re talking about ascension they are talking about lightening up their energy. Okay? Let me tell you what that is. It’s called death. When you leave the body and you leave the physical mass behind, you are your normal self which is a higher vibration. Because, the body, the physical body, physical mass has negative properties to it. So that’s why when I look at someone, 17% negative soul. I look at the body, I say, it’s got 18.7 % negativity to it. Because it’s got the body involved in it. It’s not the spirit that came from the planet, because Gaia, she is less than 1% negative. But, it’s just the physical mass. Um, did I – I told you about the four new first beings growing in the first dimension, didn’t I?

Alexandra: Well you didn’t tell us about the specifics of those beings, you mentioned that. Who were they?

Jay: Okay, The next one that’s supposed to come, it’s already looking like almost 67% negative. But it’s going to be destroyed before it ever gets out.

Alexandra: Good. Especially 67%

Jay: Look what happened with 27.5%. Do you think I’m gonna deal with 67%, Nah, I’m sorry.

Alexandra: Okay Jay, I mean like I have so many questions to ask you. And it’s definitely, we’re gonna run way over time. So we’re going to have…(laughter)

Jay: Look I’ve got a whole lot of wine, let’s talk. (cracking up)

Alexandra: Could you pour me a glass please?

Jay: I’ve got my aqua

Alexandra: Oh my God. So tell me this, you know this whole structure, basically what it was designed to do was make us big, but through the point of oppression. Right? Everything is based on oppression. (1:28:08)

Jay; Exactly, abuse you make you bigger stronger you that you can release a bigger cheering section.

Alexandra: Okay so we’re in this matrix, everything is about oppression. Including every agency, every institution that the government has created.

Jay: There are a lot of positive vibration out there. A lot of positive frequencies. You, me a lot of others. We fight it. We do what we know is right. There’s a lot of us right here on the planet right now, at this moment it’s the dirtiest planet in all creation. Um, but there’s, we’ve been fighting against something that even me, when I’m in a body, excuse me, or even Arae when he’s in a body, you are locked up. When I see you all and I go into you and crank you up and stuff and look at your energy, a lot of people talk about you know, well like these gurus “If you study with me you can learn how to extend your aura 15 or 20 feet! But not 100 like me”. Oh for Pete’s sake almost no one can fit in a state anymore. Are you kidding? Most of you when I look at you, if we drop you in a helicopter and put you in the middle of the US, you’re wet, on the Atlantic and Pacific, you’re floating, okay?The strong ones that’s where you all are at. Me I’m way off planet Let’s not even go there. Of course you know me I’m all over the place anyway. But you all have grown so big, so strong. What’s coming is final freedom.

Alexandra: It’s almost like retribution and it kicked them, it actually bit them in the butt.

Jay: It did. It did. But you see the problem was after I got rid of them it created a power vacuum, and then my brother and sister, Armelius (?) and Lidia, the top source, clean source male and female, they wanted to start getting involved but Aramaeleous and Lilith said we are the new Mother/Father and we are going to keeping this old abuse way. What they call Jesus Christ, the energy that was in him, was actually human essence. He’s gone. He literally attacked the hell of me. I’ve saved him I don’t know how many times actually from the original male/female. He dropped my arm a little bit, I was going to cook some eggs, chop up some eggs, and onions and stuff to cook some eggs. Literally dropped my arm and went inside here for a moment and just took over. The knife kinda fell out of my hand and it starts spinning like a buzz saw. And it came within a tenth of an inch of cutting the inside of my right leg where the that artery is, the bleeder. He says I’ll kill you. He said if you start killing these Angels and stuff, I’ll kill you. They call me lord now, I’m the new god. And I’m like, I can’t believe you’re talking to me like that. And buddy you’re dead. That took me over a week, he was so big and there were so many little pieces of him everywhere. I had to go out and get every little piece. See that’s the problem I’m still having right now, getting rid of the rest of Lidia. She, you know I take care of the big part, and then there’s all these little parts. I can wipe out the cloud, but all the little raindrops that are left especially when other things are hiding in them. When you’re in a body you can’t see it. I am doing everything I can. I’ve come close…go ahead .

Alexandra: So a lot of what you’re looking for is the fragmented pieces of their soul, right?

Jay: The fragmented pieces of their source energy.

Alexandra: Of the source energy, interesting.

Jay: Yeah

Alexandra; You’re aligning with, have you ever heard of Yellow Rose for Texas? (1:31:37) She goes by Rose.

Jay: (1:31:43) [inaudible ] … joke about that. I no I haven’t. I haven’t heard about her because, and I don’t mean this in any negative or detrimental way what so ever. But, I see what’s over there. I see stuff I know and it’s like you know, and I don’t have time to research stuff. Because I’m just telling what I see and I gotta go. I’ve got to hurry up and die.

Alexandra: no, no, no. The only reason I bring that up is because she is pretty much the latest deliverer of information that really resonates with a lot of us out there.

Jay: She is aggressive about some of the stuff she says. She’s said stuff about there being problems on the other side.

Alexandra: She also talks about Jesus not being, Jesus was part of this whole hierarchy. That he was part of this format.

Jay: She’s getting good information. Actually, she’s been getting some good information from some of my family members. You know Lilly and Arae released she’s got a group of them hanging around her. There’s a piece of Lilly, there’s a small piece of Lilly out. That talks with her. Um she’s strong.

Alexandra: Yeah, I really like her. I mean I basically put her on my website so that people can become a little bit more familiar with looking at this from a completely different perspective. Even if it doesn’t align with the way you think. You know?

Jay: She’s pissed

Alexandra: Yeah she is.

Jay: She’s real pissed. I mean I’m talking with her spirit inside right now and she’s literally, just saying, fed up now, she’s quiet. I said honey, I’m just giving you a chance to talk She’s saying, I don’t need it. I’ve got my own mouth piece. I love you. Just keep going, pops. (laughter)

Alexandra: Well one of the things that she has mentioned, that is kind of a mind screw, if you want to call it that . Is the fact that’s it’s only been 100 years. Then she talks about how it’s only been 100 years, how time is relative. How each of the civilizations like the Sumerian culture, the Egyptian culture, and so on and so forth. That each one of those has been layered on top of the other and really it’s only a duplication of the one before. It’s just that they kinda change the setting, or the stage. I am wondering what you think of that.

Jay: That’s not true. However, Um…

Alexandra: I’m paraphrasing for her…

Jay: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where she’s getting this, I understand ’cause I am looking at it. Lots of thing happen in 100 year periods, a century. The same basic process happened in Egypt. (1:34:21) The rulers of Egypt came from Atlantis, I remember that. I was Osiris and Ana somebody really close to me, sent us some more money today, she’s in Florida. She’s going through hell. She’s been really picked on. She was Cleopatra #7. She was Isis. I was Osiris, get a load of this. I guess this makes me seem like the kinkiest old man in overalls ever. Um, um, she and I were together. Fell madly in love and then she was pregnant. Then her uncle or something was the main ruler, and came back in, and was real p/o’d about me being there because he had some negative issues. He had these guys with him with these huge axe things. Like the guys that chop the head off with the hood or something. And literally and start chopping me to death, right there in front of her. I left that body, I went inside her. I was Horus. I literally came right out because at that point that body, the embryo was so small, there was nothing else put in there, so I just came right out and went right in there. I can remember something about Horus. Let me throw this one thing out there, something that really bugs me, there’s things about the different lives I’ve had where things really bug me. Um, um. I’ve got different parts of me talking to me. Stop it guys. Um, and they won’t shut up. That’s the hardest thing trying to deal with it. Um, arghhhh… um

Alexandra: You were talking about Horus.

Jay: Yeah um, um, Thoth

Alexandra: Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah

Jay: T-h-o-t-h he was 37% negative, okay. He was hanging around from Atlantis, they called him the priest king, he was not a king, he was a low-level – he was like a priest associate. He was actually a regular priest. The Emerald Tablets were made, were brought over from Atlantis by Osiris, they belonged to Horus, when I was Horus, okay. I made them as Osiris in Atlantis. It’s just like the crystal skulls. Same thing, just using source energy. Merlin turned lead into gold using source energy within the field which is source energy literally to transmute something it’s just changing the matter. Not just, I can’t do it when a situation’s made where it can happen, it’s just a simple thing. And anyway then he wrote his own stuff on there. He stole the tablets and wrote his own stuff on there. There’s a little bit of truth here and there. But there’s a bunch of lies on it. The Emerald Tablets.

Alexandra: So it’s just like everything else, it’s all been bastardized.

Jay: Yeah yeah, he wanted to glorify himself and throw his own message out there, instead of making it what it should be, about everyone else.

Alexandra: Is there anything on this planet, in this format, that you feel is 100% pure information of ancient books, scriptures, documents, is there anything, that hasn’t been tainted? (1:37:40)

Jay: The only thing that is like that is some of the crystals that have memories in them because crystal never lie. A good quartz crystal literally holds the truth. Um I was walking by a crystal one day and I heard something go, Hey. I was yelling at myself but it was something nasty. I turned around ready to fight and I’m like “what?” And then he goes “Over here”. And I just got pulled right in and I looked at it and I am looking at this crystal and I held it and I actually went back into Atlantis when I was Red Adam. You know the pit, we had a crystal pit over there. Again it was using ah, um just metaphysically making a, transmutation. Just making the crystals just making the pit. Then there was a hole drilled all the way down through the magma. This is what sank Atlantis. Drilling a hole all the way down through the crust into the magma. Then you put, made a special crystal, to go over the top of that. Special crystals here another layer right here. Like little spikes coming out. Then now, that, with the solar coming from the sun, the thermal energy coming up. That created the energy necessary with those crystals to focus it in to run ships. There were star ships everywhere. Not star ships, you know, the ships that float around the planet and stuff, move around. Anyway there was this one fight, this is what I saw. I saw myself standing right next to, right near the pit, and I was guarding it. Nobody was going to come up there. I was a freak. But there’s like 1000 Red Adams over here, Red Adamics over here. Another 1, 000 Red Adamics over here. And they’re actually fighting. And it was the positive and negative. Where they were all going at each other. And then there was so much energy built up by everybody, ’cause everybody was strong – their DNA and abilities. Then I was getting real pissed. So I am cranking up. The um, the pit was already running hard. All that extra energy went in there and literally, poof. It exploded. And a piece of it broke off. And it landed right next to me. And just I picked up and looked at it. That’s the piece.

Alexandra: Wow

Jay: So when I have the money, if I can do it before I go I’m gonna buy that thing. And give it to Michelle.

Alexandra: That’s so cool

Jay: Because, yeah, it’s like Max, of all the crystal skulls he had 12 of them. Arae made them the 13th one, was being made, hasn’t been made yet. It was going to be made in Brazil out of some very special quartz over there. Brazilian quartz, it’s got gold in it, I mean, it’s got a yellow goldish hue to it. It doesn’t actually have gold in there. It’s like the acidic, you know rain and whatever that’s over there. That gives it that color and transmutated into another skull. 8 of them made on this planet 4 were made off planet and brought here. (1:40:40)

Alexandra: Very cool

Jay: Yeah, but anyway there’s so much stuff going on. Crystals, when you can read it, they won’t lie. I’ve gone by crystal shops and actually seen them and they talk. And they’ve seen murders and stuff. I just wipe them out and tell them I love them and they’re happy.

Alexandra: It’s funny because I received a gift from a, get this, a Baptist, Pleiadean, American Indian. Quite a combo. In Arkansas who gave me a Golden Healer.

Jay: I was going to say he’s really in touch with the Earth, you know crystals and stones.

Alexandra: And I am so into this crystal I use it in all my missions and everything. Because it is a transmitter and receiver. And I couldn’t find it yesterday. I was in tears. It’s like a part of me. I was freaking out.

Jay: Did you find it?

Alexandra: Yes I did.

Jay: Okay. Where was it?

Alexandra: It was right in my purse.

Jay: Okay

Alexandra: And I had looked in my purse.

Jay: Was your purse on a couch? Where was it?

Alexandra: It was in my room, bedroom.

Jay: Okay

Alexandra: It was very strange.

Jay: Is that where you’re at?

Alexandra: Yes

Jay; Okay because it looks like a couch behind you and I’m seeing….

Alexandra: (cracks up laughing)

Jay: I’m trying to figure out what I’m looking at

Alexandra: You know now that that’s been pointed out, Jay I want everyone to know my husband came in here and said, you know it’s really sad that you do all your interviews on your bed. I think we should put a blanket up over the pillows.(laughing)

Jay: Hey that’s alright I though it was a couch, coulda fooled me. Jay can’t see for diddly squat. He can’t tell a bed from a couch. Let me tell you something about your husband. He’s pretty cool. He’s very grounded. He’s soft he’s got a lot of softer tan-brown energy to him. He’s intelligent and he takes his time as he makes his way through things. But he’s thorough, and very much to the point. He’s not aggressive but he’s firm.

Alexandra: Yup, Yes very much so. He was one of the guys that oversaw the Blue Crystal in Atlantis. The really gigantic one.

Jay: Yeah there’s so much stuff over there that um, I don’t know,

Alexandra: Or want to know…

Jay: It’s sad, it frustrates me. Um, ah I’ve been attacked so much so long, you know. It’s hard to get me too pissed off anymore. But, it’s when I look at everything, I see how wonderful it is. And I feel how much I love it and to see what it’s gone through, sometimes I actually have to ask myself, what’s the matter with me? Why did I wait this long to do what I did. Because, poor Lilly’s hurt so bad and everything else. And I know there’s an answer to this. And there’s a good reason for it. But I can’t access it while I’m stuck in this body. (1:43:36)

Alexandra: Yeah you have really, that’s rough.

Jay: Um, um Dr. Kate Brooks she and I have had a lot of lives together. She is here in Atlanta. She telling me one time, we were talking and she looks at me as says, You even fight in your sleep. I said yeah I know. (laughing)

Alexandra: And there’s a lot of that going on, in fact I just wanted to let you know, I’ve got maybe about 5 minutes before I tie up this. Before I do that, last weekend… can you give us an FYI of how you saw, I mean there’s some major stuff that went down last weekend. And I felt that it was very victorious. I also wanted to share with you, one of the other people that I talked to, he said that he’s pretty sure that Bush and Cheney were extracted off world. Extracted off here. Finally.

Jay: Um, No but see the thing is there was something that happened in source energy that um made a big change. The way when people look at two individuals, because we have to think with a physical mind. And we want to blame them for what’s going on. Remember, it’s the other side that runs the bodies. So it’s the other side that’s causing the problem. That’s where the real problem is. That’s why it was imperative for anything good to happen to everybody, or anybody was to get rid of the original Mother/Father. That time you’re talking about I believe that’s just a little bit after the point where I had my foot broken.

Alexandra: Hmm

Jay: And then when that happened, then a statement made made within me that came from Arae, that he was going to start to kill me. Um, but he didn’t. And he told the other side he goes, I’ll bring him out of the body now. Then literally he cranked up my blood pressure. So I called up Michelle and said sweetie, I said look it’s not time for me to go, don’t be upset. But right now I’m dying. Arae’s you know, taking me out. But it won’t be all the way. It’s to teach them a lesson. So they’ll quit messing with me, ’cause breaking my foot twice – all the metatarsal bones on my left foot while I’m sleeping?? I didn’t even get up I didn’t even have a foot board. I couldn’t kick anything. That’s why on YouTube the video was like first and second time. You know I actually show you the foot. You can look at it. There’s no mark where it got hit or anything. You see but that’s when the statement was finally made, by the sleeping part of me saying, that’s it! (1:46:29)

Alexandra: That’s it.

Jay: And then you know what? Like right now they can’t wait for me to get out of the body and get back home. Especially the animals. Because I’ve got work to do. My work is for everyone. The Fae called me Father first cause Lilly and I made the Fae bodies. But the animals called me Father. My black panther power animal, I said thank you, but why d’you say that? He said, Do you understand how many lives you given to save the smallest of us? Being source is one thing, but you’ve been the one who has been the Father. Whether we came from you or not. That doesn’t matter, that’s what you are.

Alexandra: To protect and preserve.

Jay: And that’s why I kinda call myself big brother. And you know that’s – I was almost in tears, I started tearing up, I have nothing but love and compassion for everything.

Alexandra: You know it’s interesting you say that. I never imagined myself to be doing what I am doing today. I did imagine myself doing some sort of major planetary work, but I didn’t see it all in this capacity. And when I started doing radio shows, I realized that, they’re very rare, even those that write in a nastygram to ya. You know, email, they have to write something really nasty to you in an email. And you sit there and go, is this all you have time to do? You know?

Jay: Yeah (laughing)

Alexandra: But even that, being in the position I’m in, it has really facilitated… I have such a love. I really genuinely want to serve and help. And when you talked about the difficulty of being on this planet. I think that is the ultimate thing that comes out of it, is compassion. 2017 things are really going to pick up for you. 2018, 2019 somewhere around there, you are going to be flying around. And it ain’t going to be on an airplane. ( big laughter) Do I have to wait that long?

Jay: It’s up to them. When they share themselves. And when they do, it will be grand spectacle. Okay it’s going to be in force! But the idea is for people to understand, yo people we’re here. We’re using the sky as a parking lot. Um I do have one…

Alexandra: I am supposed to be really involved with that whole thing. I mean and I been told that over and over.

Jay: They’ll be a Serpolian right next to you, actually holding your hand and lead you. You’re on the left and he’s on the right. And he’s going to lead you up to the window, where you can see the Earth and the first thing you’re gonna do is go around the Earth and see stuff. And they are going to talk to you about different things. There’s a resistance force here on the planet. Anunnaki resistance, after I attacked the seven Anunnaki clan and everything and like I said the next morning, I went down stairs, the one other Anunnaki gentleman, he was from the resistance force. He’s Reptilian .He said why’d you let them go?And I’m like what’s going on? What is he talking about? I apologize the listeners don’t know about that. What we talked about earlier.

Alexandra: We will be doing that in the next interview. ‘Cause as you guys can tell there’s an awful lot to cover here.

Jay: Jay can’t shut up.

Alexandra: No because of the nature of the discussion that we are participating in, you know there’s just too much to cover in such a small period of time. So with that said, can you give us a little snippet of what you think is going on in the last month or so? (1:50:08) It seems like there’s an awful lot of war with the galactic forces. I keep getting that. And I am wondering what you think about that.

Jay: There is. One of my family members got attacked recently. I am going to have to release a video about it in the next few days. And the ship that attacked them was compressed into this tiny little piece of particulate matter. And that’s what brought the Anunnaki ambassador and his aide to my house.

Alexandra: Wow

Jay: When I was talking to Michelle, and that also facilitated my going after them, as my true self, and I ended up killing a bunch of them. So, the war is on. But see, things have to be brought to a head, so that they can be taken care of.

Alexandra: That has happened now, right?

Jay: That is started, yes the war is on.

Alexandra: Wow

Jay: And I can’t wait I love it!

Alexandra: Now I was also told by some other Light Warriors that I know, that, they’re now receiving visitations form the positive Reptilian that are coming here in battalions of like 6 and 8.

Jay: They’re here they have been here for a while. Some of the Drac. The first life that Lilly and I had I was Dracush and she was Dracana . We were the first, the real Adam and Eve of all creation. They’re a very old race,very powerful race. When they get involved, when they walk into a room, everyone shuts up. I mean this is power this is original power. Um in San Francisco, there’s a, I’m not giving away anything that no-one doesn’t know anyone that’s involved in what’s going on with the actual war , uh, in San Antonio, we have a very strong resistance. San Antonio – sorry – San Francisco, we have a very strong resistance. And just a bit south of that, the problem children here in California the Anunnaki group there. They literally tried to attack them and they wound up getting kinda all frayed up and fried up. Their heads would go, like they puff up a little bit and blood comes out everywhere. Some of them bleed green. It’s kinda weird.

Alexandra: (laughing) Oh my God

Jay: (laughing) Yeah,

Alexandra: You know Jay, if all of us could see through your eyes, I think we would have a scared group of people. You know?

Jay: I was gonna say, if you were in the house when stuff starts flying around, you know. And I’m all, Cut that out! And the Fae go running around. And the dog chases them. ( makes barking sounds) It’s a riot, it’s a riot. They go underneath and hide in the shadows and they’re gone. My dog is looking at me like what the heck? You know it’s like, Oh well.

Alexandra: Well listen everybody, I just want everybody to know we are grateful that you listened in today, listening to Jay Essex who in my opinion is just fascinating to listen to. I obviously need to have him back for a second, possibly even more than that series so we can get a little bit different perspective of what it is like to see things through his eyes. You can visit his website at jayessex.com or you can also go to spiritualsymposiums.com and hopefully next time we can go into some of the products that he has that look really cool. He’s really a specialist in stones, crystals and things like that. As you can probably already tell, he speaks to them all the time. And we’ll hopefully dive into that next time, how’s that Jay?

Jay: Sounds like a winner. As a matter of fact do you have any stones over there you want me to crank up real quick?

Alexandra: Oh my God I have 800 pounds of crystals that I was told I needed. And they’re this big.

Jay: Oh that’s no problem. I cranked up this one lady. I was cranking her up and then she said I’ll give you the stones, and just said leave them alone. I’m just going to do everything from the house and I did. And I was cranking her up real hard cranking the house up real hard. I said are you doing some building? You got a lot of bricks outside somewhere ? ‘Cause I’m cranking them up too. She goes no, but the house in made of brick. You’re gonna feel me everywhere you go in the house. (laughing) So everywhere in the house she feels that energy coming around her. The poor woman her head is probably blowing open.

Alexandra: Oh my God. Well let’s let everybody go. Thank you everyone I love you! Please visit my website at GalacticConnection.com and as always remember we are a free 24/7 site providing an online library for you. We do take donations if you feel so compelled to share, and I also want to thank everybody. And also check out our Implant Removal Series which is top notch! Talk to you soon. I love you guys! We will see you next week. On the other side.

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