Published on Nov 5, 2016

This video discussion between Jeff Godfrey and Alexandra Meadors concerns their new Galactic Connection service entitled the Divine Blueprint Reset (DBR). This is Phase 6 of a multi-faceted process, which need not be done sequentially, but should begin with the Implant Removal Process. Jeff ideated the DBR process, and Alexandra has added her alchemical essences to smooth and harmonize this life-changing intervention.
It originates from a Oneness state of pure vibration. Jeff works with frequencies and harmonics that structure our lower realities. The process is designed to re-connect one’s consciousness to the frequency of our mission, to our Divine roadmap, to our original reasons for coming to this planet. Jeff’s detailed reports convey not an oracular pronouncement on one’s destined life path, but rather he recodes soul patterns that have gone awry and re-aligns one’s current frequency to the original intent, preserved in Higher Self, by removing blockages and latent frequency distortions of several types.
This process is especially recommended for Guardians and is intended to align each with each other, and with our common, if extraordinary, incarnational mission. Alexandra’s essences allow for a more peaceful re-coding and re-patterning of one’s frequencies, a soothing lubrication for the dramatic reset process.

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