Raise Your Vibes to Achieve New Heights of Purpose & Potential

February 10, 2014

Jennifer HoffmanWelcome to a new week and this week we are in Mercury retrograde, Venus, Mars, Saturn are in retro shadow, and there is a full moon on Friday, which is Valentine’s Day. Somehow I think there may be a few ‘black roses’ surprises on the 14th, as these are not very good energies for romance. But, they are excellent energies for getting in touch with our heart’s desires, and paying attention to where we settle or try to sell ourselves to others, out of our desire to be valued and loved, without considering whether we are respecting our own value.

It’s hard to see the photos of loving couples and wonder what’s wrong with our love life. Two things to remember, first, the photos are of actors and they are not real couples, and second, our external love life mirrors our internal love life. When we love ourselves, release our fears around love, stop trying to sell ourselves to those who we think are good prospects or buyers, and are open to receiving love, it will come. As I have written before, ‘Patience is at the intersection between our will and divine timing.” It’s about timing, not time.

Stay focused on the love you want and it will find you, probably when you least expect it and aren’t looking very hard. In the meantime, you do not have to sell yourself, just love yourself enough, which is the message of today’s article.