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Raise Your Vibes to Achieve New Heights of Purpose & Potential


Jennifer HoffmanWhenever something is important, meaningful, and relevant to us, we say that it matters. Isn’t it interesting that this word is also how we define physical form, which we call matter. And because we send a lot of energy towards what matters to us, it is what manifests as the reality of our life. Whether this is intentional or unintentional manifestation, what matters manifests and if we aren’t happy with what we’re manifesting, we need to take a look at what we are including in what matters to us.


We defend what matters because these are our life principles and standards. We define ourselves, who we are, what we believe, our ethics and morals, by what matters. But do we ever look at what matters and ask ourselves why we are supporting this belief or whether it belongs to us? Sometimes our life’s ‘matters’ are those we inherit or learn and we don’t question them. But it all becomes part of our matter (or reality) because what  matters to you is manifesting in your life right now, whether you are aware of it or not, or want it or not.


So much of our energy goes towards what matters that we need to do a ‘matter review’ occasionally, to ensure that we are connected to what we want to empower and create, and that it is still relevant and important to us. A matter review is not an opportunity to judge what we have manifested — remember, energy is neutral and non-judgmental so we can’t judge or criticize our creation as good or bad. But we can take a look at situations and events in our lives from the point of discovering what mattered so much to us that we created this situation from it.


Judging ourselves for past actions never accomplishes anything, but making sure that we are channeling our energy into creation in a intentional, thoughtful, conscious and purpose-ful way by ensuring that what we say and believe matters is still relevant and useful, and is aligned with our intention, accomplishes a lot.


As we enter into this action packed, fast moving year of love, and I call it that because ‘love’ is the energy of the universe and we have a lot of it at our disposal this year, we have an even greater ability to create transformation and movement in every area of our lives. And since we’re always creating our reality in every moment, we can be more aware of what we are creating by looking at what matters to us. The matter we are creating (which is our physical reality) unfolds from what matters, meaning things that are important, relevant, uplifting and empowering. And that includes our need for healing, validation, value, acknowledgement, and transformation.


It’s never too late to do a matter review and if you did one now, you must might discover a few things that have once mattered to you that may or may not be as important now. If you release them, can you bring some new aspects of matter into your life that will create new potentials for your reality. We create our intention through what matters to us, because we use what is important to us as the basis for our intention. Then we see the results in our physical reality, or matter. If we don’t like what we see, we can look at what mattered to us at that moment and change what matters, so we can change our matter (reality).


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