Jennifer HoffmanWith so much energy swirling around, today’s channeled message feels particularly appropriate. We’re between two worlds and feeling a little off center. If you have had relationships end or had health issues recently, you are probably feeling fragile, unsure and maybe a little fearful of what the next steps may bring. 

We’re at the halfway mark in January and it feels, to me, like everything is happening and nothing is happening. Lots of energy swirling around, very little action or not as much as we would like to see. But we can’t get too comfy here because by the end of the month we will definitely see action and this spring, especially in April, things will really start moving.

 We are in Mercury, Mars and Saturn are in retrograde shadow now, Venus and Jupiter are both retrograde. All of the personal planets are in some kind of retro period, so no wonder we’re having trouble taking action. Are you having trouble finding a safe and peaceful place within? Then this week’s Archangel Uriel channeled message will give you peace.