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“If you activate your truest self, the way you become will reverberate throughout every area of life and people around you will start to change or question their lives. The Truth sets everyone free to do that. Some may go kicking and screaming, but they will still go.” ~ J. Hough 
October 8, 2013
Hi there Alexandra…
I was speaking at the Inspired Women’s event in the UK last week and a lovely woman came to me saying “I would really love to come and work with you, but I am so afraid that my mother won’t understand if I change. I’m afraid she won’t be happy.”

Free to fly: This woman is an adult with children. I asked her what she wanted with every cell of her body for her children. She said, “For them to learn to be happy”. Of course our mothers want the same for us. Now we may have trained them how to treat us and had gotten entangled in the process, however, the truth is, if we change ourselves to be expansive, fulfilled and at peace, there is a relief that comes over our mothers.  Yes, of course, your relationships will change…… AND IS THAT OKAY? (By the way, it won’t just be the relationship with your mother that changes.)

Lean in: Isn’t it funny how the ego doesn’t like change (for the better of course)? Isn’t it funny how when you see the Truth, that the change actually becomes exciting? Isn’t it funny how that little voice that is calling you back to yourself isn’t going away?

Even if those you love choose not to awaken themselves, you will just have to love them more, so they’ll get over your changes. xoxxo Jen
Jen Girl
– – – – – – – P.S.
By the way, nobody else has to change for you to be happy. If that were true, it would be a pretty cruel Universe, and of course we know it isn’t.  xoxo
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