– Jennifer Hough
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February 19, 2014
Hi there Alexandra,
jennifer_houghHave you ever felt like someone did something to you? I’m sure that my former hubby might think that about me, and at times I have carried guilt. I have also felt hurt by some loves in my life. But what if it all happens for us…instead of to us.

  • Would that make it easier to forgive someone?
  • Would that change the way you look at your past?
  • Would that assist you to have more courage to make tough decisions?

I applaud the courage you had when it was time to do something hard.

I’ve done a couple of those kinds of things lately. I sure don’t like when people I love judge me, but I’m more inspired to expanding Heaven in the long run, than I am scared of judgment in the short run. Sometimes it’s not pretty.

You are so loved by your life.

If you’ve been scared to live it because you might do something “to” someone, remember………..if you follow your heart, it can only be ‘for’ the greater good for all. 
Remember, you are not alone. 

Have grace.

I write these ‘for’ you…..(and me too sometimes)