eWakenings with Jennifer Hough
“ Consider this:  That pain is a form of motivation necessary when you are so asleep that you need a rude awakening.  It’s a push from the past.  Now consider this:  That creativity inspires us forward especially when we are wide awake to what’s possible.  It’s a call from our future.  Not saying one is right and the other wrong.  Just asking, which is your pervasive catalyst?” ~ J. Hough 
October 1, 2013
Hi Alexandra…
I thought I might spend this e-wakening message simply asking questions……. to maybe open some floodgates, or not:

  1. Is it possible that you do not need pain to be catalyzed forward in a fully awakened world (although it might remain an option)?
  2. Is it possible that you can have ever-expanding fulfillment without needing to justify it with the idea of unfulfilled (or any yin for the yang justifications)?
  3. Is it possible that sometimes you have made pain acceptable by calling it a teacher?  Is the student starting to outgrow that teacher?

I guess what I’m asking is, are you willing to reconsider everything you’ve been taught about dark and light…….to consider that maybe what’s being made available to you right now, is the idea that there could be only light……and more light…..and more light to be experienced without needing to justify it or compare it to the dark?
Oh, I know, it’s deep.  Sorry…..just felt like shaking some trees today.  Maybe an acorn or two will root and grow into a new-fangled oak tree………..
Hey I accept pain as an option, a sub-optimal one where necessary and on its way out as the only source of motivation to wake up.  It’s getting …uh….well ….painful…..LOL xoxxo Jen

Jen Girl
– – – – – – – P.S.
I find I feel the most pain when I’m stubbornly holding to keeping things predictable and under control, instead of living the adventure……how about you?  xoxo
Jennifer Hough and
The Wide Awakening Team
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