“What if you had 75 trillion cheering fans who came together just so you could experience this 3 dimensional world as Heaven? Would you treat them with reverence and humbly do your best to embody your magnificence so that the life force could be felt by all?  75 trillion cells in your body would appreciate that.”  J. Hough


Dear Alexandra

Sometimes we forget that every cell in our body has a consciousness.  You are in a communion with your cells.  Your cells chose to be a part of with you.  They are up for your journey, and in fact chose this adventure with you and for you.

Free to Fly: Hmmmm.  Maybe it’s not about treating ourselves a little less badly.  Maybe it’s actually about listening to what your body is telling you.  After all, it is also in your body’s best interest for you to thrive!

Lean In:  Really?  A Divine Child of an infinite Universe is going to settle for ‘feeling a little less badly’ or worse, by turning off the feelings all together?  C’mon now, settle for nothing less than the life you were born for!  It is your birthright to thrive.

jengirl1.jpgP.S. This may require reconsidering what’s possible beyond genetics, doctors, diagnoses, your resignation, and coping strategies.  Maybe it hasn’t been a question of waiting, maybe it’s been a question of misunderstanding the messages.