” Fear is real….what we are afraid of is generally not real.  There is the illusion of reality based on your past or based on the projections of others.  What if those realities are simply potentials?  What if they exist in the underlying Heavenly reality that presents itself when we let go of all the illusions we have created to keep ourselves safe? ” J. Hough

The wondrous adventure that lies ahead is filled with the expansive yes-ness of a Universe fraught with beauty not yet experienced by humankind.
jennifer_houghIn the Flow: The illusion of fear is fast becoming a distant mirage…..not because it is not justified, as it has been. The illusion of fear can only occur within the greater illusion that we ever needed to compete, be better than, or somehow win God (or any other’s) favour……..and that there is somehow a limited supply of resources for us to get to the promised land.
Let Go of the Oars: The promised land is here. The supply of resources is beyond imagination. Creation loves us so much, that we get to be here, there is no favour to win. All that there is to do now, is to show up and play……..and expand upon the Heaven that already is. Life being unknown is the greatest blessing that ever was, for only in the unknown can the potential of your own personal Heaven exist………..

Game on.  xoxoxoxo SOS