How you view your world is directly related to the emotions you hold. Change your emotion and you change how you see and experience the world.

Learn how to consciously chose and experience an emotion. The fundamental personal energy tools of Mastering Alchemy are simple. At first glance some say too simple. “Give me the good stuff.” Like any good craftsman, learning to choose the correct tool makes the job simple and enjoyable. In 2014 the Shift in Consciousness will become much more visible. Learning to utilize the proper energy tools will allow you to choose an emotion in any situation rather than being affected by the drama around you.

Q and A

  1. Are there local teachers for Level One?
  2. How long will this shift last?
  3. How best can I open to allowing and receiving abundance?
  4. What is the best tool to reclaim my seniority when I’m unexpectedly knocked out of my body?
  5. Please talk about how Mastering Alchemy changes the subconscious.
  6. Does changing to the light body involve physical aches and pains?
  7. How does the energy wave hitting the earth fit into these tools?
  8. Will wearing a word without a reference to it work anyway?
  9. What do you mean by dimension?
  10. Is it possible there is a gentler transition in the financial market than what you and others foresee?