I ask all of you, does this not seem like there is another agenda here? To build a non secure platform that is supposed to support millions if not billions of people’s traffic??? Now at the same time, I have read some disparaging commentaries on McAffee as well – someone who created software that has been automatically added to laptops and computers around the world and is under “criticism” for  participating in the spreading of viruses rather than the prevention of them?  I am no expert, but for this guy’s product to be bundled with all the big boys such as Microsoft makes me question things.  Here is an excerpt from an article in foxnews:

“In that year, the often eccentric programming pioneer led the media and the public on a wild ride with his outlandish behavior and off-the-wall statements during a catch-me-if you-can escape from the small Central American country. McAfee is a person of interest in the investigation surrounding the murder of his neighbor, American ex-pat Gregory Faull, near his compound in San Pedro Town on the island of Ambergris Caye. No headway has been made in the investigation — and authorities in Belize are still looking to speak with McAfee.” -A.M.