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microphone (1)What Is The Real Human-Insectoid Connection? Part 1

Transcribed on October 23 & 24, 2015 by
Rhode Island Jim♫ – P®et of the “Common” Man™

Alexandra Meadors: (02:48) Hey, hey, hey everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors from galactic connection.com and I hope everyone is enjoying my new intro that I put together – FINALLY – we have so much going on here, I have several announcements to make, and one of them is something that I feel that all of you have been waiting breathlessly to hear. And that is that the New Jerusalem has been activated officially and what I mean by that is I would like to put out a call to all guardians to be prepared. You will be being contacted either on a physical level or on the inner plane so please be aware, pay attention, because we are at a turning point – so that ought to give a lot of you some shivers and it’s good news, let’s just put it that way. (3:42)

And I want to share with you that things are in motion and cannot be stopped, so I will leave it at that – you guys read between the lines. Things have really started escalating for the light and this is a good time to bring in my next guest. Now I want to explain to everyone, and he and I just got done talking about this – that many of you know, way back when I was first beginning my interviewing – I should call it boot camp with Cobra, I was told many times that either galactic connection or myself would be used as a conduit for disclosure. And so that’s been trickling in – little by little, as many of you know. But today I have what I consider to be a special guest because of the simple fact that he’s not extremely well known. He has been really trying to bring some information out just through some kind of coveted circuits. You know, primarily through a couple of Facebook posts, back and forth, but has not really received the recognition that he deserves as well as that we deserve. Because I feel that this information is really filling in some of the holes that all of us truth seekers had been searching for.

(5:03) So I want to introduce everyone to – he goes by Johnny Alpha okay? Not highly publicized, he doesn’t have a website, he’s not putting out 50 million posts & interviews – he’s really just been divinely guided to me and I to him – I really do feel that today. And I ask each and every one of you – now my audience, all of you guys, you’re awesome, you know? – I can’t say that enough times and you know that, but I asked for any of you newbies that are coming onto the circuit – to remember one thing. If you really believe that there is something amiss and that we are – you know, lacking truth, I ask you to listen to people’s stories – listen to people’s accounts of what they’ve gone through with an open mind. This is what galactic society is all about. Being open to all the other different types of beings, and I’m talking insectoid beings, okay?

Beings that are orbs, beings that are of different races, all the way to the top. Now we all are so much clamoring to want to be in a more galactic society and it’s very important, as you listen to this interview, which I think is gonna kind of blow some minds today. As you know, it takes a lot to blow my mind, and there are a few things that I ran across that I was like – Woh!! – but I ask everybody here to keep your mind open – I’m not here to slice and dice this guys information. – I am here to present this information to you, honoring the fact that you are a master and that you have the intuitive capabilities to discern that within your heart and soul. Okay, you all know that’s where I stand with my interviews.

So I’m not here to say hey wow, this guy’s right or this guy’s wrong because everybody has a piece of the pie. I feel that this is a very important interview today, and he and I will probably be doing this time, seriously – a very long series of interviews because you know why? Because there’s just too much to refer to – too much to review – so, with that said, I wanna introduce you all to Johnny Alpha and he’s so humble that when I asked him for a bio (short laugh) he didn’t even feel comfortable doing that, but I’m gonna call him Jack. Okay? And Jack comes from a background, back in the 50s on in the Navy, and he was doing some test missions.

He actually worked with his mother and his aunt within a naval capacity. We’re gonna go into that today, as to how he stumbled upon this information – and the fact, that I really truly believe I have been receiving messages – I woke up this morning with a knowingness that he is truly one of the individuals that’s coming forth with some disclosure. So, with that said – hello – how you doing?

Johnny Alpha: (7:59) Pretty good

AM: Good – had we been having some audio technical difficulties occasionally so bear with us, everybody. We do have protection and we’re gonna go ahead and get started. So, I first want to start out with, Jack, if you could explain to everyone.. First of all, why you keep up the term Johnny Alpha, because isn’t that based on a cartoon – a comics book right?

JA: There was a cartoon character named Johnny Alpha, but when we went to Mars in the 70’s – we were Alpha team, and some of the lifeforms up there – they don’t want to call us by two names – they have one name so they just took each of our first names and tacked Alpha onto it. So I was Johnny Alpha, they had A Alpha and P Alpha, and so forth so I stuck with that name because that’s my Martian name

AM: Interesting. So and people are probably go to ask why are you wearing sunglasses.

JA: Ahhh, just because my eyes are a little bit sensitive.

AM: And they’re really light – I noticed the color of your eyes are very, very light.

JA: I have blue eyes you know?

AM: Very light blue eyes – interesting guys huh? Okay so and I just want – I got a chuckle out of this, ’cause I looked up Johnny Alpha and it says alter ego – mutant eyes allow him to see through solid objects, and read brain wave patterns, limited telekinesis and superb military skills.

JA: Yeah, so there you go

AM: (short laugh) So anyway, let’s kick this off – now when did you officially jump into the Navy?

JA: Well, I didn’t do anything of the sort. I was a – very young – I mean somewhere between three and five years old when I went into the program if you will and that’s full MK Ultra as well as other parts of the uhh…

AM: Yeah and so this is fairly typical, isn’t it?

JA: Typical?

AM: You know, they start you out very early, if you’re gonna be going, involved with Mission Mars?

JA: Yeah, it’s complicated initially because I was just made available, let’s just say, for other reasons you know? I was sent over from Europe, sent over to America, and uhh I was just put in at a young age – it was just whatever was going on at the time, so that was just MK Ultra – all the different aspects of that, I had experience with,

AM: Wow

JA: And then we were sent out into the field and we were doing all kinds of things. (10:51) I guess you could say a role would be a good description of it of myself and my aunt in particular and other people around us – just whatever was going on at the time, we would do it, so that would include all kinds of borderline showbiz, and politics, or anything – science that was going on or experiments – but then we ended up doing various early high-altitude test missions, okay, including the first attempt to reach outer space which was undertaken by the navy – in a jet – in a newish jet of the 50’s, that they thought might have a chance to survive at a high altitude, which anyone that knows from aircraft, will know that above about 5 or 6 miles, airplanes cease to function normally – they normally go out of control and not be able to stay up there – so we went straight up and tried to make it, to the edge of space, and we didn’t quite make it and the airplane tore in half and the wing came off and we fell, 7 or 8 miles. And that was the first attempt at reaching space, prior to rockets.

AM: Interesting, so you know many people, especially the flat Earth theory people, they say that once you hit, I think it’s – what is it, the 8 mile mark? – you cannot get past that point. What is your response to that I’d like to know?

JA: Well all we learned was that the aircraft – the wings and the ailerons no longer functioned once the air gets thin enough – you try to bank, turn and it just won’t respond so the airplane just turns sideways – at 700 miles an hour and that’s enough to tear the wing off so the whole thing just flies apart, so that’s what happened to us, and we had suits on but they learned – they learned a couple of things from us falling 7 or 8 miles. One was that you could survive it, and they thought for sure you would die immediately in the absolute zero temperatures up there, but we had these suits that were some protection and we learned that as soon as you start falling, even though the air is thin – you get up to 128 or 30 miles an hour when you’re falling – there’s just a tiny bit of friction, which provides just enough heat to keep you alive until you fall down into air that’s thick enough that you’re really starting to heat up. So I remember this, I remember falling out and I didn’t pass out, but she did, and I flew over which it turns out you can do if you’re falling and woke her up and said, look, were falling and we’ve got about five minutes here and we’re going to go splat, so we better get ready to pull our parachute cords. So we fell for a while and we looked over there and there was a saucer, of course tracking us down and we made it down – I had some physical damage to the bottom of my feet, which turned out weren’t insulated well enough, and she had mild brain damage from the freezing cold, she got over it more or less

AM: (14:20) Now where did you exactly land?

JA: oh, I have no idea –

AM: And this was terrestrial right?

JA: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. All of these memories, and everything involved – it was such a long time ago – this is over 50 years ago, so I have very clear memories of a lot of it, you know, and then I’ll jump ahead a day, a month – a week because –

AM: When did you start..

JA: We would have done something completely different, the next day, or the next day, and the next week and it would just seem like it was not such a big deal that we had done this so-called space mission because we were doing five or six other things too, and that’s how they keep you able to do this kind of thing – we weren’t full-time military test pilot people, we were people that did whatever was required and that was a potentially fatal situation so there’s no way that any golden poster boy or astronaut or anybody you’ve ever heard of, would be used in such a mission – of course, that’s what they did for every successive mission – we would have gone up again – next – in the test rockets before the actual astronauts did because the success rate of the mission would be rated at 80%, 85% even 90% and that’s still risk there – sure – of a multi-million dollar astronaut , which they have a huge investment in – I mean, they’re not going to do that. It’s just common sense that you do a test mission.

AM: So you were dispensable right?

JA: Well, technically, yes, it’s very disturbing, still to this day that we were put into those situations.

AM: That’s crazy.

JA: It didn’t seem like a big deal of the time, but this continued on all the way through until into the 70’s, when we were – five or six of us were sent there to go up to Mars and land on the surface and deal with the civilization there. They sent two guys up – before us – to make sure that we weren’t gonna just be killed –

AM: or like explode…

JA: Or whatever and they took these two guys out of prison, and they were hard-core alcoholic, drug guys and they sent them up there and when they came back down just before we went up – they came into the room and said – we said, well, what’s up there, and they just went – “MONSTERS, (Alexandra shrieks) aliens, insects” – you know – ahhh – and I think it was probably worse than the DT’s so – they – there’s always been people – sent up – ahead of the actual missions, and just to get to the point on that there’s not really much resentment or anything on my part or on anybody’s part – for doing things that way – because, it may seem to people like the so-called space program – the secret space program were effectively the same thing – were under control. We weren’t under control, we didn’t know what we were doing – we had aliens up there, we had spaceships up there that could just fly away from us, and we didn’t know what was going on. Everybody went a bit numb when they found out that it was large insectoid lifeforms piloting these saucers and that there was all kinds of life on Mars that was extremely alien. (17:49) I mean you can’t take that in – you don’t know what to do – nobody did.

AM: No, but before you go there – just clarify for the audience – you ended up going up there with your mom or your aunt?

JA: To Mars?

AM: Yeah, the first mission you said.

JA: Well, the very first mission in the jet was my mother…

AM: Unbelievable

JA: Flying the jet, right – after that, – my aunt ended up doing a lot of things involving this secret space program, including leaving this solar system and touring the nearby part of the solar system, which I don’t know anybody else that’s done that but she wasn’t along on the Mars mission, for example.

AM: Okay – and you also mentioned a couple of times – and by the way, everybody he has two YouTube videos out and we will be providing you the link for that shortly, at the end of the interview – but you had mentioned that you just been kind of sitting back, watching some of the disclosure and noticing that – unfortunately, probably because of the orders they’re receiving, they’re only kind of going around certain topics – they’re avoiding other topics.

JA: Well, that’s the way to do it. That’s – if you watch for the super soldiers – . If you Randy Kramer he talks, and talks about everything that he knows – but there’s just no point into going into somebody else’s turf. I can’t talk about what they actually went through up on the surface there – during his time up there – I knew about the super soldiers and why they were put together and how and why they were going up there but since I wasn’t there for any of that, I wouldn’t – speak about it…

AM: Sure

JA: That’s something that I don’t know what happened –

AM: Right, right, you can’t speak from experience.

JA: Nobody to say – this is all my – I know what’s going on.

AM: Well, and that’s appreciated – that’s appreciated – well…

JA: That’s an issue we’re going to have to deal with so it’s going to take more than one person, it’s going to take a half dozen or a dozen people to put together the same large pieces of information so this leads on to why certain aspects of it are not umm…

AM: So take us, take us to the actual time that you arrived on Mars okay, your first mission to Mars.

JA: (20:25) Okay, well, we had been there – we had circled once in 1963 – the reason for that is (I believe was 1963) and the reason is in the late 50’s, 1960’s somewhere we had found a room on the earth – a pre-cataclysm room, buried room somewhere near India and it had indisputable evidence of the presence of the main alien race that was always here, and they’re perambulations back and forth between Mars and the fact that human beings were being taken back and forth, and going all the way back into history. We found this room and I remember standing looking at it. I was just a kid still, so I wasn’t too knocked out, although there was a lot of gold there – but, the adults that was standing staring at it, they had two things to say – well this is too awful to reveal to people, just bang – and it’s also too good to reveal to people, as in it was a slice of the ancient past that showed everything clearly, you know, for the first time so that made it incumbent that we get to Mars as quick as possible because we’d seen this evidence and we all know we got something going between the earth and Mars for all these thousands of years.

So we put together a little ship and we towed it up to the edge of the atmosphere, and me and a friend – the same pilot as in the 70’s and we left the atmosphere at 20,000 per and we headed for Mars, and just for the technical people out there by far the most expensive and difficult part of that mission would be the fuel – you have to burn fuel that’s so hot, that it’s basically pure nitro –

AM: Wow

JA: In order to get yourself up to be the kind of velocity that we need to get to Mars in a hurry, and so once you’re well on your way – Mars will start pulling you in anyway, I mean it’s not like you could miss. So, we got there and we were supposed to orbit twice and just take some film from a brownie video-camera that we had along but in fact we only went around once and it was just a teeming civilization, they were waving at us, there were huge statues, there were large creatures and things moving everywhere, so we just came around that planet once, took a bit of video, and I just said, keep going, just go straight back to the earth – don’t even…

AM: (Alexandra has a big laugh)

JA: and so you come around Mars, and it slings you back towards the earth, and it only takes a matter of days to get there and back if you’re burning hot enough fuel, so that was the first time. It took from then – from the early 60’s to the early 70’s for a full mission up there to be set up, and by that time we were in contact with what’s thought as greys, or other humanoid races who set the deal up and said, look, we’re going to take some people up there, it’s not going to be a military force. I believe I was the only one in Alpha team who had any prior military missions. They didn’t want that – they wanted to send up representatives – people from humanity – you know, just people that I knew that were serving on the edges of the program or not – and some women and just all different ordinary people. And once you get up there, you find that the so-called Martians will not deal with something called The Military or The United States this or that political party or this Corporation or anything like that – you’re from Earth. That’s it!

AM: mmm, hmmm

JA: (24:22) You’re an earth person and you’re on Mars, and it’s much older. It’s our original home planet if you want to think of it that, that way, and they’re one place – they’re telepathically in communication around the planet. Just as fast as the internet, and always have been. And so we were the kids. The new kids on the block coming up there, and it was very – what – mysterious. We didn’t know what was gonna happen when we got up there, we had no idea, other than we’d heard that – okay, all of these lifeforms are there, and there’s a civilization there – go and represent human beings, and like I say this was set up by creatures known as Greys –

AM: Okay

JA: In conjunction with us, and that would include NASA, and the military, and whoever knew about it, and whatever groups you know – so when this 60’s mission was put together, for example – it took a lot of money and that money had to be raised, you know, kind of quietly.

So you’ve got the military in various countries in on it – you got private people who may be legitimate or not going “Oh – Mars – yeah – let’s get up there, this is the most important thing in the world” right, and so you can’t look at any one group or any one country or any one party or corporation, or anything like that, and certainly they don’t want to deal with that – they want to think Earth is conscious, Mars is conscious, that’s it. There’s no power struggle going on. That’s for the lesser beings.

AM: So when you arrived there, Jack, was it, was it like – was it a diplomatic receiving of you, was there some sort of pomp and circumstance, that they were representing a certain collective set of races…?

JA: No – what has to happen when you get there is you have to go through a series of shocks, and they do this very well. You get off the craft and the first person or life form you see is a humanoid – strange looking person , but you say okay and they direct you to a tunnel and you go through a normal tunnel, then you’re gonna walk out and stand on the edge of the crater like I did show on the first video, there – and you’re gonna look at something that’s just gonna put you into a state of shock, because it’s just a whole bunch of alien races, now they’re at a distance and they’re working together – and you’re just sort of going – wow….. I don’t even know if that’s real. It’s so, it’s so alien.

Then, you’ll be directed past some other – well, we went down through levels of rock, to under the crater and you’ll see other creatures working on these different levels, and go “What IS that?” – but you just go on down and it seems like a dream in a weird way – in fact, when it first started off and we approached the crater and there was all this carving and primitive landscape to look at – I remember thinking this might be a dream.

AM: (Alexandra laughs) – I’ll bet!

JA: (27:58) When we got in and we were standing on the edge of the crater, and we saw our first alien person, and other creatures, and one of the fellows – alarmed – he came over and grabbed me by the shirt and said I don’t think this is real, I think they drugged us, and we’re hallucinating this – are you real kind of thing. And I said,” no, calm down – everything’s fine, we’re just going to keep going – right? So then we went down under the crater and then you see a giant insect life forms. You see the ants as big as cars. They’re wild creatures, they’re like cattle, they’re like a herd of – cows, being tended by the upright humanoid insects.


JA: So, you go through a series of three or four shocks in order to be able to land on Mars and walk into (unintelligible) civilization at all, there’s no “hi – we’re the Martians” – it’s like you have to wander around for maybe half an hour and see who can stand it, and who can’t – so we lost two people right in the first…….

AM: Jack, you got really faint all of a sudden. The louder you can turn yourself up, the better, by the way

JA: Is that okay?

AM: Yeah, that’s much better

JA: We lost two people in the first 10 minutes, just from shock. And one of them didn’t come back –

AM: Woh

JA: he just sat there the rest of the time saying “nope, I’m not doing this – this is not real, this is a dream” and he stayed in that cave for the entire – I think it was a day or two..

AM: Oh my God – (laughing incredulously)

JA: and he would not come out and deal with this – because – he didn’t know that he had a phobia about ants, and so when we walked into that underground cavern and there was ants – a swarm of them, the size of cars behind the glass crystal wall – he kind of snapped.

AM: Oh, I bet.

JA: and he would not – not look at anybody until we were leaving. And then the female – our female member went into shock and fell down on the ground and had to be taken, and dealt with and it took her about an hour or two to make a comeback, and then she fully came back and went through it with the rest of us. So, it’s not any kind of a greeting at all – it’s just – you manage – to deal with – you know, actual aliens.

AM: (30:30) It’s like throwing you into the deep end into the Arctic cold water – you know?

JA: Going back, you know, we had the two fellows sent up before us who showed up and told us what was going to happen – I’d seen it in 1963, I seen the alien insect life form piloting the saucer before that, – so I knew that these life forms were out there, but to actually walk into their civilization and see that it was – in fact 100% real and that there was all of these really large creatures – you know, we just can’t stand next to a genuine alien life form like that – you’ll hear other people talk about this – you’ll hear Randy Kramer say when he was in that room full of the different types of aliens – once you walk out of there, it’s very hard for your mind to retain visual memories because it’s just not – it’s something you’ve never seen before.


AM: Right – you don’t have any point of reference

JA: That’s right. And it’s just so, so difficult that I can barely bring up an image – of say some of the Ant people that I stood a few feet away from – and when there was discourse going on, I still can’t visually – quite see them the same as the flying saucer alien – tri-sexual race, are just so – ALIEN, and – you know – dreadful to human beings, to see the giant insects at a certain, you know level, we’re not, we’re not really prepared for that.

AM: It’s so – you refer to the Insectoid races, and you refer to the Ant people which I’ve heard from Randy that they are very kind.

JA: Oh yes …..

AM: They are very kind, yeah – Now what other Insectoid type races are there?

JA: Well there’s variations on the ants and mantid.

AM: Praying mantis..? Okay

JA: For example, you look up on some of the photos of Mars, you can sort of see the carvings – of the ancient life forms up there – the ancient…who could be 20 feet tall or more, you know – you can’t even….you know, grasp when you’re looking at it – that was real? That was actually alive – are you kidding me? So there was many types, going back on through their history – going back to the insectoid lifeforms history – they’ve been evolving too, and of course insect races do evolve much quicker and can change and breed up a lot faster than human beings – so there’s many, many types, and I remember near the end of the tour, getting on what you have to think of as a ride that we went on up there. We around and around this crater viewing all this stuff through a glass bottom boat – there was a whole bunch of creatures jumped on the back of the boat, just as we were heading out and I looked at them and I went, “What are those?” You know – there was like five or six different types of little… I don’t know what – some of them were mammals, some were insectoids – some were something else, you know?

AM: Wow

JA: And you end up thinking – “Oh, there’s at least a couple of dozen types, up here, as well as human beings and humanoids.

AM: That’s amazing.

JA: Mammals – there’s all kinds of mammals out in the outlying areas and stuff that would be considered wild animals on the earth.

AM: Wow.

JA: But up there, there is wild Mars but there’s also – the bulk of it is considered, you know to be civilized. But there’s animals living up there that are like furry mammals or whatever – they’re part of the society and they’re considered to be, you know, – unlike the animals in the city that would probably be treated like pests, you know, not part of society.

AM: But you’re saying they’re highly intelligent, right? – I mean you’re telling that they’re highly intelligent and a civilized race

JA: It turns out that most animals are more intelligent than human beings want to admit.

AM: Interesting – I was told – I forgot who I interviewed and they said, for every type of species on this planet, they exist somewhere else, and much larger and more intelligent, etc.

JA: Sure – right off the bat, people have to realize that these insect life forms have been evolving for longer than human beings and are therefore warm-blooded – okay, they don’t subscribe to “Oh, it’s an ant – period, and it’s just this little…. – no – these are warm-blooded, highly intelligent creatures, some of whom have achieved spaceflight and interstellar travel, so we can’t really think of them as insects anymore – they are alien lifeforms.

AM: Oh my God.

JA: But they happen to look like termites, or ants, or spiders, or bees.

AM: (35:55) I’ve seen the bees, I actually heard about the bee population.

JA: I have a story about the Bee planet.

AM: Really?

JA: Yeah, it’s not the only one – but it’s probably the most amazing thing of anything I’ve ever seen – It was shown to me by the tri-sexual saucer Aliens, who I asked a question – I asked a lot of them .

AM: I bet.

JA: You know – technically serious questions like – Is there a God? What do you know about this? Where is the end of the universe? You know, common questions, and so for the answer to one of them, rather than speak to you, they will show you a memory – , a psionic memory stored by their race or by themselves, the last time they were on this planet. Back to what’s Galactic Central, which is a Bee planet – which is the closest thing to a galactic – well, I don’t know what – it’s just where all the races, intelligent races in this galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy – all of them are represented there, in this hall that is so big, that it can’t be real.

And the blocks of stone that make it up are 10 times the size of the blocks at the base of the great pyramid. Heavy green jade, and I remember being shown this place for five or 10 minutes and just off into the distance, and there are shelves and layers, and layers of, just solar systems and the intelligent races that populate same, now this is what they showed me – in answer to the question about God – , and that planet, which was effectively tended by bees, so when you get to this hall, there was this humming sound of these 500 pound bees – or bigger, and it’s just, it’s just, just like the most dreamlike experience I’ve ever had, and easily the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen is that hall.

And sure enough, there we are – there’s our solar system , showing ourselves, and the other two or three races that are now considered to be civilized and space-faring – registered back somewhere near Galactic Central on a Bee planet.

AM: Incredible – And you know, there is a relationship between the bees and royalty.

JA: Well, Royal jelly.

AM: Yeah.

JA: I don’t know a lot about the bees, I just know I was shown that planet and that, like say right now – astronaut Gordon Cooper, before he died – he made – was making noise, and complaining because I just want to chip in now and complain about the compartmentalization, and the whole rat aspect about the military that’s caused a lot of the problems all along – he was pretty upset that he, you know had done all of this work and seen all of these things, and yet he still couldn’t find out what was really going on, and what had happened on the Mars mission, and so forth. That’s how bad it is, okay – not even a – a – an astronaut who’s done a number of missions can find out what’s going on with the guy next to him.

AM: Even the President!

JA: Yeah, he started making – “well we decided not to tell the President” so, Cooper said – “I want to talk to that kid, and said if you don’t, I’m gonna start making noise in the press” , so they took me to where he was, and I remember ed him but we hadn’t seen each other more than three times in a little isolated slots, over the years – and he said, “what – the heck – is going on – up there?” So I told him all about the Mars mission, and I told him, in particular about that planet that were all – all part of the civilized galaxy, and he was happy – he died a happy man. But he was very, very angry, before that, about not being able to find out about, you know what was going on inside the program that he was an integral part of.

AM: Yeah, because the compartmentalization has really caused also, a great deal of propensity for disinformation – unfortunately so – and they do that – that’s how they set the whole thing up in the first place.

JA: That’s no two ways about it, there are people profiting and gaining power from this and they’re quite interested in keeping it shut down, even though, it’s the most interesting and exciting story and history. (40:33) On the other side of the coin, it kinda has to happen this way – slowly and over a period of 40, or 50 years because it is shocking.

AM: It is, it is – I mean, there are some things, you are going to hear today guys, that you’re gonna have to ruminate (short laugh) and assimilate. So now you’ve done two videos – One of them is on the explosion of the planets and the other one was on the actual, this one Mars mission that you did where you were literally going down these staircases into a crater right?

JA: Amazing, you drop down through a hole – with a little bit of padding – It’s like an elevator where you can just step to the right, step to the left, and you can drop drop drop drop, and before you know it you’re 100 feet down under the crater, with no machinery at all is just very clever and very logical slightly lighter gravity too, of course, which makes it easier to do things like that.

AM: Now where you fully suited up.

JA: Nope.

AM: Okay – you could breathe – you could breathe naturally?

JA: Oh absolutely – you know, the atmosphere is not very deep there, it extends so high, and it’s not really thick air, but it’s fine to breathe – but we did put on a little weight belts, so that if you weighed 160 pounds say, you would put a weight belt on, and you would end up weighing 150 or 152 – it felt very light, and you could move around easily, but you didn’t require a suit or anything or any weapons or anything like that.

AM: So, you also – the way in which you describe that mission, I almost got this feeling like you were literally sitting at an amphitheater because you talked about how this serpent being, right, came from the bowels of the crater.

JA: Serpent being?

AM: Well you said something about a snake or something and there were a whole bunch of them to tried to take it down and it took a long……

JA: Oh well, no, that’s the story of, you see, once we ended up under the crater – this was a significant day – we went up there just to visit the tri-sexual saucer alien race was leaving our solar system for the first time in 30,000 years, so it was liberation day on Mars, and they were set free. So the very first thing they did was take us down under the crater and I put on the helmet and lived some of the psionic memories and like I explained – they can do this – they can show you things while they’re standing there talking to you, rather than using words – certainly more powerful like the saucer aliens – they can show you anything from across the room, you know, or 100 yards away,

AM: Wow.

JA: and take you somewhere – in your mind – BUT – the first thing that they started showing me was the history of the earth, so that put me in the mind, of this character – the early character Jason who was like the square stone heads that you can see – the most ancient, mysterious – I forget where you see them in odd places around the world – those big square mysterious stone heads, so that was Jason – , so we left in the psionic memory, I went to 15 years of his life, so you know, you jump ahead. He’s brought up – to Mars, you know he was captured on the earth which used to be, that’s what they did (44:85) and taken up to Mars, and then they’re put into combat with this giant snake, which they manage to kill, which is why Jason ends up being a hero, why he’s allowed to live, why he’s taken back to the earth, and deposited on the earth – free, him and a few friends who managed to survive this combat that they were put into, which is what went on constantly on earth, and on Mars, and on other planets in the solar system, for many thousands of years.

AM: Wow – now it’s been said many, many times, I’ve heard, I’ve actually interviewed a couple of people that have brought this up as well – apparently there are – these are still going on – where they are taking a set of people – maybe they’re in a plane, and supposedly the plane disappears and the next thing you know the plane appears – the plane appears somewhere on earth, but the people supposedly have been hijacked, and sent to Mars and they are put into mines.

JA: Okay.

AM: I’m just curious, do you know anything about that? No?

JA: Not specifically, I know that there’s mines up there and I know that there are boats, for example up there from the ancient, famous boats, and things that have disappeared from the earth – you hear a legend about a sailing ship from the 1600s, or whatever flying up in the air and disappearing – well it’s up there.

AM: Wow

JA: Still, you know, and so nothing that I hear like that, or I may have thought well that sounds, you know – a bit much, I wouldn’t doubt that anymore, you know, but not having any specific information on that, I wouldn’t…..

AM: Well, I think the other thing that you said that really hit me was you said the difference between Mars and Earth, is that the planet Mars, they really – at the time you were there, okay, you can clarify this – you said that they did not cover up the ancient history of the planet, which they’ve done continuously here. Can you tell us a little bit about what you saw, and how it’s changed now?

JA: All right, that was the last day of that – gee, once the saucers had been asked to leave, and we couldn’t have done anything about them at all, without the greys’ stepping in and saying, well, can you large insectoid lifeforms, who have had this planet, and the whole solar system more or less under your thumb, for the last 30,000 years, well no – there’s intelligent, civilized creatures on this planet – on Mars, that uhhh – we are going to protect! We’re going to explore your planet, so you can choose to stay and follow the rules or you can leave, head off to the Pleiades and try to find yourself a wild planet that you can set up just like we have for the last 20 or 30,000 years –

So, on Mars – well, oh boy that’s just too much to go into – there’s statues, whole sides of mountains, where there’s stacks of bones, hundreds and hundreds of feet high – everything was carved in – giant spider and early forms of insect life – very cruel, the ancient, primitive, PLANET. And so, that first video I put up there – shows that crater, it’s in the process of being carved over in one day, because they are the master carver – rock carvers up there, and they started right away, carving over all the real horrible old, insect-based stuff, and that included us going around with them, around the entire planet, you know, we had just ordinary people, women up there, saying no, I don’t like that, knock that down, you know (48:17) and they would knock it down from the flying saucer or from the ground, or cover it up and they just started cleaning the place up,

AM: Wow

JA: so that when people do eventually get to go up there it’s not just gonna look like just a horrifically barbaric, ancient, you know, place where people were killed by the millions, just for entertainment, which is what went on, but of course if you want to look at the history of the earth, it’s not much different. It’s 10,000 years of wars and gladiatorial combat, and torture and horrific – but that’s our ancient history, and on Mars, it was just – left that way. The earth used to look like that, but after the cataclysm right away, they started hiding their image, all over the planet. The image of the devil – . Well, it was the male alien with the Big Horn, and two heads, you know, and the wasp like female, and the long serpent-like third member of the crew they started covering that up, and that would include whole teams of their (unintelligible) if you will, going around and chipping away the side off a mountain, that had their heads, and bodies and image called in there – gigantic, you know, bigger than Mount Rushmore – thousands of instances of that, and it was all destroyed, but when we found that underground room, you could see how detailed and spectacular it was – . It wasn’t mythical creatures out of anybody’s imagination, it was three specific alien life forms, and their spacecraft, and their journeys back and forth between Mars, and what they were doing – in you know, detail – so….

AM: So Jack, are you saying like when you went underneath, when you were underground and you are able to access this historical data, is it kind of like visiting the Akashic Records? You know, but it’s….

JA: No, it’s virtual reality, it’s – you are the character –

AM: Okay

JA: you are in the ring, with the giant snake, and it’s coming to eat you, and you grab you and your friends manage to kill it, and you are taken and put back on the earth – you walk up to a pyramid, and you’re dealing with people there, and it’s better than anything we could do –

AM: Wow

JA: – when we put together a 3-D movie – and it’s a helmet and everything and I would suggest it – but these are your psionic memories and anybody that you talk to, that has dealt with psionic communication will tell you that it is like you are immersed in that world, and it was the same when I was sent to see this planet – the Bee planet – you were there for 10 minutes, walking around touching things and

AM: how cool is that?

JA: Well

AM: Of course, it could be very overwhelming for the physical body too.

JA: Well, it’s a funny thing, because you don’t know that you’re laying on a couch with a helmet on, or that you’re sitting in a chair with a creature there that’s showing you this.

AM: Yeah.

JA: You know it only lasts 10 minutes or an hour and then you come back – and it’s like – wow, it’s just – now I know, you know, because you couldn’t put that into words.

AM: Right, right – now, question – are all the various races, other than this tri-sexual race, which we’ll get into in a minute – are all the races on planet Mars, basically peaceful?

JA: Yes.

AM: Okay.

JA: Until, until – ahhh this thing with the reptilians got going – Now this is this tri-sexual alien race again, bringing these reptilians in to create havoc and war.

AM: I’d really like you to go over that.

JA: Okay, on the surface of Mars, in order to continue covering their presence – not a reptilian solar system and never were – we were this large tri-sexual insectoid.

AM: That’s huge, by the way, everyone, because we’ve all been told this is a reptilian solar system

JA: (52:36) Nope – 100% their place, all along, no exceptions

AM: Insectoids, Insectoids right?

JA: That’s correct. Now all along, you can hear about the reptilians and so forth, and saying ancient China, and so forth, right, there’s all kinds of detail, and stories – that’s true, they were here, but only as a small part of thousands of types of lifeforms right, the reptilians and all reptiles were the enemy of this tri-sexual race – all they like to do, their most favorite thing that they ever did – was hunt these things, from the air and blow them out of existence. They hunted large reptiles, because they were the only creatures that a giant 15 foot tall powerful insectoid lifeforms – well, that dinosaur might be able to give you a hard time, nobody else could – ever, so they really hated the giant reptiles, and the reptilians were allowed to be here. At any time, they could’ve been done away with, but they are more or less, you know, in conjunction with them, and were allowed to be here. There are a few other tales about reptilians – but the way they would see humans for example would be, we have a human mind, whatever that means, below that we have a reptilian mind consciousness, then below that, comes the insect mind okay. Now going back through time, millions of years, of course, the insects were the most successful, and the most ancient and had, you know, mutated and formed the most social, and the most successful, just as they are on the earth, you know.

Most of the life on earth has six or eight legs, and it’s the same throughout the entire galaxy. They are a much more successful form, and much more ancient right, so everything comes from, if you want to talk to the ants, they’ll say yeah well, then the reptilian’s evolved, and then you, and then other creatures evolved, and it’s all very clear to them, how the hierarchy of lifeforms evolved, right. But, the reptilians were here, they did have parts of the planet that were allowed to be theirs – this was all at the behest, and was allowed by the more powerful interstellar insectoid lifeforms who were the only ones who ever had flight, the only ones who had the ability to control the superior psionic power, so it was their place.

(55:31) There were reptilians that came around here and I don’t know if it was every 100 years, or 1000 years, but they would come through here and take specimens away and they could care less if they took a few hundred human beings, everyone 100 or so years -There have been reptilians here on many levels for long, long time, but it was never them running the show – ever!

AM: unreal, it just goes to show you…

JA: They’re quite adamant about that, so when this war started up on Mars, the way they dealt with it was to bring in reptilians, and set them up against the human beings and the insects from Mars and try to destroy – the remaining evidence of how we were cruel, and were horrifying our ancient past lives, and that’s the point of this whole thing. That’s what’s been covered up.

AM: Right, right.

JA: Our ancient history is just unbelievably, spectacularly violent, crazy, insane, giant insects, giant reptiles all at the same time as human beings and it’s just better than anything we could write.

AM: The best movie on earth, huh?

JA: Oh, it’s better – that story of Jason alone when you find yourself walking along on the ancient Earth, and there’s stuff falling out of the sky and burning hunks of rock, and giant creatures running around, giant aliens, and ants, and dinosaur like creatures, all of the same time – that pretty much just does it right there. This is waaaay better than the story that they’ve made up.

AM: So two things, the first question is, getting back to the reptilians, you know – many of us, and there’s a lot of light Warriors and light workers out there that do a lot of inner plane work. There’s a lot of conflict with the reptilians at this point and has been a lot of speculation that most of them have been removed from the planet

JA: Yeah.

AM: And I believe that to be the case. However, I want to ask you, on the one hand, there’s sort of a sense, in listening to you, of some possible compassion for these guys if they were hunted the way they were by this tri-sexual race on Mars. Is that, is that?…..

JA: Well, no, they would hunt the wild giant dinosaur swarms.

AM: Ahhh.

JA: We are talking gigantic creatures and on Mars as well, you can still see some of their bodies there where they’ve been killed and they’re bigger than the dinosaurs of legend and they would just think of them as you know, the enemy and hunt them – for fun, you know, the same way that they used human beings to put together all the wars in history. The wars up on Mars were even crazier than……

AM: Wow

JA: 10,000 versus 10,000, 10,000 apes,10,000 centipedes – 10,000 ants versus 5000 giant, you know – something else. And this is, you know, what they did, they played games with all the lifeforms ’cause they just owned the solar system – people think that’s cruel and evil, when in fact it’s just insects. That’s just the way their evolution went. Life just didn’t have that much value and that’s changed very slowly, the same as everything evolves slowly.

(59:19) With the reptilian’s, there is more to it, there’s the hologram projecting, the reptilian concept that David Icke and other people that may well hold water at a certain level, then there’s just, well, I’ll just tell you the one memory that I was shown in ancient times of a reptilian ship showing up on the earth. Now again, you’re a character, in this. Maybe, at a distance, you see this ship come down, you’re on the edge of a war zone somewhere on the earth, and the ship just sets down and there is a nice humming sound starts, and everybody just starts to go over to this vehicle right, and out comes some big tall looking reptilians who just turn out to be cloned creatures grown in vats on the planet that this galaxy somewhere sent out to go around to various planets and pick up specimens.

So, you’re this character and you hear this wonderful humming sound, and you go to the ship, and you’re almost there, and you’re almost at the ship, and you see these tall reptilians, and all of a sudden the ship is full, and they close the doors, and they take off, and they’ve only been there an hour or two, and you almost made it. If you could’ve made it there, you would have gone into that ship and left with them, – you couldn’t resist right, but instead the ship fills up, and it takes off and it comes back 102 years later, 1000 – I don’t know how often they’re able to come around here, that’s one form of reptilians, and then there are the ones on the surface, and the ones on Mars, and then there’s the other types that I don’t really have any specific knowledge about.

(01:01:08) However when they came here, to pick up people and animals or whatever the (unintelligible) they wanted, they were irresistible, they just landed, people flooded into the ship, and they took off with them.

AM: Wow.

JA: Now these are just creatures grown for the specific purpose of doing this, probably for a superior, highly evolved insectoid or humanoid race, somewhere else in the galaxy. So I was shown that in detail, and I was shown the fact that in the ancient times, the Reptilians were definitely either the enemy here, to be wiped out, the large ones, or they were in conjunction, they were allowed to be here – they were not, you know, they did not – have spacecraft or a way to compete with these very powerful tri-sexual aliens.

AM: Wow

JA: And I sure wish I had a name for them, but I don’t, you know.

AM: And I mean I’ve been told by many that there’s benevolent Reptilians that have arrived, and actually a very large amount of them arrived last year, from what I been told.

JA: I wouldn’t touch that.

AM: Yeah. So my question too is, you know, and I think other people would be wondering this, when you first started this, this was kind of like the initial stage of the actual secret space program right? Wouldn’t you say?

JA: Yes – right, just actually the first attempt at space itself was us, and it was the same group all the way through till the 90’s when things more or less started to……

AM: Really escalate, right. And so you definitely had the advantage over like, I guess I would call them the newer, or younger Super-Soldiers, that you were able to see some of the stuff before it was changed right?

JA: That’s right, and never forget, this all comes out of the mind control program, where you forget those conditions, and that’s too complicated to go into, each person who’s been through that, every Super-Soldier, every person who got used in that way will have a slightly different way that they were prepped over the years, right. Now it’ll always involve people close to you – friends, family, people that you trust, your so-called handlers and so, when I had that happen, I can remember a number of instances where I went, “Well I’m going to forget everything before that, because that’s too awful, I can’t have those, I just still young – I’m going to forget that”, and then more stuff happens, and more and some of it you can be intimidated into forgetting, some of it you can be led to believe are dreams, and many other ways that the mind control program can make you sort of go away.

But, at the end of the Mars mission in the 70’s, I went in, I remember debriefing and it didn’t take very long, and I was told – we were told “you guys are off the hook, until disclosure”. So we already knew that disclosure was coming. We already knew that we had a 20, 40, or 50 year leash that we were on. So I just – I remember it took about two weeks, and the very last thing I had trouble with was that giant snake, on Mars, and that’s kind of interesting, because we had ants, lifeforms and mantids and reptilians and all of this unbelievable alien lifeforms. Well, I was able to make that go away after a week or two, but that giant snake – which is just a snake – I had real trouble and for weeks afterwards, I’d go to sleep at night, I’d be having this giant snake fantasy again and eventually I managed to turn it into a bit of a science fiction movie idea or something, and managed to forget it. But that was almost conscious by that point, okay, this is too much, you can’t walk around with this in your head all your life, you’ve got to get rid of this until such time as it becomes possible to talk about it.

AM: Jack, do you remember going through the whole process and program with MK Ultra?

JA: Yeah – lots of it.

AM: Can you enlighten the audience a bit I mean, I’ve read enough on it, but you would be much more astute, can you enlighten them, at least on the basics of what that is?

JA: When it’s not so, at the time when I was there it was not a refined program, where they had a system of dealing with people, and they really just wanted to put people through it. It was just a matter of who’s here, and what can we do? So, you just see everything – you see implants, and that would be standing and watching the top of somebody’s head as it was sawed and lifted off and the implant put down into their brain, behind their eye, or right into their brain, and the top of their head, put back on, and you’ll see that, and then you’ll see the implant in action as you go out and see an animal charging across a field towards you and a button is pushed and it stops like it hit a brick wall,

AM: Wow.

JA: and then you see, you know the military-based jets, and so forth – there’s a laboratory environment where there’s things in jars, there’s monkeys wired up, you remember things like that. Pretty… pretty ahh, mad scientist, parts of it. (01:06:44) You’re inside a building where no one can get to you, the president can’t get in there, nobody can get in there.

AM: Interesting.

JA: And they can try things with people. And then you get –

AM: and “in there” would be where?

JA: oh, it would just be a big warehouse type area – I have no idea where it was or what was around it, but I do know, that nobody could get in there and even if t he president wanted to come in there – they would have everything out of sight before anybody could get near it. But then you get to, you know, LSD experiments and things like that, where it can get really strange, because I wasn’t given LSD young because I was too young. But the older people – they were, you know, I didn’t know what it was, and they didn’t know what it was, they’d just be locked in somewhere for a few days, and you know would be working on something specific, and we just didn’t know what it was, why they were so crazy for, and so it goes past. You know, in retrospect, when you look back and you say, oh my God, that was an LSD experiment, you go see a crazy house full of crazy people doing crazy things and you don’t know what it is at the time, and then later you figure oh, they were testing LSD on those people, and other drugs, right.

So, there’s a laboratory environment and there’s “out in the field,” And you were sent out to do a lot of things – a LOT of things! And part of the program that really just seemed like you were just doing it with these people and they are working towards doing that and after two weeks of that you just go do something else, and then go back to your normal life and all that kind of goes away. You’re just going to school and just doing your normal life and then you can hear hours and hours of testimony from the different Super-Soldiers and people on how that was done to them. Okay, so each person is going to have a fairly twisted and complex story when it comes down to their own personal…

AM: Yeah, I bet. And I mean did you feel like you experienced of the side of torturous type of programming?

JA: Yeah.

AM: Okay.

JA: Because early on, of course you have to assume total dominance over that person right. So when I was about 10 they started to really sit on me, and I mean they would actually sit on me, you know, and suffocate me until I would not put up any resistance whatsoever, and they say “we’re going to get up and do this.” and, if I didn’t want to, then they going to start suffocating you here and see if maybe you do want to do it. So yeah, at a certain point, there does have to be overt, direct intimidation, and violence used.

AM: Who do you feel is behind the decision of such things as MK Ultra? Do you think it’s this tri-sexual race?

JA: Yeah, well this is where things get complicated because you want to, you know, if there’s evil people and evil groups of people out there, we were in fact completely invaded, infested, if you will, with the aliens, who were, of course, directly attracted to the power structure – the military power structure, anything that was going on that was high-end – Jets, rockets, mind control, money, power, of course they were right in there and all having influence over everybody. Down to, and including who got killed, you know if they saw there was somebody making trouble they didn’t like they would be able to get rid of them and stuff, so you end up with nobody being directly responsible for this program because as soon as you get back past, well it’s close, back past the 60’s. Going into the past, we are NOT in control of this planet.

AM: Wow, now this, this…

JA: That’s how close it is, that’s horrifying.

AM: When you say the complete invasion, what year are we talking?

JA: Invasion? I don’t think there was ever an invasion, there was just a slow, growing awareness via assistance from the greys and other races that were here saying look, we’ve got this reality here that is completely controlled.

AM: Interesting – you’re familiar with Valiant Thor, right?

JA: Say?

AM: You’re familiar with the story of Valiant Thor?

JA: Nope.

AM: He actually landed right around the White House.

JA: Okay.

AM: And supposedly was a race related to I believe the Venutians. Anyway, and his whole point was he stayed here for I believe about three years and his whole point was to try to have private conversations with the presidential cabinet and higher politically oriented beings to make them aware of what we were really involved in.

JA: The Greys tried that too. Now they had the most trouble of any of them, I think, because they couldn’t believe, that the human beings, that they could go to the leaders and they could make their presence known, and yet, the population of the earth would still deny the existence of spaceships and aliens, okay. They just could not grasp that. And eventually, I suggested – I said, look, go, since you can share people’s minds, which is one way they can operate, they can be a part of you for a while and you’ll hear testimony about that from people, how their mind was shared for a while – so they were, they were – it was suggested to them that they go around and just choose people all over the planet and get a real look at what was going on here, don’t trust the leaders – don’t trust the politicians and the power structure (01:13:06) go have a look through the eyes of normal people all over the world. And so that’s what they did. And that’s how they got a much better grasp of what was really going on here.

(01:13:19) Finally, they suddenly realized – wait a minute. These human beings here – they’ve been really possessed almost by these creatures. Their whole history, their whole way of thinking, their whole structure, the military system, the court system, all of it comes from this ancient influence, right. And so they probably at that point realized – oh this is going to take 20, 30, 40, or 50 years for these earth creatures to get over this hump! It’s a bit too much information.

AM: Wow, so truly, you’re actually kind of stating that it’s actually been a good thing for the disclosure process to be slower and a time of giving us the ability to acclimate ourselves to this kind of information.

JA: Starting in the early 60’s, even the late 50’s we showed people, people would come in, 30 and sign a document, the same as a secrecy document for military persons saying we’re going to be showing some information here by you know, the military and whoever is running the test, and we’re gonna sign here that we’ll never talk about this, then they would just show 30 people some of the evidence, they would say “look, here’s what aliens look like, and here’s what they’ve been doing” well, it was too much.. People were having psychological problems, okay, and other issues that made them unable to go ahead with their daily life until they’d managed to blot it out, and stay in bed a week or two, it was that heavy! (01:14:59) And so they tested – they tested and found out that no, 25 out of 30 people went “Whoa, too much! Can’t deal with it.” That was 50 years ago.

AM: Interesting – any statistics on that now, as far as their ability to handle this?

JA: No, I have no direct connection to any information like that, because of the compartmentalization. But I do remember it went on once and then five or 10 years later tried it again and there were still a lot of problems, you know. And it was maybe decided that, we would make this all go away, just leave it out. You know – but you can’t do that, you can’t confront the galaxy and ignore these races that have been out there doing this stuff.

AM: You know, I thank you, I thank you for that bit of information because I think it assists all of us in being a little more understanding as to everything is in divine timing for the human populace, to be able to handle the information that’s coming forth. Most people are so clamoring to have well, yeah…

JA: Well, we tried, but everybody we tested it on sort of had, you know, real serious trouble with it, you know it’s not, it’s not – the further you go back into the galaxy, the more savage, and barbaric and cruel It gets. And our own history is that way, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

AM: Yeah.

JA: But the fact that came right up to the 1950s and beyond and still going on is a bit too close, you know, and that was the biggest issue with disclosure was how close it came to modern times, and how horrific. Like these saucer aliens are really truly dreadful. You can’t stand next to them, you can’t be around them.

AM: Okay, so this is where we’re going to dive into it because I’ve been kind of making sure we set the stage for this – before we get into that, you have referred to these saucers as Pleiadian ships, but you said later that you didn’t feel that was accurate and you just decided to call the saucers – flying saucers.

JA: They had some kind of name, that they told me, but it was unpronounceable,or something, but the further you go back in their history, which goes back 900,000 years, the more they resemble actual giant wasps or huge water-bear, they’re very, very big and scary. They have much more powerful psionic ability than say the ant people or the mantids, such that they can control all insect life forms below them, totally, and that would’ve included human beings in ancient times, they didn’t have the need to worry about us, we were very weak .

AM: And you agree we’re a younger race right?

JA: Well, I would think so – like you know the early human beings are very interesting, because you know people say we came from apes – well….maybe, but in those times, the only thing that differentiated an ape and a human being, in the true ancient times, we would have about that much more skull, on the top of our head, which allowed us to think, a little bit. Otherwise, the radiation would just be cooking the brain to the point where you couldn’t think very straight, and the apes didn’t have that. So they stayed a little more like wild animals than the human beings who slowly evolved into a little more of a thinking creation, but of course we were played with genetically, many times, in many different ways. For all any of us know, we were brought from somewhere else, Mars was our original home planet, and the sister planet, the earth is our third planet in – this solar system, that’s not to say that we haven’t existed for 10,000 other solar systems.

AM: (01:19:10) Good point, in this solar system.

JA: Because there are humanoids everywhere, other types that are similar to us.

AM: Now go over a little bit about your video about the galactic explosion, I thought that was pretty fascinating because we’ve heard so many times that Earth is in a binary partnership, with another planet. So talk to us a little bit about what you.

JA: All right, that’s the moon, it’s in detail on that video, but the moon is what’s left of the sister planet which is the binary planet – very close to us – not as close as the moon, but not much further away, such that we almost share atmosphere and we are binary planet, and we are the slightly larger sister planet, for many thousands of years. Then, and this is why it’s all such a mess. We can’t really come forth and say, “oh, the planet next door blew up”, which is what happened, but planets don’t blow up for no reason, so in fact we need an alien race here with enough power to cause a planet to blow up. And they did that, it took seven days – and a war and just two of the saucer crews that were here had that war and that caused that planet to literally explode. Well, that’s a bit much to deal with because you can’t see it happening without the race of aliens here with enough power to make it happen. Well that’s in fact what happened, and it was a sister planet and it was already wrecked. They had destroyed it by hunting the giant reptiles, and did their usual damage which includes blowing huge craters into the surface of the planet, and staging huge wars. I guess they’re very thoughtless when it comes to the ecology. If you will, they couldn’t care less if they trashed the planet, they just moved to the next one. (01:21:15) So once the sister planet was in really bad shape, the atmosphere was unbreathable, we moved the act over to the earth.

AM: That’s incredible.

JA: The second saucer showed up, the war started, the sister planet was caused to explode, and it’s the most spectacular explosion and it attracted attention across the galaxy, so it’s part of the reason we’re alive today and are able to be moving ahead like this is that, that explosion of that planet attracted attention, however, many thousands of years ago it was, and they’ve been watching ever since. “Oh my God there’s really some action going on over here, let’s keep an eye on this place!” so that led to creatures like the Greys finally deciding that we were civilized and intelligent (unintelligible)

AM: You went faint again – all of a sudden.

JA: Well that’s complicated stuff, but I do explain that as best I can.

AM: No, that’s very interesting that you…..

JA: (01:22:27) It’s a big stumbling block with the whole thing – “what do you mean the planet next door exploded?” I said, “well, that’s what happened” so that’s built in cover, for any story you want, because as soon as you admit that, you have to admit that there was an alien race here having a war with enough power to cause the planet to explode. It just seems total science fiction, but in fact they have the records of this and once you’ve seen it, you realize, well that explains everything. It explains our solar system, and explains all the millions of craters on all the planets, and all the destruction, and all rings around the planet, the asteroid belt, all it makes perfect sense.

AM: Interesting, now, you did say that the actual galactic war and explosion etc. that was directed to the moon, they literally used the flying saucers technology – it had the capacity, I think you said something like it caused the – it sucked the life – the lava out of the moon.

JA: For 7 days

AM: OMG, so that goes back to biblical stuff?

JA: Yup, it does – the fans of the Bible, it’s all there, it’s all been disguised and covered deliberately by themselves and written into legend. But that’s in fact what happened, it took seven days with them having this constant back-and-forth war which would mean this the sister planet, Nibiru, or whatever you want to call it, and the Earth, until all of a sudden it went back there and pulled up another huge ball of lava,

AM: Wow.

JA: And that was enough for the gas pocket, which was probably many square miles, of empty space down under the crust of the planet to go BOOM, and the actual core of the planet itself to blow out into space.

AM: Wow

JA: So you watch this spectacular explosion, you get to see this explosion from the creatures that are on the earth – that are the insect lifeforms that can store the psionic memories, you get to see this right up until the moment that it actually happens – you see the flying saucer hovering, except you see it as a wasp. Sometimes they see the light force instead of just the saucer. Now all of a sudden it goes off and that’s the end of the memory because every single living creature in the solar system has to go underground. Probably for days, or weeks, because the entire Earth and all the planets around, are just showered with burning rock, and this goes on for years and years, you know, following the cataclysm, and this is before any human records.

AM: Interesting – so, so..

JA: There might be some carvings from before then, but that’s about it.

AM: So Jack, is it true, you know, they refer to the dark side of the moon.

JA: Right.

AM: So are they really, realistically referring to that part of the moon that was blown up, and disintegrated?

JA: Oh no, there’s not a part of the moon, that blew up, the whole planet, it was bigger than the earth, okay. The sister planet was slightly larger than the earth.

AM: Okay.

JA: So when it blew, IT BLEW! It blew up BOOM – the whole planet, boom, and the inner core of the planet blew out into space right. Well, what was left was a sizzling, hot mass of….you know, and it shrank down to the size of the moon, whereas before it was larger than The Earth.

AM: Wow.

JA: So it’s just a burnt out remains of the original sister planet. And of course, It just lost rotation (which can’t really happen), unless you know there’s gotta be a reason for that. Every other body is rotating, why isn’t the moon? And it just drifted in close to us, and just sort of stopped and it’s been there ever since.

AM: (01:26:31) It’s interesting because have you read about how they actually had to tow the moon to a very specific location, and that the mathematics of the Moon are so incredibly specific to earth.

JA: Right – Yes.

AM: That’s – that’s WOW, I gotta process that!!!

JA: Well, it blew up, it blew up like, just the greatest explosion you could ever see. I mean, it was – the guts of that planet blew out into space, molten rock.

AM: It’s crazy.

JA: And all over the solar system – and everybody on the earth was – well everyone on the sister planet, and everything on what’s now the moon, was killed, and most of the life forms on the earth were wiped out.

AM: Wow.

JA: The gravity increased BANG, just all of a sudden you weighed 100 pounds, and now you weigh 180 pounds, or something, so the larger life forms and the giant insect life forms started to die out immediately and the atmosphere became a lot less air there – a whole bunch of it burned off. And is just the most dramatic event to ever happen and it explains – EVERYTHING basically.

AM: It does – Now how long ago you feel this happened?

JA: I used to know the number, but I’m gonna leave that for somebody else. I will suggest that it’s a little closer than people think, you know like…

AM: I mean like are you thinking hundreds of thousands, or millions?

JA: No, no, absolutely not, 10 or 20 thousand, not very long ago.

AM: And most people say between 10 and 12 thousand years ago – everybody has a different number – is when something radically bad happened.

JA: And all of that exploded matter that went out in every direction – well it circles the galaxy, and it comes right back through this part of space – I mean just exactly through here – you can’t break free from the gravitational force of the Milky Way galaxy.

AM: Interesting.

JA: So we’ve had this matter circle the system once or twice since it happened – may be more times, and every time that happens, we get the huge meteor hits, and stuff like that which would add to the confusion of the event, which and I believe we just had one, not long ago, and we would’ve been hit by something very large, had they not been able to deflect larger parts of it into the sun and away from us. So it’s still going on, I mean, this explosion – the matter is still circling the universe, and it’s still floating around our solar system.

AM: (01:29:13) That’s wild.

JA: Anybody watching this from afar would go WOOOOOW, and you don’t see that, you don’t see an exploding planet, very often, so let’s go have a look at this.

AM: Wow – so in a way – as you said, it was also a divine assistance later on down the road because it got the attention of more intelligent sentient life that wanted to assist us.

JA: Thank God for that.

AM: Yeah, so that’s good to hear. Now, how does Maldek & Nibiru fit into this whole story?

JA: Well, I don’t know. I guess maybe Nibiru would be as the original home planet, which it was for many thousands of years before they move the act to earth, we were on that sister planet, so EARTH was not our home planet. Again, I don’t worry about this information, because on Mars, they have all of this information – all these names, and the dates and so forth, and the specifics. Well, I just took in such a wide range of information, that the details, was it two thousand, was it five thousand, was it called Nibiru, what did they call the Earth? I can’t remember.

AM: No problem.

JA: Details like that but everywhere, Nibiru, all those stories, all of them, they just end up being, you know, the sister planet, the binary planet system that we were. And it blew up.

Continued in Part 2………

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