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microphone (1)What Is The Real Human-Insectoid Connection? Part 2

Transcribed on October 27 & 28, 2015 by
Rhode Island Jim♫ – P®et of the “Common” Man™

Alexandra Meadors: (2:48) Sorry folks, we had some technical difficulties. Is that surprising? My internet just went dead! Go figure on that one. Anyway, I think what we were talking about is the sun, the moon, and EARTH and their connection to one another. So, just some clarity when you said that you were actually shown the flying saucer, shooting upon the original binary planet.

Johnny Alpha (3:19) Yup.

AM: Okay, now was that the tri-sexual race that you been talking about – okay.

JA: Right, in recent times.

AM: So it was them.

JA: Yup, on the Earth.

AM: So do me a favor, and everybody this is going to get a little bit creepy, but we need to hear this. It order to kind of – yeah, in order to kind of make some sense out of it. So when were you first introduced to this tri-sexual race?

JA: Okay, myself. Well, in the early 60s, I was orbiting the planet, doing somebody’s mission, or test mission, I was going 20,000 miles an hour and I was in the upper atmosphere and it was beautiful, crystal-clear, and the planet was going past underneath me. This is one of the greatest things ever. Well of course, the saucer pulled in next to the ship, because they always did – any high-altitude mission, they’re very interested. They pulled right in, just 50 feet away from me, crystal clear air, and I managed to see through the view-port of the saucer that it was in fact a huge insectoid lifeform piloting it. So I came down explained this, and they were having trouble, saying you mean there was a spider, or a bug in the ship with you, or inside your helmet or something, and I said no, no – PILOTING THE SAUCER.

(4:47) Well we’ve had 50 confirmed sightings of a saucer, at close range, by other pilots and people, so it was no surprise. But it was quite a surprise for them to learn that it was in fact an alien insectoid lifeform in there. Some kind of thought that it would be cute little green men, or even human beings or somebody else, piloting these things, but when it turned out to be an insectoid life form – that was, rather shocking, and that’s when you know everybody started to get onto the idea of going to Mars and trying to find out what these things were and where their home base was because we couldn’t get within 10 miles of them, they were just fly off at 20,000 miles an hour at a funny angle and be gone. And so that’s the first time that I ever saw –

AM: Interesting.

JA: – a nonhuman entity piloting of flying full ship, right. Then we saw the evidence, in the concealed, buried room that had been dug up, that was inarguable evidence of these creatures set up on Mars, and so then we went up there, and that’s when I got to actually be in their vehicle and fly around with them, and you know, have them show us things, and do what we told them, in fact they were told to go around with these earth people and do what they tell you right, which would include knocking down all of the stuff – all of this horrible stuff on Mars, and covering it over.

Well in retrospect, I think we were duped into doing that because that’s what they want to do is conceal their presence from the entire solar system – the same way they did on the ancient Earth. Having said that, they’re no longer open enemies like they were for so many centuries. The story I heard was for example, the old male alien – flying saucer alien – the last thing he really remembers about the earth, caring much about the Earth was around the time of Mickey Mouse. Which was around the 1920s, or 30s So their interest and their involvement here started to wane, a bit, 70 or 80 years ago, okay, but right up through the 50s, we still had this presence. Meaning they had people, and large insect life forms down on the earth, taking care of business for them. Concealing themselves, you know, acting from inside government programs, and military programs.

AM: Wow.

JA: and every aspect of society that we could be involved in right. So, I can’t clearly remember the first time I talked to them, probably on the second Mars mission was the first time we were able to actually sit, and deal directly with them.

AM: Wow – so you’re basically saying they’ve been here at least since the 1920s.

JA: Oh no, the 1920s, would be the end of the 20,000 year presence here. They’ve been here since, well, before biblical times. They been here since earlier planets. They’ve been out through – all through the galaxy, like I said, their history is 900,000 years.

AM: Wow.

JA: They’ve had the space tech..travel technology for 50, 100 or 200,000 years. They are ancient!

AM: Now – to be such a force as you say, and to be such a kind of – like they put off this dread type of essence and energy – how was it possible to get them to be escorted out of this solar system?

JA: Well, you needed races who were equally powerful, who could fly with them – which is, we can’t do it, and never probably will be able to fly like that, without building spaceships that are so much more protected, and huge it would have to be – we have to build a ship that’s 10 times as large as theirs, in order to be able to do what they do because they are so much more, physically powerful and are able to fly like a wasp – basically, in this vehicle, plus they have the wormhole technology which is a whole separate issue, and they are just basically superior in a lot of ways, simply, because they’ve had hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, you know, before we ever became conscious.

AM: (09:41) That is really interesting. So, burning question: how do the Anunnaki fit into this?

JA: I don’t know, you’d have to define them, just to get up to date, but there’s different opinions. Again, it’s not something that I’m….

AM: Yeah, right, that you haven’t truly experienced yourself. Is this tri-sexual race – are they affiliated with those running the Vatican?

JA: No! They’re affiliated with nobody (short laugh).

AM: Really? Ok.

JA: Other than, they control everybody, or they don’t play.

AM: Wow.

JA: They are the superior top of the food chain, or they’re nothing. They were given the option to stay here, if they would follow the rules – A) no preying on human beings, or the animals or any of the creatures on earth and Mars anymore – well, they’re like no, we’ll just take our 30 flying saucers and head for some open space. Because they like to take planets and build them up in their image and control absolutely everything below them, right?. That would include all the insect life forms, which gives them control over any of the smaller groups like, say, reptilians, mammals or anything like that.

This is the ancient galaxy, these creatures come from a part of space where the radiation and gravity is beyond our ability to survive for an instant. So they are very much more powerful, physically much more ancient, and you know, in keeping with what people would think of as insect mentality – they don’t really have feelings, especially the ancient forms, like we think of it. Now they’ve learned slowly and steadily, as they have evolved too. Originally, the war, which was over the earth, the possession of the earth, that caused the sister planet to explode, was between two only of these creatures. –

AM: Wow.

JA: Two of the flying saucers, and boy that far back in history, they were just very savage and very powerful, And people had nothing. We didn’t have engines, or flight, or machines or anything at all! (12:13) They were so much superior to us.

AM: So it was like slaughter right?

JA: Well, but they didn’t. They didn’t slaughter us, they never were cruel, or evil – in that they would just do destruction for no reason. They always set up these wars, that were – you know, something you could bet on, effectively, the two saucers would have an army of 10,000, and an army of 10,000 and they would set them against each other. So they’re very highly, highly intelligent. Their IQ’s three or four times human, and they just lacked feelings, right? And again, if you own a solar system, you own billions of creatures, so there’s no problem putting 10,000 against 10,000 and you know, maybe setting up some gladiatorial arenas, and some other fun over here. Well, they were pretty cruel by any of our standards, to the point of Mars was effectively hell, and I do mean the hell of legend – that’s where the devil takes you, to burn! And it was in fact the planet Mars.

AM: Wow – so it kind of sounds a lot like the Cabal today, where we’re just on this chess-board and they’ve decided I’m gonna have this country go to war with this country, just so we can make a lot of money, and power and we can feed off the energy of the dead, you know, the grief.

JA: There’s a hotspot, there’s always, a hotspot, – they’ve always kept a hotspot.

AM: What you mean by that, what do you mean by that?

JA: Ahh there’s always somewhere where it’s boiling – and there can be war, land war, the population forced to do bombings and attacks, from religious groups. So whatever it is, there’s always a hotspot, and like you say, they’re going to feed off the money from the military equipment, and having to relocate all these people over here – maybe we do use them, now, to do this, or to do that like you say, a chessboard arena, if you will. Well, that’s our history, going all the way back, so it’s very hard to ditch that. It’s very hard to ditch this ancient evil presence. Well, it turns out human beings aren’t really necessarily the cause of that – I don’t think many people are insane and want to enslave other people, I really don’t. I think it’s been this ancient, dark presence, and so, while it looks like the world is really in bad shape these days – it’s not compared to how it’s been for the previous many, many thousands of years. It’s just been a war, you know.

AM: You know, this is uncanny, because I have spoken with several people – one in particular that I’m thinking of that has received direct psionic visions of this malevolent force and how this malevolent force has gone through multiple universes, they’ve stated. Not just solar systems. They kind of described it as – they just kinda suck the life force out of that sphere of…..

JA: Well, now you get there…

AM: Okay, so when I was told this, I had a couple of sleepless nights trying to….

JA: Sucking the life force out, is very real, but it’s not them doing it. These tri-sexual saucer aliens, you can talk to them, you know, they know some great jokes, they been around forever – they’ve had millions and billions of human beings through the hands, they know us better than we know ourselves, and all the other races so there’s dark side and a light side to it. But, sucking the energy and life force out of people – legends of vampires and ghosts and spirits, and that – very real! It turns out that this planet has been a wild planet by definition, for many tens of thousands of years. Now, any planet like that, that’s a beautiful – thick – oxygen and life and you know.

AM: Bio diverse, bio diverse?

JA: Well, any planet like that, that’s very alive, especially in ancient times, will attract life forms that you could think of, as space parasites, If you will.

AM: Okay

JA: Now these are creatures that are not fully material, okay? (16:59).

AM: Okay

JA: Much as you can think of a light being, like the greys or whatever their probes were, they were not physically solid, all the time. So we have had these life forms here there are in fact energy vampires. And back through history, they might live in a swamp, and come out at night, and settle on your house, and they’re basically just very simple lifeforms that will suck up any electrical / electrochemical life force or energy – you know it’s not really that mysterious. Now, when the greys showed appear and started cleaning up and helping us get rid of this ancient presence – one of the first things that they pointed out, was that we do have these creatures here – they have drifted in over the hundreds of thousands of years and are on this planet, and we don’t believe in them!

We think they’re ghosts, we think they’re immaterial beings that have snuck through from some evil place, and are sucking our life energy. True, very true! But they are just a very strange form of life that has been on this wild planet. They threw out a bunch of them, the really big ones, because they can be very large and just hover around and no one will believe it right? “There is no such thing as a creature that looks like a mist, hovering over the swamp” right? Okay? It’s at that level of where you just go “no, come on”. But in fact, these things are real and they do suck up so-called life force – electrochemical energy and a whole bunch of them were thrown off planet Earth and there’s even some pictures somewhere, where we go, what the hell is that floating out in space somewhere between here and nowhere?

Well, that’s one of these things that was judged to be fully parasitic on the planet Earth, and on the life forms and gave nothing back. So they said no! This is a space tick, basically a flea, or a parasite on the planet Earth. Get rid of it, you know, chase out into space and make it drift off into the Pleiades – they can drift through space for centuries and not die, as long as they have this energy. So very, very strange creatures, sort of beyond the pale of biology – you can’t really have a floating, mist-like creature, but in fact we did.

AM: Well, they show up in all different forms right.

JA: That’s right, there are different types of them, and I was shown this and just went well – you gotta be kidding me, it’s like what are those, you know. Well, those are just lifeforms exist somewhere in this unbelievably ancient galaxy of ours that have drifted into this wild solar system over the last million years, and they’re just sort of you know, parasitic on the other life forms here! So, with assistance from the greys or whatever you’re calling them, a whole bunch of them were chased up with the planet Earth, just in the last 50 years.

AM: (20:14) That sums up a lot of stuff, and I and the reason that I say that, too, is because there are very famous paintings that go all the way back to the Renaissance. They show that these kind of worm-like things are floating down through the sky to the planet.

JA: Why not?

AM: And they also go into the whole thing how the core reason for any dissonance in this sphere is a virus.

JA: Well, absolutely, they would be a big drain, and you know would cause all kinds of trouble, and no one would know what they were, or even believe in them. Now I think, the further you go back into ancient times you find that people who were so-called superstitious, were in fact, just aware of a lot more and ready to believe in what they saw and experienced rather than what they been told. And most of the people on earth, in ancient times, knew for a fact, of course, that the flying saucers were up there, and could come at any time and take you away, and then also that these other creatures were – real!! How we lost that, is the story of how they covered their presence here, and invented this whole reality – of nowhere. “Oh, we know everything and science explains everything, don’t worry about that. There’s no monsters, there’s no ghosts, there’s no anything.

Well, there are creatures that may as well be ghosts. They’re just a lot less tangible than us, yet they’re still alive somehow.

AM: That’s bringing up a couple of things, I mean #1). My father had had several ET encounters, when he was flying his bird,

JA: Sure.

AM: He looked out the window, and he saw saucer.

JA: Of course

AM: Appeared out of nowhere.

JA: They are not afraid of us.

AM: No, and it was just, hover, and that it will be gone, so that’s very interesting – God, so many things are flying through my head. Now you brought up something about the carvings on the planet of Mars and how they were shaped like all different kinds of insectoid type beings.

JA: yup.

AM: One thing that really hit me when I was in Zimbabwe last year. We were cruising through this one particular area and they had these mounds – these mountain mounds. Now the land was completely flat, but there would be just – it almost looked like, I don’t know a big blob but it was a mountain and they were very clearly carved.

JA: Yes

AM: Very clearly carved – but nobody can see it because trees and bushes and everything had grown on top of it. It was obvious to me.

JA: Yeah, oh yes – if you could see the ancient psionic memories, and maybe you will someday if you’re back on the ancient Earth, the whole planet was in their image and that includes entire mountainsides. With carvings larger than anything we’ve ever made, and there were thousands and thousands of them, and teams, of people – their humanoid drones, if you will, down on the earth, were sent around with their chisels and hammers to eliminate the image of the devil from the surface of the planet. We must remove its presence. Right, and they went around for years, and decades, going around chipping away the whole sides of mountains, and statues – and just any evidence whatsoever of these creatures. If you look at mountains now you can see gee you know if that was just a little bit more together, you could see that that might be all carved, on such a grand scale that you just can’t believe it ever could have been that way. So the early Earth was spectacular beyond belief – beyond Mars, even. And it was all covered over and chipped away and destroyed and stories created.

AM: (24:37) That’s incredible.

JA: As we all know, we’ve sorta know, in the past when we see the ancient stone cities, and the carvings, and the statues and stuff from ancient times, you go, gee, that’s kind of better than a lot of stuff today, what we missing here, how could that possibly be going on –

AM: Right.

JA: And there’s no record – specific records left say of the great pyramid, for example. You know that I should be the most important thing that ever happened, and it’s all just kinda gone, you know? And ancient stuff.

AM: Well, and think about it, Jack – think about how we read about the burning of all the books and scrolls in the library of Alexandria. I mean, these were all very deliberate attempts to keep that exposure and free sharing of information to the entire world.

JA: Yes indeed, and the story of the great pyramid itself is enough to, uhh… it’s just unbelievable. You know, we were shown that you know and.

AM: Well go ahead, share it with us because you obviously have far more information on this and I do.

JA: (25:47) Over the centuries, of course, other creatures have come here besides the saucers – they would allow anyone to come through and take some specimens, or some supplies and fly on and all kinds of things could drop by over the – well…what I was shown was an alien humanoid was cast away here, was stranded on this planet by a group of creatures who meant him no – I don’t know what was going on here, but they abandon this humanoid here on the surface, and his friends are out there looking for him, but he’s been abandoned on the earth with all these primitive creatures around, okay. Very tall humanoid creature. Very impressive. So of course he gains total power and total control over, basically ancient Egypt – whatever part of the world that was called at that time, and he builds the pyramid. He builds the great pyramid right. And into it, he puts that tunnel, you know, going up at that angle that points at whatever part – you can hear the story about.

AM: Orion.

JA: I forget what part of space it points at. Well, in fact, that’s exactly what happened. He built that thing with that tunnel, so he could send a psionic memory, not a memory, but a message that would be channeled through that, and that was about the best he could do on this primitive planet, as far as getting a message sent out to the area of space that he wanted to send it to where he knew his buddies were looking for him. Okay, that’s simple and sure enough, he got this thing built and sent a message off and they were there right away within days or weeks, ’cause they were looking for him in that part space and they came down and said gee what have you doing here with these, and he said,”well, I had to do something while I was here” and they said , “okay, well we’re leaving now – bye” and there went most of the intelligence on the Earth.

So, one of the pharaohs, apparently, was a humanoid from somewhere else, who was cast away here, and to kill off the time that he was here, he built the great pyramid, or one like it, and the others like it, and put this way of sending a message out which didn’t turn out to be even that necessary because they came and rescued him anyway and so you watch that memory , and you just go – come on, you know. That can’t be right, we’ve got this hierarchy of all of this human evolution up to the building of this pyramids and so forth, but nope – is just a one-off deal from somebody who was abandoned here.

Now it goes on, before that character left here, they talked to him and said, don’t just abandon us here, you’re the smartest guy, you taught us all this stuff, and he said no, sorry, I’m not from here, you know. But there you go. There’s one instance of a humanoid presence here on the earth that was here and then gone. You know, and there’s been others, and there’s been other creatures that have dropped by here, you know, legends have been created, and kept alive, and changed to this day.

Basically, they have all of these records, right, so when I tell the stuff, it’s like it might be – I can’t remember the details, I can’t remember what they called it, but all of this is done with the idea that these records will become available, eventually, and we’ll be able to see that in fact it was humanoids here who really increased our awareness of how to build things and do things, and then left, you know. Maybe some others came in, and it’s a very complicated long history, and if you look at the planet is a big bowl of soup in space that would attract everything for a long way around, there’s not much trouble believing in any of it because the galaxy just doesn’t follow our ideas, it does what it does, you know. And it doesn’t always have to make sense. But that story of the great pyramid, I couldn’t believe it (Alexandra just can’t help laughing) That there could be an alien humanoid, very tall, and impressive looking, who would get cast away here, and just go, okay, I gotta work with these creatures – here, let’s go, get those elephants over here, get those giant human beings over here lifting bricks, and sure enough the last giants, I believe it was 4 of them – the last two actually – died from working on that great pyramid. (30:37)

AM: Oh wow.

JA: They were killed off by being overworked – both of them had to eat about an ox each a day, just to keep their energy up at a level where they could stay alive, at all.

AM: That’s terrible.

JA: And so the great pyramid was done using them, while they cast all the bottom bricks into position, and then they would lift these huge ones that looked like humans couldn’t do that – well, probably couldn’t, but with the two giants and with using levers, and the rest of the normal people, they did manage to build the thing. And so the entire story of the great pyramid is up there and it does involve aliens, but just a one-off alien, but not tied in with the rest of it at all, so this can cause confusion like you can’t believe. If you try to put the whole picture together and say it’s all one package, it isn’t. It’s just what happened as opposed to a nice neat theory.

AM: Now, what system was that, was this the race that we would consider to be benevolent that sent this?

JA: I believe there was two humanoid races, and one of them had their hands on somebody who they wanted to, you know, rather than kill him, they were just going to abandon him on this primitive planet, Earth –

AM: Woh

JA: And they knew that his friends would probably find him, It might take 10 or 20 years for them to hone in and find him, but meanwhile he’s here trying to send a message desperately, and it turns out that these psionic messages, if you can create a long enough tunnel, like he did through that pyramid, you can focus it a lot better and blast it off into space, and hopefully they’ll be cruising around in that area – looking for you anyway, and they will receive this message, however weak, and be able to trace it back to the Earth and find this character right.

Well you couldn’t think that up, you know, so they just showed me that and I just went okay that’s separate from everything else, but what next, you know.

AM: You know why Jack, they have a lot of stories about supposedly renegade extraterrestrial groups of beings crash landed here.

JA: Oh, absolutely. Now I don’t know so much about crash landed, but another one that I saw was people like to think of the little green men right.

AM: Yeah.

JA: The little ET cute ones. Well, there was in fact a ship that just showed up, because I learned this because I remember this ’cause one of the questions I asked the saucer aliens, I said, look, over the – your time here, who else has showed up? Okay, well, they explained what the reptilians were and how their presence was always here, and other people are going to be able to talk about that better than me but, at one point, a ship just showed up of little ET guys that would look more like the traditional little green men, highly energetic and friendly types, they just showed up on the earth, and they were passing through here.

So they came down and landed and interacted with some people, picked up some children gave them rides around the planet, did a whole bunch of fun stuff, probably for a few days or less than a week, and just left and have never been back since right. They showed me that, and a couple of other odd occurrences that have happened over the years, over the millennia, of different races being here but that does not mean that any any of them had any influence or control over the overall planet or solar system, ’cause they didn’t, it was always their place and if there was reptilians, it is because they were allowed in certain areas in certain ways, and no exceptions because insect reality very, very logical and very hierarchical and if you’re the top predator, you have control all the way down to the ground.

AM: Interesting.

JA: Over every other type of life form in the solar system.

AM: It sounds a lot like our cabal.

JA: It does, it sounds like insects, which is what it is, it’s like an insect hive, and that’s our ancient mind, then we have the reptilian mind, which is what’s more, me, personal.

AM: Survival, survival.

JA: Not a social mentality, self-interest, and that’s much more like the human beings of today. We all figure we’re all very special and important.

AM: Yeah

JA: We don’t have this insect-like thought pattern, even though we behave that way.

AM: That’s just a trip.

JA: Yeah

AM: So, now do you feel that the reptilians that landed here, ’cause you said this was not a reptilian dominated solar system, that we’ve kind of been led askew, one that. Do you feel that was a mission gone bad, that the tri-sexual races sent the reptilians here and it ended up really becoming a problem for the humans?

JA: It’s a problem now, because why is there war up there, why are there people, soldiers up there with rail guns, fighting, you know, fighting against lizard men. Well, that was nothing like that going on while we were up there, at all. There was no Reptilians running around dominating the surface ….. (unintelligible)

AM: (36:02) ‘Cause, it’s pretty bad.

JA: Yup, and they knew about it and they went up there and got themselves destroyed because, I think because they went after that artifact, which is part of the saucer technology, and it’s a scam – they are not going to get it. Even if they find it, it’s not what they think it’s not gonna… but that’s what they were led to believe that if you can find this, you’d have the secret of the saucer’s power.

AM: They being the reptilians.

JA: No, they being the soldiers, the Super-Soldiers.

AM: The Super-Soldiers, okay

JA: They were told about this artifact, they all went to that cave to try to deal with, to try to get it, or whatever and they were slaughtered.

AM: Yeah.

JA: And that’s the end of that group. In fact, that was some kind of a test. It was like okay let’s see if they’ll go after this artifact that will give them power – over us, over the other races in the solar system – Let’s see if the human beings can be trusted!! No, they’re, gonna send a thousand soldiers in there, to try to get that – that thing, and of course then they’re eradicated – it’s like oh, no no no, nothing like you is ever going to gain power over this solar system or these ancient races right.

So it’s like this presence has left physically, but hasn’t left on this psionic level, and that’s the scariest part of all to me, that’s where I lose ability to deal with it, I don’t know what to do because it’s beyond, beyond you know and I explained in that video, we brought a couple of humanoids back and this is now right in my house, and I’d never experienced anything like this – actually my mom’s house and all of a sudden we’re going through the wormhole and we’re back on Mars all of a sudden, and there’s this situation going on where they’re trying to use reptilians to destroy the records that are up there which are stored in these ancient bushes, and are stored in the bodies of these ant-like creatures, they’re trying to wipe them out, wipe out a generation or two of ants, so the old ones don’t remember, and get rid of these records of us here and rewrite the whole thing again.

And, of course, there’s human beings who want to go along with that as long as they’re, you know coming out of it okay, so it’s incredibly complex and when I got knocked out or more accurately compromised at a certain point where there’s technically wars going on, and all of a sudden I’m compromised where everything I know, they know because they’ve come in it night, woke me up and asked me all these questions – who are your friends, who are the greys, who is protecting you, who is watching you, what are you doing, you know, and I answer all of these questions. All of a sudden, I wake up the next day, and I sorta remember this and I say, look, guys, I’m compromised. Go, don’t even contact me again. I’m burnt, I’m done,- as far as the war right. So that’s the last time I heard anything about it. Of course I’m still starting to get memory back, I don’t have it back yet so everything for myself just went downhill drastically for about five or ten more years. I didn’t realize what was going on at all, you know. People started dying and all kinds of horrible stuff started happening, and I just thought gee, this isn’t right. What’s happening here? Well I ended up in more trouble than I thought possible, you know, and I just had to leave from a whole part of the world just to get away from these people, who I imagined were doing this, and in fact I was right to do so, even though I didn’t know it at the time. I think things have settled down a little bit now, but like you say, still it’s not good.

AM: (40:04) No, there’s still some stuff going on. Now for the audience that has not heard your video. Can you enlighten them on, you know, when you were coming back, you were leaving Mars, you had two humanoids come up to you and ask you – what? Tell them what you are referring to, so they know what’s going on.

JA: Well they just begged, they said, we’re being, – we’re leading this horrible torturous lives up here in the tunnels, all we ever do is carry bones and stuff down to the fires for the ants. Those were two women right, they seemed like human beings, but they’re not. You see and this is the biggest danger there is for us – true human beings – going back into history, is that we’ve had these humanoids here all along and they have a different brain construction from us – they have a metallic content to their bodies and to their brains and they are therefore 100% controllable via the psionic, and they are in fact part of the insect mentality chain, whereas true humans aren’t – we can’t be, we’re not very telepathic because we have a skull and neither are the reptilians generally. Except they’re much more highly evolved than us and it just got to the point where I finally realized that these things were human – humanoids, but they were being controlled. Absolutely controlled 100%, and they themselves might not even think of that, until all of a sudden it was like looking right through their eyes was the controlling life form. Which means that’s no good, just to put that into perspective, but if you go back far enough in the history, these humanoids, the troublemakers have always been there, and a good example of one of them would be somebody like Napoleon Bonaparte, who was in fact one of these controllable drones, and caused all of that trouble, which is not like it’s written and when they discovered what he was, which they did, by sticking a magnet to his head, and finding out that he had this metal brain – they just picked up rocks, and stoned the guy to death on the spot. And that’s what happened to Napoleon.

So our history of course is just rubbish, it’s all been rewritten many times. But they have this memory of this character Napoleon, who was not even a real human being, he was one of these humanoids. This gets about as deep as it gets, because all of a sudden everybody (42:55) is looking and saying, oh is that one of them? Nope, a magnet doesn’t stick to his head, I guess he’s okay. Creep, creep but that’s how it was.

These humanoids are the real danger because they will just look like – usually they’re fairly short, fairly stocky, and they’re not very intelligent generally, they’re grade 4 or grade 5 intelligence, and they can’t hold memories, as many memories as we can, for as long. Right. So they’re the most effective weapon that these races ever had. If a giant beetle shows up at your door and tells you to do something – well you might obey it, but you can’t have this thing walking around the streets.

AM: Sure.

JA: But anything that’s humanoid, can walk around and be part of society, and into the court system, and into the police, and into the – whenever, and just sort of be there all along. So that’s what I’m talking about when I say we’re infested or infected with these things. They were right in our society, as members of our government and everything else.

AM: Absolutely, and they’ve infiltrated the government, big time. So these are, so wouldn’t you equate the politicians as these types of humanoids?

JA: Not necessarily at all, you know, I don’t think they’re intelligent enough to fool a lot of modern people, but historically they were the means of control. So yeah, them or something like them is still probably the way they would go, if they wanted to maintain control over the earth. You’d have to use either physical actual humanoids, or…. even hologram projection idea or something like it, now they do have….

AM: And the humanoid, you said, they have the capacity to shape shift

JA: They do within very small parameters.

AM: Okay.

JA: They can get taller, shorter, they can change themselves, their face in particular – to look like somebody who generally they resemble. You can’t have a male turning into a female, also you can’t have…...

AM: And this is how they messed with you, right? You allowed these two humanoids to come onto the ship, they came back with you to earth, and that it ended up blowing your whole life apart?

JA: That’s right, it caused all of the damage, but the deal was you bring them back, and we’re surrounded, we’re being watched. Not by the government or the CIA – by the greys, and other people that are part of this.

AM: Okay

JA: Well, a few months went by, or longer, before they realized that these things were far more capable than they thought, because once they’re under control it’s like having the much more intelligent alien life form itself, looking right through their eyes, and acting through them, so this horrible psionic power comes right back through it like a vessel. And they are in fact a tool, and then all of a sudden, and bang, they’re just back. Oh, I’m just going shopping. I’m just an ordinary person. Well the stuff they were doing was pretty horrific.

AM: Yeah, well, okay, so I’d like to know your opinion, and I’m not going to say you know exactly what’s going on, but because of your lens and how amazing it is, what is your opinion of all these heads of state, politicians, heads of the Vatican, bankers that are participating in these blood satanic ritual sacrifices of blood and flesh?

JA: (46:49) Okay now, first of all, that’s a tough question, because I know about the so-called satanic “baby blood drinking” ring.

AM: Okay.

JA: First of all, it’s not real, on one level.

AM: On one level.

JA: But yeah, because people want to think that, I don’t know who was accused of this – Queen Liz and the Bush family and all of them right. Well, there’s no way that those people are anything like that, they are just – Queen Elizabeth, – just normal, really nice ordinary people. So this gets difficult, because this is the kind of thing you don’t wanna talk about because, all along, this story of – “We have a satanic ringwe’re going to kill, and eat – we do this thing you know.” Well…… If there’s people out there, who want to believe in this, and they’re willing to join okay – “oh yeah, I’m in and I’ll keep my mouth shut”, now you’ve got somebody you don’t want anything to do with and you will not let in, under any circumstances, okay. So, it’s a story that’s been put forth, all along, in order to sort out anyone stupid enough, or crazy enough to believe in it, and then they’re not let in. Okay.

(48:21) Okay, nobody but nobody wants to hear about kidnapping children, and doing horrible things and eating them, whatever it is that they’re being accused of. Just to reassure people on that front, there’s a couple of famous cases, for example, where huge, you know, British royal families are huge important politicos, have been seen at a site somewhere, 10 children have disappeared and never been seen again. Okay? A couple of those events, I was there. Okay. Children were not taken to the oven or the fridge. They were taken out of a horrific situation, and given a better life by people with the power to do such a thing, as much as they could, using their own money, kind of thing. So it’s in fact, baloney. Most of it. Anything that is true along those lines, like so-called satanic rituals where insane blood rituals and stuff go on, that will be our alien influence, okay. That would not be human beings, organizing and setting that up.

AM: I agree with that, totally agree with that.

JA: But the thing is been going on, and sure was, going back into history, absolutely for sure, they’ve had these powerful groups of people. And of course they’re going to be the people in power who they use to do this, that’s how it would work. So we shouldn’t think that there’s chains of families or related people or certain bloodlines of people, that go back, who are evil, who are doing these horrific things. It’s just not true. Queen Liz and Phil, are just really nice people, they’re just ordinary people who are really happy to be…. It’s the same with the Bushes, or anybody like that when you start to hear – I’ll just go one more step on this.

I remember David Icke appearing, okay his very first appearance, and I talked to him and he says well I’m getting into this and this is GREAT, you know, but you can’t go too far, sort of thing. Well, he came out with the reptilian hologram-based theory, which is great, which is real, which is like whoa, that’s how it would be done, and that’s something worth thinking about right. The other thing he did was go after these so-called chains of families, and the Vatican and places like that. Now the reason was, he knew, and a lot of other people knew, that these organizations, and people, are covering up – information. Any pressure that you can bring on them, that you can bring to bear on them, any pressure at all, is better than nothing. Let’s get them to cough up what they know, right.

AM: Okay.

JA: So he started attacking, based on that, right. So half of what he does is exactly right, and the other half, is something else. He’s trying to get these people to talk, or come up with information. It’s not gonna work, but it’s the only way to attack what there is. And again, I’ll just say that I’ve been at some of these places where supposedly people are taken and disappeared and probably put into the fridge, or into a satanic ritual, in fact, the opposite is true. They don’t have to really worry about, on an earthly level, the royals or the political families, or the Rothschilds or whatever it is being this satanic organized human thing. Anything that twisted or evil has always come from total outside possession of human beings who may, in the same way that I can’t remember and Randy Cramer can’t, and all kinds of other people can’t remember certain parts of our lives, it would be, it would be the same, for these people if they were involved in anything really horrific. And I mean we’ve been involved in some horrific stuff, where I’ve been where people have – things have happened. You know .

AM: Yeah.

JA: It was never us, human beings doing it.

AM: I still, I just, so wait a minute, let me get this straight. So you’re basically saying that it’s on a different plane of existence, if it is occurring.

JA: That’s right.

AM: Okay and you are also saying that is not the human element that’s involved, it would be more the extraterrestrial, and which I totally agree with.

JA: Yup.

AM: I’ve said, many, many times, human beings – if you are 100% human being, which that would be another question for you – if you are 100% of your human DNA blueprint, you don’t even have the capacity to do that.

JA: That’s pretty close to true, I think, yeah.

AM: So, I get what you’re saying because now, there’s people that are going to come out of their seat and go you’re so full you know what, because they’ve literally seen it with their own two eyes.

JA: Yeah, the crazy rich, I’ve been at a few places too where I wonder what the hell is actually – are they doing here. Are they going to end up killing somebody out there in that field or what, and I’m not even sure what went down, because people do get together in these insane get togethers, and I know that there is an alien presence, and a reason for this, because I know for a fact that a lot of these specific accusations that you can find on the internet say that this famous person went here, and then these children disappeared and were never seen again. True, because they saved their life and took them out, and gave them a chance somewhere else, with their own money and they are in fact exactly the opposite…

AM: Wow

JA: ..as what they are portrayed as, and in fact, I didn’t want to talk about this because this has always been a way – it’s just gone too far now that it’s all out in public and the internet. (54:36) It used to be such that if you wanted to get in, so to speak, all the way in, to whenever you want to think of it as, you would hear this story about, “oh yeah, we’re all in you know, and it ends up with the Queen and the big shots and the politicians and the big shots and we do this thing, so we’re going to go do this slaughter of these kids, or whatever, and we’re going to eat them” or something ridiculous. You know. And that if anybody was willing to go along with that, and keep their mouth shut about it You just kind of went okaaayyy, next.

So it was a way of sorting people out, because when you’re dealing with this kind of stuff, there’s nothing really more important, or there’s nowhere else to turn, right – if you going to bring somebody in, they have to be tested. And there’s no better way than that, than to say we’re going to do something horrific here, really terrible – are you willing to keep your mouth shut? And if they say, yeah, yeah, then you got the wrong person, and you don’t let them in!

AM: You know, Jack, just a couple of comments, Galactic Connection, for whatever reason – myself, and the people I work with, we have been designated as a primary, I’m gonna just call us ‘organization’ to assist in helping remove implants. Okay, and it’s a world-renown process – we’ve done thousands upon thousands of them.

JA: Great.

AM: Now we’ve learned a lot from doing that. And one of the things that, and I do a lot of research behind the scenes on things of this sort – and where I’m at right now, and as you know I think everybody in the audience can agree, what you believed even three months ago, is not necessarily what you believe today. Because we’re always open to new ideas, expanding our way of seeing things, and you know, that’s what becoming galactic means, is being able to see a myriad of different ways to see the same exact thing. Exactly, expanding your consciousness –

JA: You have to.

AM: but with that said, one of the things that I have noticed, is when you take some of your prominent issues, within society, such as addiction, okay.

JA: Okay.

AM: It could be anything, Asperger’s, bi-polarism, you know, you name it. If you look at that and you look at, let’s say a number of people you are working with and you start diving into specific components as to what’s causing that, I am really getting to that place where I do believe that they have been hijacked, by a specific type of extraterrestrial race, that is literally running their Merkabah, and is causing them to do things that they would never have done if they were 100% in their own human 100% sacred light.

And so therefore, when you are looking at all these politicians, etc. and you hear all these horrible things, you know, I’m often saying to myself, is that the original human divine spark within that guy, you know, like let’s pull out Bill Clinton – there are a lot of testimonies as to how many people he has been responsible for executing during his time of the presidency, okay. But then you have, how many other Bill Clinton’s that were cloned.

JA: Right.

AM: And then you have the Bill Clinton’s that were hijacked.

JA: Right.

AM: So this is where it gets super convoluted is like if there were 50 Bill Clintons, and some of them have been hijacked, and some of them are extraterrestrial races that are running him, some of them are actually clones, you’re not really sure who is the real Bill Clinton, please stand up?

JA: Well yeah, this is outside of my awareness, specific – politicians down here. It’s a funny thing, we used to run into all of them, I mean they might be around, Pres. Kennedy would be around, or other huge bigwigs would be around but we just never paid any attention to them because they were just seemingly – figureheads. We were doing things, and they will be standing around waiting to see what happened kind of thing, and they weren’t doing anything themselves. And so, there are groups of people out there, assembled, who do profit. You don’t hear about it. When these horrible events happen, you’ll hear that these people are around watching, you know, watching it unfold rather than doing anything about it.

AM: Correct.

JA: And you start to wonder about who is real, and who is not. Clones? I don’t know, I do know that on Mars we talked about it and there was only there was something that you do with you can only clone something so many times before it becomes, and I don’t know that human beings clone as well as other creatures. But as far as the Earthly and stuff, and politicians, and so forth. I think that in ancient times, it was just all through. They had absolute power over the masses. And I don’t know how true that is anymore. I wouldn’t want to talk about it. I don’t know anything at all about, for example, the old order.

AM: Right.

JA: Or any of them, you know, because you get cut off, if you are in my position, you are on the ground. Okay, it’s called being on the ground, and I’m not allowed off the ground. Okay, so I can’t get within shouting distance of anybody that supposedly connected. It’s kind of like if you set out, if you’re an average person, if you set out to get a hold of somebody who’s famous, you can’t even get a hold of them, let alone find out what they’re actually doing. But I think there are enough people out there in groups, now that are keeping an eye on things.

I’d just like to calm down any of them that are hysterically thinking that they’ve got these people targeted, these families, and the Windsors and the Bushes, and whoever it is as this organized thing, that is in fact the problem, (01:01:11) and that’s just absolutely not true, you know, I know that. That, I do know for a fact.

AM: Interesting – it’s interesting to have that perspective, because it really, you know, it goes back to what you were talking about earlier, and that is holograms.

JA: Ahh.

AM: And it goes back to holographic presentation of the information, and this is another reason why we’re also frustrated, Jack.

JA: Yes, well, if you are a super intelligent alien race, our brains are just little chemical nips that they can pick up like a cell phone.

AM: That’s amazing.

JA: And dial out, and they can make us see things that aren’t real.

AM: Right.

JA: They can take over somebody’s body and be there and then leave – and the person will not even know what they’ve done. You know. So this doesn’t give everybody an excuse, but it does provide, you know, explanation for a lot of things, that just seem way off the deep end, ’cause I know that there’s a lot of people who view all of the alternate media, and they are very skeptical, and they read all this stuff about the reptilians and they say that’s nonsense, that’s garbage, you know, and that’s not true.

Well, a lot of it isn’t true, it goes too far, you know. And like I said, they’re attacking these people based on the fact that they know that they have information. They don’t know what that information is, other than it’s probably ET related, and that we all deserve to know that, and lets get it out and so forth. So they’re gonna attack the Vatican, they’re gonna attack the Queen, they’re gonna attack the Bushes, as hard as they can, using anything they can to try to force something out of them right.

And the fact is, that most of these people are in fact just normal people who happen to have really good jobs. And are in on the gravy train, and all the rest of it, but you can’t single out anybody as being some kind of evil cabal, of these higher families. That’s a story that they’ve always put forth – deliberately, to sort out the nut bars, so that you don’t get anybody coming in who’s actually crazy, and will all of a sudden turn around and do something insane, once they are so far in, that they’re dangerous right – you gotta have cooler, calmer, more intelligent people in the core of the program, able to keep things under control.

Because don’t forget, we wanted, and everybody wanted disclosure to happen way back, 50 years ago. It just couldn’t, you know. It just couldn’t happen, and we tried. So you need people there who are not just going to fly off the handle and then do something crazy. So, I don’t believe at all, in these families, and chains of people that are doing this to you, because I know perfectly well that the story has been put out, for a long, long time.

AM: So this has been going on, this story had been going on for much longer then we even realize is what you’re saying?

JA: That’s right, and anything actually insane that does get out of control, these crazy groups of people doing crazy things. Well, that’s going to be our alien, not understandable by us, particularly, influence.

AM: Yeah, so basically, so what you’re saying then is, if it’s happening, which I personally believe it is, if it’s happening because there’s just so many people that are coming out of the closet that are admitting to even being there, you know, and even seeing it and observing it and participating in it but I’ve always felt that there’s always this very dark, malevolent, parasitic extraterrestrial presence, that takes over that human body

JA: Tthat’s what it is, there’s nothing else, there’s no such thing as a group of royals going around saying boy oh boy, what kids can we get our hands on?, you know. That’s absurd, that’s ridiculous. People have been present when these alleged kidnappings and horrible things have happened, when in fact, the opposite has happened. (01:05:48) It’s just normal, nice people who are generally quite happy to be and – “oh boy, I’m doing really good.” I’m a royal, or I’m a successful famous politician. Well, that’s a fairly good life, and I can’t see running around being part of some insane, killing…… There’s nothing worse, you can’t think of anything worse. Taking children and doing terrible things to them. It’s just too much. It makes people just go numb even thinking about it, and the fact is, it’s just a story.

AM: Or it’s really legitimizing that we really are truly in a matrix..

JA: Well yeah, that’s what it’s saying. Not that certain types of human beings are evil, living right inside of our culture, and running this or the government or whatever, satanically preying on us – no!

AM: I can’t hear you.

JA: Right, well, there’s no satanic group, running your life.

AM: Okay.

JA: You know, that’s all I want to say to most people, because I’ve seen these stories, and I just go, that’s ridiculous, that’s way over the top, I was there, I know what happened that day and no children were harmed in any way and no human being that I’ve ever been in contact with and that includes everybody all up through the hierarchy of the people doing the stuff, would ever dream of harming a child for any reason whatsoever, just like anybody else.

AM: Well perhaps, perhaps…

JA: And I don’t care how many people show up, because this story spreads and you will find that there are people who just really are victimized and maybe have experienced something, but it is in fact not, you know, our leaders, planning and carrying this out. Unless, like you say, it’s part of the alien matrix and that forces people to confront this idea of super-powerful extraterrestrials, rather than blaming it on human beings, which is a little too easy if you ask me.

AM: That’s a really good point, and the other thing is – you pointed this out before, which is number one, they have the total capacity, as they did to you, okay, to embed themselves in each of these higher profile individuals, into their families, their friends, their work, etc. literally creating a stage that you believe is true, when in fact they have the ability to not only transform their face, so it’s very interesting that you are presenting it this way, because if it was their intention, they would take some of the most high profile people, and transform it to their face, to give it more meat, you know, that’s very interesting.

JA: Well I guess if you want to think of it as possession, fine. It is not demonic possession, it’s just these much more powerful creatures – through our minds a very simple little chemical stews that they can just, they can make you do anything basically, the very powerful ones.

AM: Well there you go, they can make you do anything.

JA: The saucer aliens are this way, okay. When I stood in that, sat in that saucer and they showed me places all over the galaxy, and I asked questions, and they showed me this in the showed me that – they effectively could make you jump off a cliff, when you’re getting into bed, and just basically, very able to control anybody who they were in direct……(unintelligible)

AM: You know there’s two things that you’re bringing up here too, which is number one, where is this reality really taking place?

JA: Right.

AM: (01:09:51) Okay, is it on, because you’re very much talking about, on the ground, physical reality.

JA: Yup.

AM: So, what if, these sacrificial type things are not really of this reality, they’re perhaps in a higher or different dimensional reality, who knows what that is right. I think the second thing is, just the suggestion alone that there is such a much larger force that is completely capable of controlling everything, and everyone.

JA: Well, certainly, anything within their sphere. Again, the further you go back into history, the more this horrific gatherings and witches, and horrific stuff is possible. It’s like I said, this comes right up into the 50s and 60s, before it starts to break down at all. Right. This is what people can’t deal with. They think well no, no, that’s just happened in the 60s, that’s the same as today, right. No, it isn’t!. Everything has changed drastically, since the 1950s right. It looks the same, but it isn’t, right. So we had no idea, even, that we were controlled by these things, then all of a sudden the truth broke through to a lot of people. And then other people started hearing about this. And so what you jump online now, you get people just hysterically attacking certain aspects of what they see as like “no, no it’s these reptilian bloodlines – no, it’s this type of (?), no it’s that.” It’s all going to be a smokescreen too, and the real truth will not be so complex

You know it’s complex, but it won’t be… it won’t be the human beings doing it, because it’s way above of our ability to pull this off. So we have to just more or less hold on here and go, wait a minute, were not going to act on a bunch of stories. From the 1950s, 40s, from the ancient times, from this rumor, oh somebody posted that these children disappeared – when I’m telling you, that I was there and they didn’t – nobody was hurt or killed, so what are you raving about? It’s as if you know you’re onto something here, and this is why one of the main reasons why I had to start talking, because I just can’t stand to see people – it used to be more or less pride this thing about this terrible ring of child killers do you want to come in – oh you do. Okay goodbye. Now it’s on the Internet as if it’s everybody’s business, and anybody can go in there and go oh look, you know.

AM: And it’s all over the world because people are coming forward and telling people you know, whistleblowers.

JA: Yeah, people don’t do that, you know. So when you do, it does lend more weight to everything that we’re leading to which is this other world, and other more powerful minds of ours, and that’s just how it is, and that the hardest thing for people to deal with, they want to say oh yeah, aliens, fill me in. Come on, I got an hour or two here – come on – government – expose, come on, disclose! And it’s like, yeah, but you’re not ready for it – oh yeah, I am…

And it’s like, okay, here, go experience five minutes of the psionic memory of the solar system, and you would come back just glassy eyed, and shivering, and unable to say a word so. It’s heavy, it’s heavy, intellectually, spiritually, and every way that there is and so to break it all down, so that everybody in the world can be able to take it in, is a long and frustrating process. And nobody is going to pay us for it, because they don’t have to believe any of it.

AM: Right, now what is your opinion about, and you know, especially of any your psionic – you know, awakenings. What is your opinion about, there’s been several that have come forward, anywhere from 12 to 15 beings, really solely, that are responsible for running this whole matrix?


JA: May well be, but not something that I can get a grasp on. I do know that down where we were, when this was all happening, it just happened in steps, and the word that I come up with was was numb, when everybody went numb, that is when we realized, oh no, this is real, and yet the world not ready for it, and we’re dealing with it. What do we do, you know? Nobody knew what to do, nobody, there was nobody who said, “Oh well, we just do this and this – if there is at least 12 of 15 families or people controlling the purse strings is effectively how it ends up, then I’m interested in knowing who they are but I can’t find them. You know.

AM: Well I think this is on an extraterrestrial, or beyond….

JA: Okay, all right. You were talking the other day about these little ET’S and stuff that we’d run into – just the other day I got a look at, I don’t know, I was just shown all of a sudden what I think is 4 or 5 races that are residents – it used to be three and it may be up to five now that live in this solar system, that are considered residents here, their race may be in other solar systems too, but they are technically registered in this solar system. Well, then there’s probably representatives of each of their groups, at some point, who sit and looks at the Earth.

But I think they’re really just watching us to see how we deal with this emergence, into this so-called galactic consciousness, it’s just awareness of the whole thing, and they’re just sitting back going, well, this could take 100 years, or 50 years, or whatever it’s gonna take, but it’s not really our business to force this on this race, it’s slowly starting to break through here there and everywhere, and they’re just watching you know, to see what we do.

So I don’t think they’re exerting too much control, other than hopefully in positive ways. And in ways, for example, human beings have to be protected from ourselves, in certain ways. We can’t be handed certain technologies. Okay, that can’t become public information.

AM: Well, we’ve already been there, done that.

JA: Yeah, it only takes one person.

AM: Atlantis is a good example.

JA: So they been going around, making sure things like that are extremely dangerous to this young race have been dealt with. So it would be more like babysitting, then it would be controlling. You know, in a lot of ways.

AM: Yeah, it’s crazy – and my other question to you, too, is: Can you be a little bit more clarifying for the audience about the tri-sexual race?

JA: Alright, I’ll just describe them. The story up on Mars was, on them, is they’re the Masters. On the Earth, as far as human beings are concerned – the Masters, as far as the insect race is concerned – the Masters, up above us light, everything, infinitely superior in ancient times, so they were our Masters. They were our gods, they were our devils, they were everything. They were superior to us in every way. Well, they were just extremely unlikely. Have you ever heard of the tri-sexual insectoid life form, where each is different. They have a wasp-like female, and like a water bear male and they have a huge, almost like a pet, 30 foot long serpent doesn’t really take part in flying the ship, of course, it’s not a serpent, it’s a warm-blooded insect lifeform right?

AM: Okay.

JA: I was shown them hovering up in the clouds, where they live most of their lives, and the snakelike creature could get out of the saucer and just sorta float near it inside the gravitational field that it projects, and it will be out there, sunning and lolling in the sun and crawling around in the air outside of the ship right, while they’re just lounging up in the clouds. Well, they’re extremely unlikely, and I asked them where they came from. It was somewhere back towards galactic central, where they evolved under extreme radiation, under extreme gravity and you know they’re huge, so they have large brains.

One interesting thing about them is that the saucer technology itself turns out to be something they found. They just found it, one day they found a ship that had crashed. They don’t even know where was from. It could be from another galaxy, and they have this technology that they could re-create and sort of understand how it worked, but they didn’t much care about that. They just used it for power to take off into the galaxy.

So they’re very much like the mother spider, sending the little spiderlings out into the woods, each to make its own web, and its own life right. They want a planet, rather than just a little part of a tree, in the corner of you world, right. So it’s the same mentality. It’s the ancient galaxy where everything was very cruel. Okay. No such thing as laws or anything like it, so they just extremely unlikely. I mean, why would there be three different creatures in this weird tri-sexual universe.

Really, they form a circle when they have their get-togethers. The psychic psionic end of it is like part of the pleasure to them in a way that is hard for humans to get a handle on. But they showed up here and just took over the planet. They started breeding creatures up to their liking, making giant creatures. They’re just absolutely right into owning a solar system, or a few planets the same way we want to have a house and a car.

AM: (laughing) Oh, God.

JA: It’s really that simple, and it’s very hard for people to understand, that these things would be almost adolescent. And they just have this, yeah, we own that whole solar system let’s just make toy soldiers with it, almost. And you talk to them and they’re just like they really just don’t care. They’re indifferent to human reality and the way would be that we would say, oh well the sheep, the dogs, the horses.. Yeah, they’re our pets, and everything, and we take care of them, but we don’t really care much, what they think. So that’s the attitude and just the amount of power, the amount of physical power is shocking to behold. And the fact that they never sleep.

AM: Really?

JA: No and the fact that they basically had human beings as pets, slaves, playthings for so long that it just seems like the natural order of things, just like the old science fiction idea where we’re like the ants and they are the ants or the owners and we’re the little bugs. So I’m sure it goes up another level over their head where they are the small insignificant, not very powerful, and so on up the ladder right.

But where we were in this part of the galaxy. This was a wild planet in a wild solar system for many tens of thousands of years. That’s just how it was without confronting that, and without confronting the giant cruel, early galaxy insectoid lifeforms, we don’t confront the galaxy. We have to get that out of the way, and say we were this wild insane place, but that’s over, that’s over. Not that long ago, which is what’s scary about it, but it is over and now we’re a member of this galaxy, and are registered as such on this planet.

If most of the people on the Earth can’t accept that or deal with that, then we’re not really there yet. So that makes this, just as interesting, and as, just as deep a mess as you could think up. So if we do some small part towards getting rid of this ancient violent savage, paranoid crazy stuff that’s happening, because of the repression of this all along, that we’ve done something good.

AM: That is just crazy. Well, before we tie this up. I have to hear when you tapped into the records, and you asked who and what is God, what did you get back?

JA: Well, well, that’s at the Bee planet. And that’s what I was shown. I said “Is there a God” and this is the last question I asked at about the end of the list of 20 or so more questions that I asked just at the end of our tour on Mars, I was still in the saucer with them. I just sat there and said what’s this, how does your saucer work, where are you from, how old are you, why do you do this, why do you do that, what about these creatures, what happened in the ancient times on Earth, what was, you know, all kinds of stuff and the last question was, oh, what do you know about God or supreme being who rules over the… and they were sorta like “you mean the entire universe, the physical universe, which is one of a couple that they know about,” and I said yeah and there was this moment of “well no, we don’t know about any supreme being that controls all of reality as we know it, but I can show you this”. And so we were shown the planet with the incredibly huge hall. I just couldn’t believe that It can be real, it was so big. But that’s where every intelligent lifeform in this galaxy, which is millions or certainly hundreds of thousands of solar systems that have intelligent space-faring life.

We walked into that place, and it just stretched off and up into the distance, and every, you know, we were represented there in a little pantheon of the earth and our sun, and our solar system, and then there was little representations or holograms of all of the races here, the human beings, and the saucer aliens, and the greys.

AM: Fascinating.

JA: Okay, but this just went off into the distance, into this hall that was bigger than you can describe. I mean, it was just so big the mind could barely understand what we were looking at, right. Well, that indicates that there’s hundreds of thousands of intelligent lifeforms in this galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, and that we’re one of the humanoid types. And then there’s all the reptilians and all of the insects and all the other, I don’t know what types of aliens and there are hundreds of thousands registered, that are known right.

Well, that was just their way of saying yeah, every one of these races has God. Okay, so the upside of that is when you get into any religious institute, which I’m fully prepared to talk about, because I think it’s just great. It’s because, it’s like they’re saying no, not even we know, nobody really knows – yes, there is but we don’t have contact with that.

AM: Yeah.

JA: Here’s 287,000 million races that have that same idea, that yes, there is GOD so apparently there is somewhere but it would be so big because because there is a larger dimension and will get into that next time.

AM: Yeah I would love to. Well, also, Jack, you’re also talking about, are we referring to source itself, or are we referring to the God that actually created this particular solar system – you know what I mean. So…

JA: And the good answer there is, that’s beyond even the most advanced, oldest races in this galaxy still look at that like a mystery.

AM: Interesting.

JA: That’s absolutely encouraging because they could have very easily said “ oh yes there is, and here it is”, or something crazy. Instead they, well no, I don’t, I imagine there might be, and they have this idea, this look of, well…. uhh… this is a question I can’t answer that was the first and only question they couldn’t answer.

AM: Right.

JA: But they did say well look at this – here’s the galaxy than you live in, and one of these many many many…

AM: That’s amazing, well I have to – thank you very much for contacting me, I really appreciate it. I find this kind of stuff just absolutely fascinating, and I cannot wait to dive into some other topics with you, next go around, and for all of you listening, please do me a favor, feel free to send in, now don’t make it really long remember my workload, guys – please, just send me simple, quick questions that you would like me to ask Jack and remember again, he is very much a stickler, if he doesn’t know the answer, if he didn’t participate in it, he is going to tell you flat out.

Let’s stick to topics, you know, I think that would work well with Jack and we’ll see what kinds of things come out of this. And in the meantime, Jack, you’re going to be receiving more psionic uploads and downloads whenever loads and hopefully we can expand the information that’s coming out. I think it’s really fascinating. So if you would like to contact Jack. You can reach him at alphabot@fastmail.fm right? And that’s it. He’s keeping this – he’s been in the low…. How do you say that? He’s been living underneath the radar for quite some time now. He’s perfectly happy with all of us reaching him through email.

JA: Yeah, that’s the best way.

AM: Yeah, so thank you again, Jack and again, this is Johnny Alpha and he does have a couple of videos up there on YouTube and just start looking for our video series up at Galactic Connection. In the meantime, remember we have our radio show every Tuesday afternoon from 3.00 to 4.55 (PST). We’re gonna split this into two parts. Let me see what else – if you have any questions about the Implant Removal Process, you know how to reach me. There are contact us emails all over the place on the site. I know it’s a huge site, but enjoy it. We are coming up with – we’re getting really close to making some other announcements so, again, just sending everybody love and light and we’re just try to figure things out for this solar system, universe, who knows right? The fifth dimension if there’s such a thing. Anyway, everybody take care. We’ve really enjoyed this today.

JA: Yeah we have.

AM: And we’ll talk to everyone soon. Lots of love, and you guys take care. Bye.

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