Since the Japanese Earthquake that catalyzed the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in March 2011, the world coverage about the potential fallout and its level of severity has varied considerably. Alarming news about this situation is once again coming to our attention.


It is said that Fukushima is leaking at least 300 tons of radioactive chemicals into the ocean per day. In a recent article posted on September 15th at FukushimaUpdate.com, an independent news source focused on the nuclear crisis conveys that the real danger is the spent fuel pools in Reactor No. 4.     


Starting this November, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) will begin a rather delicate and dangerous extraction process to remove the spent fuel rods. This is a process is normally assisted by computers but now must be done manually.  


There is very high risk that they will drop or break, according to Toshio Kimura, former Tepco technician.    

Former U.N. adviser Akio Matsumura calls removing the radioactive materials from the Fukushima fuel pools is “an issue of human survival”.


Kaori’s Message:

Earlier this Spring, Children of the Sun Foundation was blessed to have received an insider’s perspective on the Fukushima crisis from our volunteer member, Kaori Uchizono who resides in Japan. This information was shared publicly with our global members to provide an first-hand overview of the catastrophe shortly after it happened. We have recently received updated information from Kaori regarding the latest developments in the nuclear situation.

Dear Global Family of Light Servers,

Currently, the Japanese government is trying to launch the “Secrecy Protection Law” to seal the information about Fukushima as “National Confidential Information”. Prime minister Abe said, “the situation is under control and the polluted water is completely blocked”, in order to win the Olympic venue. This remark is very dubious and even Tepco is not supporting it.

The grave danger of No.4 was pointed out right after 3.11, however we did not see much was done. It is extremely difficult to pull out 1535 fuel rods from the No.4 reactor and the situation is far from “Under Control”.

The big explosion of No.4 reactor was observed on March 15th 2011 at 6:14. Most of the records photos were sealed and only after two years, somehow we are able to see them now.

Here is the link of the TV show that took the current No.4 reactor. (they were allowed to be in the site only 10 minutes due to the high level of radiation). The entry to the reactors No.1~3 is not allowed due to the melt down.

Radiation levels inside of No.1~3 reactors are high enough that only 20 seconds stay is fatal. Computer and robots are not functioning due to the high radiation. The professor of nuclear expert says that current technology is not able to deal with this situation so we have to wait for another 10 or 20 years for such technology is to be invented. This is pretty much in line with what I have reported to COS soon after 3.11.

Even if such technology is found and we have successfully removed rods, where can we dispose them? It keeps on emitting extremely high level of radiation. It’s paradoxical but it is the reason why this is a “head ache”.

As of today, everyday, 400 tons of polluted water is discharged from Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Plant. Cesium extracted from the polluted water is accumulating and the disposal of such highly concentrated Cesium is also another issue.

The removal of fuel rods are scheduled from the middle of November. There are 6375 cooling fuel rods in the common pool and in order to remove fuel rods from No.4 reactor, it is said that these 6375 fuel rods need to be replaced.

This is in Japanese, however, the  pictures give you the idea of removing the fuel rods:

Removal of fuel rods from No.4 reactor -1
Removal of fuel rods from No.4 reactor -2

The building is leaning despite of the denial of Tepco. Last year it was found 3.3cm to 4.6cm. It is said to be over 30 inches now. The Greatest Threat Humanity as ever Faced

Why Fukushima is important? You may find the reason here. Many in Japan feel that this is true.
Radioactive water may contaminate entire Pacific Ocean in 6 years

Presumption of failing the removal of fuel rods by Nuclear Expert, Arnold Gundersen.

Beloved family, If this current task is fails, 30 million people would need evacuation. Tokyo is only 200km (124.3 miles) away from the site.

Please join us in the global transmissions if you can. Japan needs the world community at this time.

Love & Light,