Joseph Farrell Uncensored – SSP and UFO Disclosure PSYOP & The Truth About the Antarctic Base?

Oct 24, 2018

Joseph Farrell Uncensored – SSP & UFO Disclosure PsyOp & The Truth About The Nazi Antarctic Base? Dr. Joseph Farrell joins Joe from the Carolinas to chat about theories about a Secret Space Program and UFO Disclosure PSYOP. Enjoy the interview fun! Farrell also destroys Michael Salla’s theory that there was a Nazi Antarctic Base set up by reptilian aliens. #JosephFarrell #NOSSPTM #CriticalThinking #SecretSpaceProgram Dr. Joseph Farrell’s YouTube Site-… Dr. Farrell’s Website- Related Content- SSP Reality and Illusion. Richard Dolan and Joseph Farrell… C.W. Chanter’s Winston Shrout Going To Jail/Reflecting On #NoSSPTM So Far…