Published on 16 Jun 2013
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FYI: We took the pictures with 2 – 4 cameras over the last year. They are all high quality cameras costing $600 – $2000. We took the pictures of the same areas at the same time, of the house & property. The Light Configurations showed up in the same places within each of the photos confirming that something was there, not lens flare! If you actually look at our other videos, like this one, you can clearly see defined forms. We have hundreds of these pictures. 2 of the people taking these photographs are photographers. Someone who does not see what is in these photos just doesn’t want to or they cannot see things that are beyond their projected reality. But there are many people who CAN SEE what is in these pictures!

Joy shares these pictures in the hopes that it will help others realize that we are not alone in the Universe. These pictures have not been altered by photo shop. They were simply lightened, contrasted and saturated in a simple MS program that came with the Dell computer. The colors you see are the colors that these Beings present and amazingly the colors remain the same or deepened but that is their only change. The pictures were not altered in any other way. Nothing has been added or removed. However, in the beginning, as we looked at these pictures we realized that there were things, entities, Ufos and other Beings in these pictures where there was nothing in the home or on the land. In sharing these pictures, taken in Joy’s home and on her property at night, revealed a huge ship, Ufos and thousands of Sirian Lion & Cat Beings, Arcturian Horse Ets, Tau Cetian Bear & Human-Like Ets and thousands of other Ets & Interdimensional Beings that flood her life and the lives of those who choose consciousness and their evolution over darkness and ignorance. The Alien Abduction Phenomenon of which Joy has been involved since childhood, is about human evolution, the evolution of the human species. Joy has been aware of these Beings since childhood and is happy to share these pictures to help others become aware of their constant presence in our world. Many of these Ets & Interdimensional Beings are here to help humanity. However it is up to each human being to awaken themselves to the vast life within this Universe.