Starship Earth: The Big Picture

This discussion certainly explains why it is taking so long to get anything accomplished with respect to the Hillary Clinton emails, those from FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, or anything that Congress or Judicial Watch has sought to obtain by letter or FOIA requests.

These 5 fellows provide valuable perspectives on the past and current shadow government antics and impressions of the current status of the mainstream media and public opinion and it was an hour well spent.

The encouraging news was that some of the FBI agents instructed to execute the break-in at President Trump’s lawyer’s home, Michael Cohen, refused to participate. They were not going to cross that line and they don’t have confidence in the leadership at the top of their organization.

Unfortunately, the panel is unable to provide hope that things will change any time soon to speed up the prosecution of the criminals, so if you’re looking for arrests, better cool your jets.

As they point out, short of a miracle, Trump may be out of office before the documentation is available for court to prosecute regarding the intended take-down of  the president by unelected officials in the Deep State.  ~ BP