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CelestialTrends-BlankNumerology Profile:

July is universally a FOUR* month, giving us the chance to grab hold of our favorite task and go at it. We will jump into action in July as we are inspired to organize, plan and accomplish our projects. With the new energy streaming into the month, we will be excited to move into action, through our excitement and enthusiasm to put our tasks and projects into motion. Jupiter has just opened a new series of events, having just splashed into the water sign of Cancer. The sign of Cancer rules home, family and security. These aspects become the theme for the plans we want to accomplish. Additionally Mercury retrograde in Cancer also accentuates the shifts and changes that are happening. With the FOUR month giving definition to the astrological aspects, we can be assured that home, family and security will begin to shift into high gear. Changing homes, new home environments, new family members, new housing possibilities and building a sense of security all become key events visible in July.

Astrology Profile:

July gives us important tasks and projects that are geared to bring balance to our home, work and family setting. The Mercury retrograde gives us the information needed to shift situations and bring new focus to these areas. Mercury begins to unfold the information and the setting that will be key to the revisions and changes that are emerging and setting this new pace for the second half of the year.

Saturn turns direct in Scorpio as our new stepping-stones and environment begins to be settled. Scorpio requires that we align with our inner motives, ethics and values. Saturn gives us the discipline that we need to create a solid environment, one that is built on our true inner essence. Saturn shifts our focus to be true to ourselves and to align our inner and outer self. The events of July require that this alignment be fine-tuned as we see changes that require this important inner / outer alignment.

Mid-month, Uranus blows in changes as Uranus turns retrograde and we begin to review all of the changes. Also as changes blow in we will address how those changes now integrate into our revised environment. Uranus winds of change bring us the important aspects to adjust to our inner and outer spheres. Mars conjunct Jupiter activates our emotional connections, providing a cornerstone that will help to build our new home, work and family setting. The activities that occur once Mercury turns direct, unfold important emotional desires that are a natural part of our foundation. With Mercury in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio, our emotional setting and foundation becomes the key force to integrate the changes in our outer home environment.

The Grand Trine of water signs dictate the spiritual aspects of the changes that are now emerging. Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces become the inner energy that connects to become the driving force of changes in our outer world. This Grand Trine becomes exact in mid July, but also stays in effect during the remainder of the Jupiter phase in Cancer, through July 2014. This will be instrumental in making the changes that are reflecting our true inner self. The inner and outer balance will begin to dictate the major changes that are now visible. The ability to connect on an emotional level, an intuitive level and provide the driving force of our motives have the power to implement the shifts that will dictate the changes seen outwardly. This Grand Trine in water signs gives us the chance to connect with and be true to ourselves.

Days of New Beginnings: July 6th, 15th, and 24th
Days of Change and Spontaneity: July 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th Days of Business Activity: July 4th, 13th, and 22nd