Hello folks!

MeMy heart swells with excitement in the knowing that Pam and I are assisting all of you who have stepped forward for the implant removal process!  Imagine what each of us is contributing to the light quotient on this planet by fully removing these controlling mechanisms and etheric technologies.  The testimonials just keep coming in expressing deep gratitude, profound realizations, and a new inner peace and sovereignty.

I want to personally thank Ari and Serena for “kicking me in the butt” to get this information out there through their radio program.  I am also grateful for Ari’s honesty and transparency about her life and shifts experienced thus far.  We all honor you Ari for doing something that takes a lot of courage!

Please be patient with the order process.  We will be following up with each and every one of you as soon as we can!

Also, I fell on Saturday and really injured my wrist and forearm (looks like it was cracked and torn ligaments).  I received 4 separate messages from others that the dark was behind it (which I have to say was a confirmation for me when it happened – it was like I felt pushed).  I am certainly not paranoid, but now I REALLY realize how influential this process is for The New Masters who are stepping forward in a big way, no matter what that looks like.  We are upping the anti and pressing forward courageously and powerfully!!!

Although this has occurred, this is not keeping me down.  I am proceeding with the incoming flow of orders as usual!

YOU ALL ROCK BIG TIME! I am so honored to walk alongside you, bringing the New Golden Age forward sooner rather than later!

Love you all,