by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media

Today’s release of the latest discoveries of Earth’s magnetic field reversal goes to the heart of Mitch Battros new “equation” published earlier this year. Discoveries highlighted is confirmation of a “much shorter period in the time-linked-means of which the field reversal took place” – from the beginning short distance (magnetic north) bouncing in latitude and longitude, to the end stages of magnetic north dipping below the equator, and finally to its full magnetic flip.



A New Equation is Born:

Increase Charged Particles –>Decreased Magnetic Field –>Increase Outer Core Convection –>Increase of Mantle Plumes –>Increase in Earthquake & Volcanoes –>Cools Mantle and Outer Core –>Return of Outer Core Convection (Mitch Battros – July 2012)


A second new discovery has to do with rapid climate change; a third is the increase and result of volcanoes, especially caldera’s and submarine (underwater) volcanoes many of which are located on or near subduction zones, rifts, and trenches. These events are associated with an increase of mantle plumes.



The hot core of Earth leads to the ascent of heated rocks in form of large bubbles called ‘mantle plumes’ that separate from the core-mantle boundary and make their way up to the surface of Earth. This is how Hawaii, Iceland, and several islands or small continents came into existence. This increases the local heat flux out of Earth’s core and in turn modifies the generator of the geomagnetic field.


In a related new discovery scientists at the University of Liverpool have discovered that variations in the reversal rate of Earth’s magnetic field may be caused by changes in heat flow from Earth’s core into the base of the overlying mantle.



Earth is made up of a solid inner core, surrounded by a liquid outer core, in turn covered by a thicker or more viscous mantle, and ultimately by the solid crust beneath our feet. The magnetic field is generated by the motions of the liquid iron alloy in the outer core beneath Earth’s crust. These motions occur because the core is losing heat to the overlying solid mantle that extends up to the crust on which we live.


The mantle itself is also in motion. This mantle motion is responsible for the drifting of the continents at the surface – and also responsible for earthquakes, volcanoes, and temporal changes in the climate.