• Michael Zhang · Mar 06, 2013

Good News Arrives in Open Envelope and LetterThe US Department of Justice issued a statement this past Sunday that confirms the fact that the 1st, 4th, and 14th Amendment protect citizens’ rights to photograph police in public places.

The Statement of Interest document is a message to the US District Court in Maryland that it supports photojournalist Mannie Garcia in his lawsuit against the Montgomery County police. Garcia photographing police back in June 2011 when he was arrested and had his camera equipment (and photographs) taken away.

Garcia claims that he was photographing police responding to an incident involving two male Hispanic subjects, and that the officers didn’t like the lens pointed in their direction. He says that since they couldn’t arrest him for his photography, they beat him up and booked him for Disorderly Conduct.

By issuing its document, the Justice Department is saying that they want the case to go forward, and that they support Garcia’s constitutional rights.

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